How to Become a Marketing Manager?

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Have you heard of Marketing Managers? Marketing managers have the responsibility of advertising and promoting the company’s products or in-house services. Marketing managers are high in demand as the rising number of companies and start-ups are emerging leading to a rise in the need of conducting market research, implement market strategies, and develop campaigns for the company. By becoming a Marketing Manager, you’ll get to know how organizations around the world work by implementing various marketing strategies to achieve success.

This blog is your source of information about the skills and steps that are required to become a Marketing Manager.

Eligibility For Undergraduate course: 10+2 ( with a minimum of 75%)For Postgraduate specialization: Bachelors’ degree in marketing etc.
Average Fee INR 30.28 Lakhs per year
Employment Areas Healthcare, hospitality, technology, food entertainment, beverage, and apparel
Average Salary INR 40.55 Lakhs per year

What Does a Marketing Manager do?

A marketing manager has the responsibility of finding and developing a loyal customer base for the company’s merchandise. The marketing manager, in association with the market research team of the company and along with the manager employed for product development, is responsible for the design and implementation of the company’s future marketing plan. Ideally, this job role requires long working hours and several years of work experience in the field of Marketing but Marketing Managers are high in demand. A lot of the Marketing Manager jobs also have the requirement to travel for work-related queries.

Skills Required to Become a Marketing Manager

Any job requires a certain skill set that you need to master in order to be successful at that particular job and moreover companies give preference to candidates having an edge over other candidates with their skillset list. Some of the important marketing skills that you should consider mastering if you really want to ace your chances of grabbing a job opportunity as a marketing manager:

  1. Creativity
  2. Writing and Communication skills
  3. Planning and execution skills
  4. Time Management
  5. Search Engine Optimization
  6. Calmness under stressful scenarios
  7. Social Media Management
  8. Website Optimization

Steps to Become a Marketing Manager

Step No. 1: Enrol yourself in a Bachelor’s degree course

The minimal educational requirement to become a Marketing Manager is a bachelor’s degree in either business, marketing, advertising, communications, or some other related field.

Step No. 2: Obtain professional experience

Acquiring Marketing Manager experience by taking up an internship or by assisting a Marketing Manager is a wonderful step toward learning in-depth about the field and gaining hands-on experience while still pursuing your degree.

Step No. 3: Find an entry-level marketing job

There is a varied number of marketing careers you can think of pursuing such as a digital marketer.  You can spend a couple of your initial years in a low-profile marketing job, like as a Marketing Assistant or Advertising Assistant to further enhance your skills and gain the necessary experience.

Step No. 4: Acquire top-notch skills

As a Marketing Manager, you should have strong communication skills, sales and also presentation skills. You must be creative and should know the art of juggling many projects at the same time. Having expertise in the current marketing trends is also a necessity.

Step 5: Finally, join a professional marketing association

Lastly, by joining a professional marketing association, you will have the privilege of staying informed about the latest industry developments, latest procedures, and technologies.

Top Universities Abroad

University/College Course Offered
California State University, East Bay, USA Business Administration: Marketing Management – BS
Sheridan College, Canada Business Administration: Marketing Management – BBus (Hons)
WU Vienna University of Economics and Business Masters in Marketing
EDHEC Business School, France Master in Marketing Management
Warwick Business School (WBS), UK MSc Marketing and Strategy
ESADE Business School, Spain MSc in Marketing Management
ESCP Europe Business School  MSc in Marketing & Creativity
CBS International Business School, Germany International Business: Marketing Management  – BA
Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Canada Marketing Management – BBA
University of Northampton, UK Marketing Management – BSc (Hons)


Minimum 10+2 passed with 50% aggregate marks from a recognized board.

Admission Process

The specifications might vary from one University to the other, students must checklist the following common steps to apply to a Marketing Management course:

Step-1: Shortlist a University

When planning to apply to a foreign university for a Marketing Management course, the first step is to select a suitable University. Also, you must ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements set by the University to which you are applying.

Step-2: Gather the Documents Required

Once you have shortlisted a University, the next step is to compile all the documents. This will include Letters of Recommendation, test scores, SOP, and more.

Step-3: Get Started with Your Online Application

After compiling the necessary documents, you can begin your online application by filling in the required details including your Personal, Academic, and Professional background.

Average Salary 

The salary of a Marketing Manager depends upon the kind of organization and job location of the organization. It also depends on the personal skills of an individual as it is a presentation-oriented field of marketing. However, the average salary of an entry-level Marketing manager in India is around INR 9,95,539 per year, but for the experienced and successful Marketing Manager, there is no higher limit on the pay package.

Best Countries for Marketing Managers

Country Salary
United States INR 1.11 crores per year
United Kingdom INR 56.5 lakhs per year
Canada INR 79.8 lakhs per year
India INR 9.9 lakhs per year
Australia INR 86.54 lakhs per year
Austria INR 53 lakhs per year
Finland INR 53.88 lakhs per year


How do you become a marketing manager?

Firstly you need to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree after which you should consider getting some work experience by finding an entry-level job in the marketing sector and there you can acquire the necessary skills required to perfect your role as a marketing manager and finally after that you can join a professional marketing association.

How long does it take to become a manager in marketing?

It may take you around 6-8 years to become a marketing manager of a decent stature which will include your education and work experience. The job title of a marketing manager is usually something that is experienced-based and it takes several years of work experience to be considered a suitable candidate.

How hard is it to be a marketing manager?

Being a marketing manager is a challenging role because of the fact that you are solely responsible for meeting the much more challenging KPIs. Work-life balance can be a little difficult to manage. Despite all the odds, marketing management is a rewarding job prospect.

Can you directly become a marketing manager?

Most of the companies in the hunt for management positions in marketing look for a person with at least a bachelor’s degree. If you want to make a career in marketing, you should at least consider earning a degree in marketing,  communications, advertising, or a related field.

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