MBA in Poland

MBA in Poland

A Master in Business Administration or an MBA degree is more than a mainstream postgraduate degree. It is meticulously designed and crafted to equip students with skills essential to successfully start, sustain and ensure the growth of an organisation. Whether a person is looking to enter a niche industry in Management or make his mark through innovation in an already established one, the MBA degree is the best way to start. A major portion of learning during the course is through peers, case analysis, research projects, practical industry experience, etc. with the ultimate aim of developing managerial, leadership and entrepreneurial capabilities. Amongst the sought-after study destinations in Europe, Poland is home to many globally recognized business schools and universities offering quality management courses at affordable costs. This blog brings you all the key details about pursuing MBA in Poland.

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Why Pursue an MBA in Poland?

Poland is steadily becoming a preferred choice among international students planning to study an MBA abroad. Besides the majestic architecture, Poland offers students with a diverse set of advantages. The capital city of Warsaw is being dubbed as a regional financial centre in the coming years. The student population is also mushrooming as many universities are now witnessing a rise in international enrollments, including Indian students. On top of that, the culturally rich environment of the country affords students from all backgrounds and disciplines with a perfect setting to thrive in their chosen field. Moreover, when it comes to the admission process, the universities in Poland have simplified eligibility requirements for MBA and do not require GMAT/GRE scores but work experience is generally preferred and compulsory for admission into certain business schools.

Types of MBA in Poland

There are two categories of MBA programs offered at the top universities in Poland. A regular MBA program is a full-time course where classes convene every weekday. It is taken up normally by students looking to build on their earlier degree. On the other hand, an Executive MBA program is a specialized program geared towards professionals who wish to advance their knowledge while working. Classes generally convene on weekdays for this program. 

Eligibility Criteria for MBA in Poland

Though the actual course requirements may differ as per the MBA program and university, there are certain general prerequisites which you must know before applying for this postgraduate program at a Polish university. Here are the major eligibility requirements for MBA in Poland:

  • The applicant must have completed a bachelor’s degree in any related field with the minimum scores specified by the university.
  • GMAT or GRE scores are not required by universities in Poland and the basic criteria is a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.
  • If you are applying for a regular MBA in Poland, then work experience is not compulsory but is commonly preferred by universities. However, for executive MBA programs, you must have prior work experience and the duration can vary from one university to another.

Top Universities for MBA in Poland

There are a plethora of business schools and universities in Poland which offer a vast range of MBA courses. Here is a complete list of top universities for Regular and Executive MBA in Poland:

Let’s explore some of these prominent universities in Poland and their prospective MBA programs:

MBA in International Management (Regular), ESCP Europe Business School

Offered by two countries, the MBA in International Management at the ESCP Business School is a highly reputable course which admits young professionals with at least 3 years of work experience. It is a one-year full-time course. Students have the option to complete their course along with studying at any of the European cities of Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Torino and Warsaw and Asian cities of Beijing and New Delhi.

Postgraduate Program in International Business (Executive), University of Gdansk

One of the most coveted choices for studying an Executive MBA in Poland is the International Business Program at the University of Gdansk. It is a one-year course with classes convening on every alternate weekend. Students get to know about international management, communication, and various other facets of business through a diverse set of methods such as workshops, debates, industrial visits among others.

Global MBA, Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw

The Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw was established in 1972 and is considered one of the oldest schools of Management in Europe. It offers the best options to study an MBA in Poland. The Global MBA program offered at the university is a regular two-year program spread over the USA, Germany, China and Warsaw. Additionally, the Executive MBA program is also a well-curated program considered to be the best in Poland.

MBA Courses at Cracow School of Business, Cracow University of Economics

This school specializes in providing quality management and leadership training to students across multiple disciplines. It offers an International MBA, Executive MBA and the innovative and highly customized MBA CSB+Master Program offered in association with Clark University, Worcester, USA. The specializations offered are Managerial Communication, Healthcare Management, Human Resources Management and IT systems.

International MBA, IBD Business School

IBD Busines School offers a regular full-time International MBA Program (in Polish) in collaboration with Buckinghamshire New University, United Kingdom. Furthermore, it also offers an Executive MBA program and a customized MBA program which gives students the option to choose the components as per their interests. 

There are diverse-ranging options for pursuing an MBA in Poland but the course is completely beneficial with its expansive curriculum and several specializations on offer. When considering an MBA programme, finding the right fit between a university and specialisation is tough. At Leverage Edu, the AI-based algorithm matches you with the finest mentors from your field so that you can get well-evidenced and personalized guidance for furthering in your dream career.

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