List of Top MBA Jobs

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MBA Jobs

Being one of the choicest degrees in the world, MBA is not just limited to the business world now but has expanded to many interdisciplinary course offerings from Fashion Technology, Marketing Management to Information Technology and Computer Science. Depending on the specializations, not one but several employment opportunities are lined up for them by the time they graduate and gear up to enter the real world. and enter the business world. But aligning your dream job with the best MBA specialisation is essential before you opt for an MBA degree. So, here are the top MBA jobs you can explore across different specializations and find the best one that suits your interests and aspirations!

What is an MBA?

A master’s degree in business administration, or MBA, is an academic credential provided by B-schools. Normally, it takes two years to finish this advanced degree. Possessing critical commercial and management abilities including research, long-term planning, and leadership are demonstrated by holding an MBA. Students might choose to specialise in a business-related discipline while enrolled in an MBA programme, which typically offers classes in accounting, economics, and marketing. The following are top specialties:

  • Finance
  • Business analytics
  • Business management
  • Marketing management
  • Logistics management
  • Operations management
  • Human resource management
  • Healthcare management
  • Rural management
  • Event management
  • Information technology

Why Choose MBA?

Some of the reasons why aspirants consider pursuing an MBA degree is to:

  • Get a salary jump
  • Get a promotion
  • Change work profile
  • Enhance knowledge
  • Ensure better networking
  • Add value to one’s CV
  • Become an entrepreneur or start your own business

Top Recruiters for MBA Graduates

BCG Citibank
Deloitte ITC
Larsen & Toubro Mahindra
Avendus Samsung
Vodafone ITC
Reliance JP Morgan Chase & Co.
McKinsey & Company Nestle
Wipro Credit Suisse
Saint Gobain HSBC
Asian Paints McKinsey&Company
RPG Flipkart
Microland GAR
Aditya Birla Group Cipla
Tata Crisil
PWC Philips
Amazon Pidilite
Accenture Infosys

Top Recruiters for MBA Graduates: Globally

Rank Company
1 Amazon
2 Apple
4 JP Morgan
5 Google
6 Deloitte
7 Accenture
8 Morgan Stanley
9 AT Kearney
10 Microsoft

Skills Required for MBA Jobs

Teamwork, problem-solving aptitude, interpersonal communication, flexibility, a collaborative mentality, strategic thinking, and leadership abilities are the top MBA talents in demand. In addition to knowledge, candidates should possess the necessary MBA skills for a successful post-MBA job. A select few MBA hiring managers additionally request technological abilities, such as cloud computing, UX design, etc.

MBA Jobs Abroad

After earning their MBAs, students gain jobs in India and abroad. Numerous MNCs recruit from India’s Top B-Schools. Getting hired by a foreign firm after earning an MBA from an IIM is a common occurrence. There are several specialities with promising career prospects for MBA abroad graduates. There is significant potential for an MBA in hospital management overseas.Numerous students who have earned their MBAs work for a foreign hotel chain. For students studying hotel management, the tourist sector provides several job opportunities. Foreign employers prefer students with work experience, making it difficult for new graduates to get MBA jobs overseas. However, numerous pupils are known to defy the tendency with strong grades. One of the most alluring aspects of studying abroad is the MBA salary.

Top MBA Colleges in India and Abroad

It is not easy to select the best universities for your MBA. There are numerous universities in India and abroad offering MBA with different specializations. Here is the list of top universities:

Best MBA Colleges in the World Location Duration of MBA
The Wharton School USA 20 Months
Stanford Graduate School of Business USA 2 Years
INSEAD Multiple Campuses 10 Months
MIT Sloan School of Management USA 2 Years
Harvard Business School USA 2 Years
London Business School UK 15-21 Months
HEC Paris France 16 Months
ChicagoBooth School of Business USA 21 Months
IESE Business School Spain 15/19 Months
Judge Business School UK 1 Year
Saïd Business School UK 1 Year
ESADE Business School Spain 12/15/18 Months
Yale School of Management USA 2 Years
Imperial College Business School UK 1 Year
SDA Bocconi School of Management Italy 1 Year

Here are the top colleges in India for MBA

MBA Colleges in India Location
IIMs Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Indore, Lucknow, Kozhikode, etc
Indian School of Business Mohali and Hyderabad
XLRI Xavier School of Management Jamshedpur
IITs Kharagpur, Delhi, Bombay, etc.
SP Jain Institute of Management and Research Mumbai
Faculty of Management Studies Delhi
SVKM`s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies Mumbai
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Delhi
NIT Tiruchhapalli
Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies Mumbai

Top MBA Jobs

MBA graduates from the top ranked universities are able to land high profile jobs. Depending upon their specialization, students can work in hospital administration, hotels or become an entrepreneur. Here are the top 10 MBA jobs that are most popular in India and abroad:

Financial Advisor

Best MBA Specialisations: MBA in Finance, MBA in Accounting & Finance, MBA in Financial Management

Money is the backbone of any business enterprise. The finance team plays an indispensable role in deciding the fate of a company. It’s not just about how much money you have but also how you make use of that money. And it’s in this aspect that a financial advisor specialises in. One of the top MBA jobs with high-salaried packages and amazing perks, the role of a financial advisor is to advise the company on matters related to money and come up with financial plans which will ensure the growth and stability of the company. The plans related to a company’s investment, savings, budget, taxation policies, all come under the purview of the financial advisor.

Management Consultant

Best MBA Specialisation: General MBA, MBA in Consultancy

Another top MBA job is that of a Management Consultant because of its high job growth rate. As the name itself suggests, the role of a Management Consultant is to help the companies improve their management and therefore performance. Basically, they advise the company on matters relating to technology implementation, process analysis, strategy development, all of which contributes to enhancing the performance of the company. They analyse various data and find those spots where improvement is possible.

HR Manager

Best MBA Specialisation: MBA in Human Resources

The role of the Human Resource (HR) Manager involves the management of the employees of a company in a way which maximises their performance. Other than that an HR manager has the responsibility of overseeing employee recruitment, training and development of employees and reward management. Another important addition in our list of top MBA jobs, the role of an HR is to make the best out of the human capital for the benefit of the organisation as a whole.

Marketing Manager

Best MBA Specialisations: MBA in Marketing, MBA in Marketing Management, MBA in Digital Marketing

Marketing Manager is also one of the highest paying MBA jobs and the significance of it is growing with time. The role of the marketing manager is to come up with such plans which will help in increasing the reach of the company. For this purpose, Marketing Managers curate efficient advertising and marketing campaigns and strategies. So, the overall role of a marketing manager is to increase and optimise the sales of any organisation that they are a part of.

Product Manager

Best MBA Specialisations: MBA in Product Management, MBA in Product Design

The main responsibility of a Product Manager is to work closely with the design and development of different products in a company. Amongst the top and high-paying MBA jobs, Product Managers need to consider product requirements while incorporating the product feedbacks and create a roadmap which will increase the future sale of the product. They work closely with the engineering, marketing, design and sales team to ensure maximum coordination when it comes to product building.

Business Operations Manager

Best MBA Specialisation: MBA in Operations Management

The role of a Business Operations Manager is to create a well-coordinated work environment. They work across departments to set goals, execute initiatives and improve the processes within the organisation. A business operations manager is a significant part of any large scale organisations with a large number of departments that need coordination. Therefore, making the position of a business operations manager one of the highest paying and significant MBA jobs. 

Health Service Manager

Best MBA Specialisations: MBA In Healthcare Management, MBA in Healthcare Administration, MBA in Hospital Administration 

Health Service Managers undertake all the operational activities required in a hospital or any other medical institution. The major responsibilities include planning, directing and coordinating health care services. In today’s world healthcare has acquired the utmost priority and therefore this MBA Job in the field of healthcare has a lot of growth potential. 

Sales Manager

Best MBA Specialisation: MBA in Marketing, MBA in Service Marketing

A sales manager leads the sales department of a company. He/she is the person responsible for the management of the process through which the products of the company reach the customers. Other responsibilities include creating strategies to meet monthly/annual sales goals. 

Information Technology Manager

Best MBA Specialisation: MBA in Information Technology

The main role of Information Technology (IT) Manager is to look into the technical and technological aspects pertaining to the functioning of an enterprise. Tech support and network planning are the key technical assistance provided by an Information Technology Manager. You know how important technology has become in today’s world and equally important is the role of the Information Technology Manager in every business especially e-commerce and e-businesses. Therefore, making it one of the most sought after MBA jobs. 

Business Consultant

Best MBA Specialisations: General MBA, MBA in Consultancy

A business consultant provides advice for improvement in areas like management, security, accountancy, law, etc. In short, a business consultant closely analyses performances of various departments and finds scope for improvements. The goal of a business consultant is to increase the revenue and cut down on the costs. 

Top Well Paying Entry Level MBA Jobs

Many MBA students have little to no experience in their selected sector when they first enter the job. In these situations, it is advantageous to accept an entry-level employment from which you may advance to a more demanding, higher-paying post. Consider these entry-level roles if you recently graduated from an MBA school or anticipate doing so soon:

  • Financial analysts: Based on an organization’s financial health and market developments, they aid in directing its financial strategy. Analyzing financial risk and offering investment advice are among other responsibilities.
  • Specialists in marketing: They assist in planning and executing marketing strategies. Additionally, they could be in charge of their company’s social media profiles and make sure that its branding and style are maintained throughout all channels.
  • Healthcare managers: They supervise the activities of medical institutions including hospitals and clinics. They are responsible for supervising the experts who operate in these environments and arranging the services provided there.
  • Compliance officers: These experts make sure that the rules set out by both internal procedures and external regulatory organizations are followed.
  • Database analysts: They keep an organization’s databases functional and secure by keeping an eye on them. They create and implement new databases to meet the expanding demands of their organization, in addition to maintaining old databases to make sure they are up to par.
  • Government employees in charge of administering state programs or policies are known as public service managers. Their main responsibility is to oversee these programs’ operational and personnel aspects.
  • Business operations manager
  • Financial manager
  • Human resources manager
  • Information technology, or IT, manager
  • Management consultant
  • Marketing manager
  • Medical and health services manager

MBA Jobs and Salary

MBA gets one of the highest paying jobs. Opportunities to work in an hospital to the hotels. Here are some of the popular job profiles along with their salary structure:

Job Profiles Salary Structure
Financial Advisor ₹390096
Management Consultant ₹1172738
HR Manager ₹697958
Marketing Manager ₹685280
Product Manager ₹1732442

MBA Jobs Scope in India and Abroad

MBA is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after courses in India and abroad. In fact the students from completing different fields such as BTech, MBBS are considering pursuing an MBA. The reason MBA being one of the popular courses is because of its scope in India and abroad. The perks of being an MBA graduate are that you will get a handsome salary, great and better career opportunities. MBA scope in India and abroad is immense. MBA graduates have the skills to help in their personal growth as well. MBA is a great choice to kick start your journey or in case you are switching to a new career.

MBA Jobs in Government Sector

Government jobs are quite popular in India. MBA does not restrict students to the corporate world, in fact, it opens an array of opportunities in the government sector as well. Students can work as marketing trainee in the marketing, finance or human resource department of any government organization. There are various jobs in banks as well at different posts. PSUs is also a popular sector for MBA graduates. Other than these, there are many government exams students can appear for.


Is an MBA Job Hectic?

Yes, it might be hectic, but it depends on the individual; some individuals like their jobs more than others.

What types of jobs can you acquire with an MBA?

After earning an MBA, you can work as a management analyst, sales manager, or information systems manager, among other positions.

Which MBA earns the greatest salary?

The MBA Specialisations that offer the best salary are MBA Finance, MBA Entrepreneurship, MBA Marketing, MBA Operations etc

Thus, these are some of the top MBA jobs you can discover across varied specialisations! Confused about choosing the right MBA degree? Reach out to our Leverage Edu experts and we will help you explore the best MBA courses and universities as per your interests and further guide you in selecting the right program! Sign up for a free session now!

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