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The University of Michigan houses one of the top B-Schools around the world. Established in 1924, the Ross School of Business has consistently managed to give out some of the top world leaders, be it in the field of Business, Education, Entrepreneurship, Journalism, IT, and even sports. The school is known to offer many well-reputed bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees. Adding on to these, Ross also provides a number of dual degrees with different schools & colleges coming under the University.


In 2018, its flagship MBA program was ranked #26 worldwide by the Financial Times. At

Ross School of Business

, students are a part of a community known for groundbreaking entrepreneurship, leadership development, and a commitment to positive business, social impact, and sustainability.


Let us know more about the school in detail, and why it is there on the consideration list of almost every MBA aspirant around the globe.


MBA at Ross School of Business
  • “Generate Growth. Inspire Change. Create Impact.” This is what Ross School of Business expects from its students. The full-time MBA program generates leaders who believe in making a positive difference in the world.
  • This 2-year program has a globally-oriented curriculum, a vast alumni network, and substantial career support to help students reach wherever they want to.
  • Close to 98% of the Full-Time MBA class of 2016 had at least 1 job offer within 3 months of completing the program. That’s Ross effect. Students undergo an immense transformation that enhances their professional and personal skills to make them job-ready.
  • Students spend seven weeks working on a project to bring out creative solutions to business challenges faced by different companies.


Some Quick Facts
  • With 50 active alumni clubs worldwide, the school has a network of more than 50,000 alumni in 103 countries. Such huge network helps its students in various ways and make them reach great heights.
  • In the academic year 2016-2017, a total of 244 companies conducted their recruitment drives on-campus. Some of the top recruiters include Google, Pepsico, Microsoft, BCG, and Amazon.
  • The faculty at Ross ranks #4 worldwide on the grounds of research. The school houses 151 full-time faculty and 59 adjuncts/visiting faculty.


Class Structure
  • The class of 2019 has 422 students, who represent 45 countries (including dual citizenship). 34% of the total students have an international background, while 43% are females. Michigan Ross is committed to developing varied perspectives providing cross-cultural collaborative opportunities for the community to engage & grow.


Clubs & Societies
  • On-campus, the students can choose from more than 70 clubs & societies to join. Some of them include the Accounting Club, the Adam Smith Society, the Apex Consulting Group, the ASEAN Business Association and Bizfit.


On-Campus Facilities
  • Tozzi Centre- It consists of a mock trading floor, an electronic modular classroom, and an e-lab. It offers an experimental learning facility which incorporates the latest financial IT.
  • Behavioral Lab- This lab aims into actions when students, along with the faculty conduct various experiments. These are some innovative behavioral experiments in areas like strategy, marketing & decision science, leadership, and teamwork.
  • Executive Learning & Conference Centre- Located at the central campus, this upscale hotel is available exclusively to faculty, alumni, staff, guest speakers, visiting parents, and recruiters, offering a gamut of top-class amenities.
  • Kresge Library- It serves the business research requirements of students, staff, and faculty at Michigan Ross. With more than 100 databases, it has a comprehensive electronic business collection to offer. Students have access to the complete resources of this library.


Students don’t just study at

Ross School of Business,

they indulge in a wholesome experience which grooms them in a way that they are no more followers, they transform into leaders. No doubt that it requires a huge investment, but we cannot even deny to the fact that the ROI is much more than that. Yes, it is difficult to get in, but only until you don’t know how to begin and move forward with the process.

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