Short Term Courses after BTech

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Short Term Courses after BTech

It is not a surety that you will directly get placed after completing BTech or Engineering. You need intensive work experience as well as excellent skills if you wish to get a job right after your final semester. Having an undergraduate degree wouldn’t suffice in today’s competitive job market. A year prior to BTech graduation, students start stressing upon their future goals. “What Next After BTech?” “What course to do after BTech?”. Thousands of questions about future career prospects start bombarding your mind. If you are someone who is suffering from similar issues, then here is a blog on short term courses after BTech in a varied range of career paths that can take you to places. 

Best Short Term Courses After Btech 

In this ever-changing world of technology, short term courses can be called as revamp courses for sharpening our preexisting skills. Pursuing a diploma or certificate course after Btech in a specific area of study can equip an individual with the basic knowledge and industry exposure in a lesser time. There is an array of short term courses after BTech that you can choose from. You would not even know that your area of specialization contains numerous sections and subsections as well. Here are the best short term courses after BTech:

Diploma/Certificate Courses After BTech

There is a wide range of short term courses you can pursue after completing your BTech that will give you a competitive edge over others in the job market. Here are the Short-term courses after BTech CSE, ECE, EEE, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering:

Short-term courses after BTech CSE Certificate in Fundamentals of Data Science (Technical)
Short Course on Mathematics for Machine Learning
Short Course on Developing Industrial Internet of Things
Certificate in Responsive Website Basics – Code with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Certificate in Java Programming – Solving Problems with Software
Short-term courses after BTech ECE Advanced Certificate Course in Embedded System Design
Post Graduate Diploma in VLSI Design
Advanced Diploma course in industrial Automation and System Design
Certificate Course in Digital Signal Processing
Post Graduate Diploma in Wireless and Mobile Computing 
Short-term courses after BTech EEE Certificate in Competency in Electrical Power System Protection
Advanced Diploma in Applied Electrical Engineering (Electrical Systems)
Advanced Diploma in Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering in Mining
Advanced Diploma in Industrial Automation
Advanced Diploma in Applied Electrical Engineering (Power Industry)
Short-term courses after BTech Mechanical Engineering Advanced Diploma in Remote Engineering, Mechatronics and Robotics
Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology
Certificate in Principles of Motors, Variable Speed Drives, and Power Electronic Components
Certificate in Mechatronics and Remote Engineering – Electro-Technology
Certificate in Fundamental Components Involved in Machinery
Short-term courses after BTech Civil Engineering Certificate in Construction Management
Certificate in Construction Project Management
Certificate in Construction Cost Estimating and Cost Control
Certificate in Structural and Civil Engineering Concepts
Advanced Diploma in Civil and Structural Engineering 
Short-term courses after BTech Chemical Engineering Certificate in Advanced Industrial Automation – Chemical Engineering
Certificate in Chemical Engineering and Plant Design
Certificate in Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering
Certificate in Fundamentals of Engineering Chemistry
Certificate in Soil and Water Chemistry


An MBA or Master of Business Administration is a very popular course that you can opt for after completing your BTech. Getting an MBA degree opens up a host of lucrative career opportunities in the areas of business and management, which makes it a very sought-after course for graduates in all streams. The course will equip you with all the essential qualities required for being a successful professional at the managerial level, along with enhancing your leadership abilities. Here are the top MBA after BTech programs:


A Master of Technology or MTech course is one of the most popular courses that you can pursue after completing your BTech. This postgraduate-level course is generally of a duration of 1-2 years depending on the university and can be pursued in a number of different specialisations. For gaining admission to an MTech degree, you will need to qualify the competitive exams such as GATE or GRE. Some of the popular MTech specialisation you can opt for include:

Graphic and Web Designing

If you are full of creativity and Typography, Illustrations and Photography interests you then, just go for a course in graphic and web designing. A number of large companies and start-ups are hiring graphic and web designers to make their websites look lively and attractive for the clients. After the successful completion of the course, you can easily acquire the job as a Graphic Designer, Graphic Artist, Design Architect, Creative Director and such creative jobs. 


From the smallest devices to the supercomputers, JAVA-based technologies are found almost everywhere. This object-oriented language allows us to create real-world applications easily. After specializing in JAVA, you can secure a job as a JAVA Programmer, JAVA Webmaster, JAVA Developer and so on. 

C, C++, SQL, HTML and Other Programming Languages

If coding is your thing and being a programmer your dream, look out for courses in C, C++, HTML, Python or other latest programming languages. Through these programming languages, you can learn about different techniques such as HTML5 Semantic Tags, Datatypes and Operators, Array etc. After the completion of the course of these programming languages, you can make it big in careers such as Web Developing and Software Developing.

Digital Marketing

Social media and the internet are one of the biggest giants in this world right now. Pursuing this short term course after BTech would make you aware of different marketing tools on various digital platforms. A specialist in digital marketing can acquire jobs such as SEO Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Content Manager, Web Analytics Executive and so on. 

Software Testing

A short term course in software testing will teach you about both automation and manual testing of the software and applications. Successful completion of this course will land you in jobs such as Network Test Engineer, QA Leader, Test Engineer, Test Lead, Test Library and Configuration Specialist and so on. 

Short Term Professional Courses After Graduation

In addition to the above, there is a range of different professional courses that you can opt for after your BTech, which can equip you with the skills needed to enhance your career in different fields. Here are the most popular short term professional courses after graduation:

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) Course
  • Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Course
  • Business Accounting and Taxation Course
  • Business Analytics Course
  • Data Visualization Course
  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Tally Course
  • Java Course


What are the best short term courses after Btech CSE?

Best short term courses after Btech CSE are as follows:

1. Mobile app development Course
2. Digital marketing course
3. Java and advanced Java framework
5. Web programming or application development course
6. Project Management Course
7. UI or UX development framework course

What are the best short term courses after graduation in Engineering?

The best short term courses after graduation in Engineering are:

1. ME or Mtech if you want to continue your career in Engineering
2. MS or MSc to become an academician
3. Short term professional courses
4. Diploma courses
5. Certificate courses on computer languages
6. MBA
7. MIM

What are the job oriented courses after Btech?

The job oriented courses after Btech are as follows:

1. IoT
2 VLSI Design
3 Embedded System Design
4 Automobile Mechanics
5 Materials Management
6 Industrial Automation
7 Programming
8 Substation Design
9. MBA
10. PGDM

In this world of ‘Clash of Clans’, pursuing short term courses after Btech will definitely take your career to greater heights. If you are looking for some excellent career opportunities, then studying a PG diploma or certificate course abroad must be in your checklist. Get in touch with our experts at Leverage Edu to find perfect courses, university and related guidance to study in your dream country. Why fear when we are here?

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  1. this provided information is very useful. after graduation, the main question arrives what after engineering or graduation? every company wants a technical candidate for their company. so we have to take advance training as per industry requirements. We are providing advanced technical knowledge and a 100% job placement guaranty course. for more information

  1. this provided information is very useful. after graduation, the main question arrives what after engineering or graduation? every company wants a technical candidate for their company. so we have to take advance training as per industry requirements. We are providing advanced technical knowledge and a 100% job placement guaranty course. for more information

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