How to Craft A Perfect MBA Fresher Resume?

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MBA Fresher Resume

After gaining the requisite knowldege, attending seminars and activities for skill development, and obtaining an MBA degree from your dream B school abroad, the next hurdle to climb is to craft a top-notch resume that can create a positive impression on the recruiters. A good resume not only highlights your key achievements and academic qualifications but also helps the recruiters gauge through your personality in an easy way. You can find a plethora of templates and samples of resume and SOP for MBA online in just a few clicks, but to collate the necessary details in a professional way is what is required to stand out in the crowd. As they say, ‘the first impression is the last impression’, thus, drafting an impressive resume is the first step towards achieving your career aspirations! Are you a fresh MBA graduate and are looking for some tips and tricks to carve a job-winning resume? Then, here is a blog that highlights key strategies to write an impeccable MBA fresher resume!

Choose an Attractive Format 

As per the Wharton Business School and ESADE, the golden rule of creating your MBA fresher resume is to limit all the content to 1 single page. During the recruitment process, it is not feasible for the committee to go through a lengthy resume. Also, as you have just completed your MBA degree, it is obvious that you do not possess a worthy experience to jot down on more than one page. Hence, the resume should be concise. Here are some of the other parameters to follow while preparing your MBA fresher resume:

  • Use the MS word for drafting your resume. Incorporate tables, margins, and write within a proper alignment. 
  • Follow the standard margins i.e., 1 inch on top and bottom whereas approximately 0.6 inches on the sides. 
  • Use rulers and grid lines to align. 

Stick to the Font Type and Size

Be it your big-time achievements, prior educational qualifications, or some general personal details in resume like address, it is strongly advised to follow the set font size and style throughout. Variation in the format and text can be distracting while reading your resume. You can keep the headers in a size bracket of 20-22, whereas the section head can range from 12-14 and the main content of the MBA fresher resume should ideally be between 10-12. 

Another important point while writing an MBA fresher resume is to keep the document simple. Using stylish and complex fonts will not work as assets as it might become difficult for the panelists to go through your resume and it’s highly possible that the recruiters might miss some essential information. It is preferable to use fonts like Calibri, Georgia, Garamond, Helvetica, etc. Do not mix and match the fonts, keep it simple. For highlighting some portions like your name, previous company name, university/college name, you can use bold or italics

Mention Relevant Contact Information

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Ideally, at the top of your resume, your full name and appropriate contact details have to be mentioned to make the hiring process easier for the recruiters. Along with your name and career objective for MBA, it is necessary to mention other key details like your current mobile number, email ID, and permanent address. 

There is a set pattern to mention these details, as even minor discrepancies in your MBA fresher resume can reduce your chance of working in your dream company. For instance, While mentioning the email ID, refrain from using the IDs like and rather, use an email address that is more professional. 

For example: If your name is Kabir Malhotra, you can opt for an email address like

Hone the Pointers

While putting down the necessary details, avoid using paragraphs. Rather, using bullet points in this situation can work like wonders! Make crisp and absolutely to the point statements. Also, it is important to quantify the pointers so that you are able to deliver accurate information in your MBA fresher resume. 

To make the MBA fresher resume more appealing, use action words like Spearheaded, Created, Handled, Managed, Designed, Organized, Facilitated, Led, etc. Through the usage of these words, you can create a good impression on the panelists and justify the roles you handled before with more precision.

Through this blog on the MBA freshers resume, we hope that you have acquainted yourself with the relevant knowledge on the same. Be it a resume or a statement of purpose (SOP), the experts at Leverage Edu are here to help you in taking your career a step ahead. So, if you are struggling to write a job-winning resume, take the assistance of our experts!

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