Best MBA Colleges in Australia: The Ultimate Guide!

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Best MBA Colleges in Australia

Australia has made its international presence more prominent with the huge impact it has made in the global market of MBA education. The country has also etched its name for offering an array of programs like vocational studies, non-award degrees, and short-term courses across various disciplines. With many B-schools ranked highly by both QS World Rankings and the Financial Times Global MBA Rankings, the number of students wishing to study in Australia has shot up. This blog attempts to list down a few of the best MBA colleges in Australia and the courses they offer. 

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Why Pursue an MBA in Australia?

With over 75 globally-appreciated MBA programs, the curriculum of Australian business schools offers international students a unique mix of theoretical knowledge and practical outlook. With options such as part-time, global, and executive MBA, the best MBA colleges in Australia cater to the needs of a wide variety of students. Further, the innumerable options of specializations and electives offered make studying MBA in Australia more than a top choice. The internships, projects, case studies, and seminars form essential components of the Masters of Business Administration programs. It not only helps students to learn the mechanics of management but also provides a platform to learn from internationally renowned faculty and exchange programs. Universities also offer a high degree of flexibility, for instance, the industry gap years provide students the opportunity to explore a variety of career options in finance, accounting, etc.

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Eligibility, Application, & Admission 

Before diving into a discussion on universities, it is important that a few points related to admission criteria are discussed. In order to pursue higher education at the best MBA colleges in Australia, you must hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. Further, the application process includes the submission of GMAT and IELTS/TOEFL scores, a strong statement of purpose and cogent letters of recommendation, amongst others. While some universities require 2-3 years of industry experience, others may not need it. However, particular eligibility and admission requirements of a university may vary depending on the nature of course and institution. It is thus advisable to go through the eligibility criteria before applying. 

Best MBA Colleges in Australia 

With the increase in demand for business and management professionals, institutes across the globe now offer comprehensive MBA degree programs. Not only the cost of studying in Australia is comparatively favorable when it comes to MBA programs, it also offers a healthy learning environment and lucrative career opportunities. Tabulated below are some of the best MBA colleges in Australia: 

Name of B-schoolFinancial
QS World RankingsPrograms
AGSM at University of New South Wales #62#391. MBA (Full-time)
2. Executive MBA
Monash Business School-
Monash University
NA#871. MBA (Full-time)
2. Global Executive MBA
Melbourne Business School-
The University of Melbourne
#61#261. MBA (Full-time)
2. MBA (Part-time)
3. Executive MBA
4. Senior Executive MBA
4. Dual Degree MBA
(full-time)/Master of Marketing
5. Dual Degree MBA (part-time)/
Master of Marketing
The University of Queensland
Business School
NA #121-1301. MBA (Full-time)
2. MBA (Part-time)
MGSM Macquarie Graduate School
of Management
#74#1211. MBA (Full-time)
2. MBA (Part-time)
University of Western AustraliaNA#121-1301. MBA (Intensive)
2. MBA (Extensive)
Adelaide Graduate School of
Business- University of Adelaide
NA1061. MBA (Advanced) -Full-time
2. MBA (Full-time)
3. MBA (Advanced) -Part-time
4. MBA (Part-Time)
Brisbane Graduate
School of Business
Queensland University of Technology
2241. MBA (Full-time)
2. MBA (Part-time)
3. Executive MBA

Note: The universities and courses mentioned against them are only for indicative purposes. The students are advised to sift through official university websites for further information. Apart from the above-mentioned MBA programs, there are many more leading options in Australia that you can consider. 

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Hopefully, this blog has provided you an insight into the best MBA colleges in Australia and its related aspects. With the January 2020 intake nearing, it becomes more than important to arrange all the relevant documents for applying to universities abroad. We at Leverage Edu understand the fierce competition students face in the modern education system. From completing the admission-related formalities to helping you write an impeccable statement of purpose, our mentors will guide you throughout the admission process.

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