MBA in Ireland

MBA in Ireland

With immense career fields emerging due to the rise in technology, many students seem confused about the next step to take after completing their graduation. Also, finding a suitable post-graduation program can be challenging. Choosing an MBA from abroad provides you with enormous opportunities to learn and grow in the diverse fields of Management and can help you find career opportunities globally. There are several countries around the world offering quality MBA programs. One such country is Ireland. Known as the “Land of Saints and Scholars”, Ireland has a fast-paced economy that welcomes thousands of international students every year for its renowned master’s programs. Here is all the information why you should pursue an MBA in Ireland along with the top Irish universities offering this program.

Why Study in Ireland?

Ireland has been a famed centre of learning and education in Europe for many centuries. It has a rich history along with renowned scholars and intellectuals, Ireland has a literacy rate of 99% since 2008. The country is considered among the most preferred destinations for higher education. There are several government-funded universities in Ireland providing quality degree programs. Irish university campuses are equipped with the best amenities, research centres and state of the art facilities.

Here are a few reasons as to why you should consider pursuing an MBA in Ireland:

  • Excellent Education 

Ireland comprises of top universities offering various degree programs in every discipline. Irish universities are globally recognized, which can help you in finding career opportunities across the globe. Most of the universities in Ireland are government-funded ensuring world-class education at affordable rates.

  • Learn a New Language

Since most of the courses offered by Irish universities are English-based, you don’t need to worry about learning a certain language to pursue an MBA in Ireland. While studying in Ireland, you can learn Irish which is an ancient but progressive language and is also known as Irish Gaelic. You can also explore the vivid and jolly culture of Ireland and embrace the beautiful landscapes that Wordsworth adored.

  • Career Opportunities

The main reason for pursuing higher education in a foreign country is to get an international degree that helps you develop your career prospects globally. Pursuing MBA in Ireland provides you with a degree recognized by the European Union which can help in finding job opportunities in both public and private sectors across the globe. 

  • Experience Diversity

One of the biggest advantages of pursuing an MBA in Ireland is that international students get a chance to indulge in the rich culture and tradition of Ireland. This can enable you to learn various things about Irish culture and its distinctive food, music, architecture, and history. 

  • Work while studying

For many international students, working while studying abroad is important in order to earn some additional money. For foreign students, most Irish universities offer numerous work opportunities and a work permit. Not only this, many colleges provide students with internship programs to help them gain practical knowledge as well as learning experiences. Along with this, the Irish government also grants several scholarships and loans for supporting international students financially. 

Top Universities for MBA in Ireland

Ireland is well-known for its top-tier universities, its capital Dublin is famed as an international business hub. Studying an MBA program in Ireland gives students a global exposure and comprehensive learning opportunities. Here is a list of some of the best colleges in Ireland for pursuing an MBA:

Hence, with its affordable education rates and prominent EU recognized degree courses, MBA in Ireland is the right decision to sail further in the diverse stream of Management. If you are confused about how to apply, let the Leverage Edu experts guide you through the process of choosing an ideal MBA program, beginning the application, getting shortlisted and kick-starting your Management career in Ireland.

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