MBA in Australia for Indian Students

MBA in Australia for Indian Students

Australia is a land of opportunity and educational excellence. Its state of the art infrastructure, top-notch degree and short term courses, and a student-friendly environment makes it a preferred study destination. Apart from the Group Eight universities, the island nation is packed with some of the leading academic institutions offering quality education across domains. While there is a multitude of courses offered by these universities, it is an MBA in Australia for Indian students that is a commonly chosen option. There are many other reasons to pursue an MBA in Australia for Indian students, let’s discover them through this blog!

Why Study MBA in Australia?

MBA in Australia for Indian students is now a popular concept considering the international recognition of the Australian MBA course structure and the universities. Here are some of the reasons which make it an ideal place to study MBA:

  • There are many types of MBA courses that have been accredited by international bodies like AACSB.
  • The affordable price makes it an attractive option for students.
  • The flexibility of Australian universities allows students to work as well as study in Australia for better exposure.
  • You can choose from a range of specialisation options.
  • The cultural diversity amongst the students in Australian universities makes it a desirable place for MBA for Indian students.
Why Study in Australia

Intakes in Australia

There are mainly 3 phases of intakes in Australia throughout the year when intakes are done regarding MBA in Australia for Indian students. They are:

  • February
  • July
  • November 

MBA in Australia: Requirements

The Australian universities offering MBA programs provide an opportunity of learning to individuals from different backgrounds. You are given a chance to plan and consult different professionals to understand genuine business concerns. This enables a platform where you get a feel of how the corporate world works, which is one disadvantage that you might otherwise face if you lack prior experience. Enlisted are the requirements for pursuing MBA in Australia for Indian students:

  • You must hold a bachelor’s degree in any field.
  • Your final score in the undergraduate degree and your GMAT score is the most important components for your admission process. However, this can vary. For example, in the case of lower grades in a bachelor’s degree, it can be compensated with a good GMAT score and vice versa.
  • Your extracurriculars, your SOP, LORs, IELTS score, and your essays form the rest of the admission requirement.
  • At least 2-3 years of work experience. However, some universities consider students with less or no experience too. The accredited MBA program, which is AMBA for short, requires work experience of at least 3 years. 

There are a variety of MBA options available in the Australian Universities for Indian students. Given below is the list of some popular MBA programs:

MBA in MarketingMBA in FinanceMBA in Digital Marketing 
MBA in Insurance & Risk ManagementMBA OperationsMBA in Productions
MBA Healthcare ManagementMBA in International BusinessMBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
MBA in BankingMBA in Interior DesigningMBA in Airport Management
MBA in Information TechnologyMBA in Aviation ManagementMBA in Agribusiness
MBA in EntrepreneurshipMBA in Power ManagementMBA in Material Management
MBA in Media ManagementMBA in Data AnalyticsMBA in Agriculture
MBA in Energy ManagementMBA in CommunicationMBA in HR
MBA in LogisticsMBA in Computer ScienceMBA in Pharmaceutical Management

Top Universities

While all the colleges for MBA in Australia for Indian Students are at par in terms of facilities and academic structure, let us have a look at some of the top colleges for the same: 

UniversityQS 2020 [Global MBA Ranks]MBA Cost
The University of Melbourne=29AUD $89,500 [Total]
University of New South Wales42AUD$86,400 [Total]
Monash University89AUD $44,000
The University of Queensland111-120AUD $80,808
Macquarie University121-130AUD $40,000
The University of Western Australia131-140AUD $59,700
Australian National University151-200AUD $47,880
Deakin University151-200AUD $29,000
RMIT University151-200AUD $37,440

Note: The fee is for indicative purposes. It can vary based on the course duration, annual/total cost, and at the discretion of the university. To know more, contact the experts at Leverage Edu.


When you decide on an MBA in Australia for Indian students, one of the most important things to be kept in mind is the cost involved. There are other requirements which must be taken care of apart from the tuition fees. If we consider the overall expenditure of personal expenses, transportation, insurance, hostel and meals, the figure comes approximately around AUD 20, 700 (INR 11,65,420). 

Course Duration 

We all know that an MBA as a course is spread over a time span of 2 years. If you are considering to pursue an MBA in Australia, then you must know that in most of the universities, the course is between 15 months to 2 years. Recently, one year MBA programmes have also been started in many universities, tabulated below is the course duration in some of the top universities in Australia. You can have a look here:

Name Of College/ UniversityCourse Duration 
Monash University 2 years 
University Of Western Australia 16 months 
Melbourne Business School 16 months 
Australian National University 1.5 years 
University Of Technology, Sydney 2 years 
Macquarie University 1 year 
University Of Canberra 2 years 

Job Opportunities after MBA in Australia for Indian Students

With worldwide recognition, the universities offering MBA in Australia for Indian Students, draw up good job profiles and packages for its students. The Melbourne Business School had a reported 88% placement record for the academic year 2013-14. In comparison to the US, in terms of salaries, the universities of Australia fare better. The tourism and real estate industries are growing and have tons of job opportunities for candidates. The business houses of Australia are on the rise and prefer specialized candidates for specialized job roles. Hence, pursuing a specialized branch during your MBA is beneficial. In totality, the job sector in Australia looks good for those looking for opportunities to continue living after graduation in Australia. 

We have provided you all the information for MBA in Australia for Indian students. It is natural to have doubts and queries about the possibilities of education abroad. In case of further questions or doubts, you can consult the experts at Leverage Edu who can guide you through the entire process, helping you move closer to your dream university!

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