Engineering Technology

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Engineering Technology

Ever thought about how technology has revolutionized the world and who are its real progenitors? From the manufacturing of mini microphones, and smartphones to robust space aircraft and hi-tech drones, technology engineers have played an essential role in bringing these advancements. Their innovations have changed the way we carried out our day-to-day activities. With the advent of technological gadgets in homes, offices, IT companies, schools and universities, technology engineers have certainly reduced human efforts and made our lives easier. In this blog, we will explore what engineering technology is as well as courses, top universities and career prospects availed in this emerging field. 

General Overview

Engineering Technology is an interdisciplinary subject broadly stemming from the field of science and technology. In simple terms, we can understand it as a practical application of Science and Engineering. An engineering technologist is also sometimes known as an applied engineer and this career field encompasses less theoretical and more practical applications. It also comprises product design, fabrication as well as testing. There are many career opportunities in this domain and prestigious universities across the globe are offering it as a fully-fledged degree. After the 12th class, the student can pursue a B.Tech program and gain impetus in the field. 

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Difference between Engineering and Engineering Technology

The distinction between engineering and engineering technology is not always clear. There is a lot of crossover between the two fields of study. Both types of engineering programmes at Wayne State place a strong emphasis on math and science, particularly physics and calculus. While the topics of core classes in both programmes appear to be similar, engineering technology classes will emphasise the application of engineering techniques, whereas engineering courses will emphasise concept development.

Engineering technology and engineering programme graduates complement each other in terms of skills and interests. Technologists collaborate with technicians, engineers, and scientists to form technological teams that advance technology at an ever-increasing rate.

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List of Top Courses in Engineering Technology

Since the field of Engineering has grown exponentially, there is a diverse range of courses offered by top-class universities at the undergraduate, postgraduate, master as well as doctoral levels. To help you further in your research, we have listed a comprehensive list of courses in engineering technology below:

Bachelor’s Level Courses

Bachelor of Science in Construction EngTechBachelor of EngTech in Environmental Studies (Post Degree)Bachelor of EngTech in Environmental Studies
Bachelor of Engineering TechnologyBachelor of Engineering Technology (Civil)Bachelor of EngTech (Mechatronics)
Bachelor of EngTech(Mechanical and Manufacturing)Bachelor of EngTech- Mechanical EngineeringBachelor of EngTech in Instrumentation, Electronics and Controls Post Diploma

Master’s Level Courses 

Master of EngTech (Mechanical Engineering)Master of EngTech(Mechatronic Systems Engineering)Master of Science in EngTech Management
Master of Engineering – Technology Innovation ManagementMaster of EngTech (Civil Engineering)Engineering Technology and Business Management MSc (Eng)
Master of Science in Food Science and Technology – Food EngineeringMaster of EngTech (Mining Engineering)Master of EngTech (Renewable Energy and Electrical Power Systems)

Doctorate Level Courses

MSc by Research / MRes / PhD Engineering TechnologiesDoctor of Philosophy – Auto Engineering and TechnologyMSc by Research / MRes / PhD Engineering Technologies
Doctor of Philosophy in Teaching and Learning – Science, Technology, Engineering and MathematicsDoctor of Philosophy in Food Science and TechnologyDoctor of Philosophy – Mechanical and Industrial EngTech
Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Sciences – EngTechDoctor of Philosophy in Environmental Chemistry and Technology

Diploma Courses 

Advanced Diploma in Civil EngTechnologyAdvanced Diploma in Computer Eng Tech- Computing ScienceAdvanced Diploma in Energy Systems EngTech (Fast Track) (Optional Co-op)
Advanced Diploma in Electro-Mechanical EngTech – Automation and Robotics Advanced Diploma in Mechanical EngTechAdvanced Diploma in Computer EngTech

Advanced Diploma in Biomedical EngTechAdvanced Diploma in Construction EngTechAdvanced Diploma in Mechanical EngTech – Design

Note: Engineering Technology has been abbreviated above as EngTech.

Top Universities 

The aforementioned programs are offered by many world-class educational institutions around the world with state-of-the-art technologies and excellent mentorship at the forefront of excellence and innovation. Here is a list of some of the globally acclaimed and noted universities:

UniversitiesQS World Rankings 2023
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)1
Nanyang Technological University19
University of Oxford4
Aalborg University330
Stanford University3
California Institute of Technology=6
ETH Zurich 9
Imperial College London=6
University of Cambridge2
Yale University18

Job Prospects in Engineering Technology

Since we are witnessing tremendous growth in the engineering landscape and how it has made inroads into our daily lives and activities, it has also led to a rise in career opportunities for students passionately pursuing this field of engineering as their career subject. There are robust companies around the world that are looking for proficient technology engineers. Let’s glance through the major job opportunities in this field:


Which country has the best engineering technology?

Top engineering study-abroad destinations include Canada, India, China, the United States, and Germany.

Which is the No 1 engineering college in the world?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the No. 1 engineering college in the world.

Which country is the cheapest for engineering?

Tuition fees are not charged at all public universities in Germany at the undergraduate and PhD levels, making it one of the world’s cheapest countries for international students.

Certainly, our lives have become entangled with different hi-tech technologies that have smoothened our daily activities. The essential credit goes to engineering technologists who strive towards bringing new innovations and inventions focused on varied aspects.

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