How JuniorMBA Can Give Teenagers the Right Career Path?

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How can JuniorMBA give teenagers the right career path

We live in an era full of unlimited possibilities as to what one can do. There is no limit on opportunities available for young people today. But with so many opportunities, comes the confusion as to what field might be the right option. Not only children but parents also get anxious regarding the future of their children.

About the JuniorMBA Program

So, Sriram Subramanian, CEO of Clever Harvey, came up with a solution in order to provide young students with first-hand business experience. He claims that we test or try everything before buying anything but it isn’t the case with careers. He has introduced a program called JuniorMBA to give teenagers a sneak peak into their aspiring careers. The program offers different courses to young kids and gives them first-hand experience in the business world, corporate world and many real-life skills. It helps them to confirm their interest in business and get a clearer view of their future.

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How is it Performing?

Within just five months of launching the program, over 3000 students had already graduated with two or more specializations. On surveying the students, a discovery was made that children actually want to learn more about the upcoming careers like Game Development, Social Media Marketing and what not. It clearly shows that children themselves want to get a clearer view of their future. 

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The program teaches a lot about the business world and children are also presented before investors to pitch them their own business plan. The guidance provided at this age can go a long way and that’s the sole motive of Clever Harvey.

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