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Career as a Banker

One of the popularly chosen professional careers, Banking is a field which is dynamic nature and demands individuals with a knack for financial management as well as numeracy skills along with varied abilities like organisational and time management and analytical capabilities. Further, owing to the popularity of a degree like MBA, there are plentiful specializations on offer that can help management students in setting their focus on a particular area of study and build their career in the same. One such specialized program is MBA in Banking which aims to impart students with the knowledge of risk management, investment banking, treasury operations and many other subjects. Through this blog, we will take a look at what an MBA degree in Banking entails, the eligibility criteria you need to fulfil as well as the major institutions you can pursue it from.

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Course Overview

An MBA in Banking is generally a two-year program and incorporates a course curriculum encompassing over core concepts of Banking Management, Finance as well as Accounting. It is usually pursued as a full-time program and can have variants like an MBA or an MSc in Banking and Finance. Further, the degree covers varied subjects such as basic fundamentals of finance and technology-based transaction management as well as equip students with the knowledge of advanced-level financial strategies and management skills. 

Though the subjects covered during an MBA in Banking may vary from course to course and university to university, we have listed below some of the major topics that you might get to study: 

Semesters in MBA
in Banking
Semester IAccounting for Management
Marketing Management
Management process and Organizational Behavior
Economic Analysis 
Quantitative techniques in Management
Financial Environment
Basics of Communication
Self Development and Interpersonal Skills
Information Technology for Managers 
Semester IIHuman Resource Management
Operations Management
General Banking Operations
Business Research Methods
Knowledge Management
Financial Management
Corporate Communications
General Banking Operations
Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking
Behavioural Communication and Relationship Management
Semester IIIManagement of Financial Services
Retail Asset and Rural Banking
International Financial Management
International Banking
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
Project Planning
Leading Through Teams Interpersonal Communication
Strategic Management
Project Planning Appraisal and Control
Semester IVRisk Management in Banking
Customer Relationship Management in Banking
Financial Engineering
Bank Accounting and Audit Financial Engineering
Treasury Banking
Management of Financial Institution
Corporate Planning Tax
Managerial Competency and Career Development
Cross-Cultural Communication

MBA in Banking: Major Prerequisites

Before opting for a degree, it is important to know its varied essentials so that you will have an idea what you outgrowth you can expect from it. Below we have listed down some of the major prerequisites for an MBA in Banking:

  • Candidates should possess sound knowledge of the banking system of the country. For the same, an undergraduate degree in Banking or Finance-related field is preferred. 
  • Students from an Accounting or Finance-related backgrounds with proficient mathematical aptitude can also opt for this course.
  • For pursuing an MBA in Banking, you should be aware of the core concepts of Financial and Banking Management which will further assist you in grasping the advanced curriculum of this degree.

Eligibility Criteria   

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Students aspiring to get admission in a degree like MBA in Banking must have attained minimal 10+2 schooling. Along with this candidates must have a graduate degree in any finance-related field from a recognized university. To acquire overseas education for this degree, students have to compulsorily quality GMAT exam along with any of the English language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL and PTE. 

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MBA in Banking: Top Business Schools

There are numerous institutions across the globe that offers MBA in Banking courses and its variants. Below, we have mentioned some of the best institutes and universities that renowned for their MBA degrees in the field of Banking and Finance:

Thus, we hope that this blog has helped you understand the key essentials of an MBA in Banking. If you are planning to pursue an MBA degree and don’t know which specialization to opt for, our Leverage Edu experts can guide you in finding the right course that aligns with your interests and aspirations as well as lend you a helping hand to soar through the nearing January deadline for MBA admission to ensure that you take the right step further towards your dream career in Management.

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