Is Second MBA Abroad a Good Option?

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Second MBA

Sometimes completing an MBA doesn’t quite feel enough to individuals who wish to learn more about the dynamics of modern-day business. Globalisation has brought some rapid changes in the way market functions, which is crucial to comprehend for every individual to survive in the market. In such a scenario, a second MBA abroad can be the best option to get a global degree and broaden your career horizons. While getting admission for a second MBA is usually considered trickier, it is not an impossibility and can be simplified. With this blog, we will provide you with all the crucial details about pursuing a second master’s degree in Business Administration abroad and what you should keep in mind while applying for one.

Why Pursue a Second MBA Abroad?

Pursuing a second MBA can be attributed to a number of reasons. Here are some of the top ones:

Getting Quality Global Education
Students who may have completed their MBA from their native country and want to experience the learning process at a global university often look for second MBA opportunities. Although they may have a Master of Business Administration degree, the quality and content of an MBA abroad is a much different an unparalleled experience. 

Lack of Work experience Before the First MBA
Students often go for an MBA directly after completing their graduation degree. This does not give them enough time to contemplate and choose an MBA specialization that is best suited for their needs. Working in a particular specialisation helps in understanding whether it is a suitable work profile for a person, which makes pursuing an MBA in the same field highly beneficial.

First MBA from a Lesser-known Institution
Completing an MBA from a comparatively inept institute may leave an individual with a longing to learn some more. Underdeveloped countries may not have the requisite human and capital resource to give an in-depth education for this sought-after degree. Going for a second MBA from abroad in such a scenario can greatly add to an individual’s knowledge pool as well as self-esteem. 

Changing Career Direction/Career Actualisation
Individuals may often find themselves at professional crossroads where their present career path may not seem to offer what they aspire to achieve. This can be owed to a variety of reasons, be it lack of interest in the pursued discipline, or a lack of good future prospects in the field. It is wise to change the career trajectory as soon as possible in such a scenario, as this may lower the professional drive of an individual.

Pros and Cons of a Second MBA

Like every career decision, going for a second MBA comes with its own baggage of good and bad. While these pointers weigh differently for every individual, they can help in deciding if the whole process will bear the requisite fruits. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of going for a second MBA:


  • If an individual pursued a Master of Business Administration degree quite some time ago and it is instrumental for them to pursue a second MBA to grow professionally as it can offer a host of updated knowledge. 
  • As businesses are highly dynamic in today’s times, latest insights gained through formal education can help organisations grow in a better way and tackle challenges and target better markets. 
  • A second MBA completed from abroad provides an insight into how businesses are conducted in world-leading countries across the globe. This broadens the horizons of an individual’s understanding, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for him/her.


  • Going for a second MBA abroad, that too for a different specialisation may put an individual’s entire career at stake as you have to take a break from the professional world to devote time to a full-time degree, and seek a job in some other specialisation after that.
  • Doing a second MBA also implies that the first degree and the cost of education associated with it have gone to waste, making the whole process an expensive affair.

Applying a Second MBA Abroad

Academic Institutions worldwide usually prefer offering admission to freshers who have not completed this course previously. This can be attributed to a host of reasons like a new student will have more to learn from this course, increasing the probable utility of the learning exercise. While some may see this as a setback while going for a second MBA, students must focus on what needs to be done to ensure that a position in the desired institute can be confirmed. More than any other aspect of getting an admission, the applicant’s will and intent to appear for a second MBA abroad are evaluated. Here are some pointers on how to get selected for a second MBA:

  • Some colleges and universities don’t differentiate between a first-timer and students who have done MBA already. It is advisable to target such schools as it is easier to go through the selection process.
  • You must have a concrete reason as to why you want to go for a second MBA. These applications are generally put under more scrutiny, which makes having an impactful SOP even more important.
  • Focus on specific modules within the specialisation discipline which you missed out on in your first MBA degree. Emphasis how these are instrumental for you to move ahead and the university’s ability in granting you these skills.

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Top MBA Colleges & Universities Worldwide

Here is a list of some of the top MBA institutes worldwide. While these global schools of business are any student’s first choice, some of them don’t accept applications from students who already possess a Master of Business Administration degree. Others accept the applications with certain terms and conditions, while there are a few who accept unconditionally. Here are some of the prime business schools worldwide for this degree:

Institute Country QS Rankings 2020 (MBA)
Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania USA =1
Stanford University USA =1
INSEAD Singapore =3
Sloan School of Management, MIT USA =3
Harvard Business School, Harvard University USA 5
London Business School UK 6
HEC Paris France 7
Booth School of Business, University of Chicago USA 8
Haas, University of California- Berkeley USA 9
Kellogg School of Business, Northwestern University USA 10

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Going for a second MBA can work as a fresh start to your career if pursued correctly. It is crucial to find a good school or university when going for your chosen course. Need some help in deciding whether to go for a second Masters of Business Administration? Worry not. Our Leverage Edu experts and mentors specialize in guiding students in finding the right course and university as per their dream career path, while also helping them in the admission process of the target university. Connect with us through a free e-meeting and give wings to your career!

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