MBA in Ireland

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MBA in Ireland

With immense career fields emerging due to the rise in technology, many students seem confused about the next step to take after completing their graduation. Also, finding a suitable post-graduation program can be challenging. Choosing an MBA from abroad provides you with enormous opportunities to learn and grow in the diverse fields of Management and can help you find career opportunities globally. There are several countries around the world offering quality MBA programs. One such country is Ireland. Known as the “Land of Saints and Scholars”, Ireland has a fast-paced economy that welcomes thousands of international students every year for its renowned master’s programs. Here is all the information why you should pursue an MBA in Ireland along with the top Irish universities offering this program.

About MBA in Ireland

Finance, marketing, supply chain management, accounting, and business analytics are just a few of the specialties available in an MBA in Ireland. Some of Ireland’s premier universities may also offer standard MBA programs, which give a well-rounded education in many areas of business, including soft skills like negotiation and presentation. Students pursuing an MBA in Ireland enjoy a wealth of networking opportunities right on their doorstep.

MBA in Ireland is a globally respected, productive, and sought-after program. MBA in Ireland combines established business and management abilities with real-world experience to equip students for a career in administration in their chosen sector. Students who pursue an MBA in Ireland learn the theory and practice of business and management systems, which prepares them to succeed as industry executives.

MBA is also regarded as one of the most beneficial postgraduate degrees that a student may obtain in Ireland. In Ireland, a Bachelor’s degree is one of the most important requirements for an MBA, and various colleges need at least a few years of work experience. Choosing to do an MBA in Ireland is an excellent choice given that it houses most of the top B-schools and industries of the world.

MBA in Ireland: Highlights

Course LevelPostgraduate
Course Duration1 or 2 years
Course TypeFull time/Distance learning
Course Session TypeSemester-based
Top Recruiting companiesAmazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Smartling, Genesis, Citco, Genesis, Intel, Twitter, Redhat, SAP, Deloitte, etc.
Average Annual Salary 58- 72 lakhs INR per annum

Why Study in Ireland?

Ireland has been a famed center of learning and education in Europe for many centuries. It has a rich history along with renowned scholars and intellectuals, Ireland has a literacy rate of 99% since 2008. The country is considered among the most preferred destinations for higher education. There are several government-funded universities in Ireland providing quality degree programs. Irish university campuses are equipped with the best amenities, research centers and state-of-the-art facilities. Here are a few reasons why you should consider pursuing an MBA in Ireland:

  • Excellent Education – Irish universities are globally recognized, which can help you in finding career opportunities across the globe
  • No Language Barrier- Since most of the courses offered by Irish universities are English-based, you don’t need to worry about learning a certain language to pursue an MBA in Ireland
  • Career Opportunities– Pursuing MBA in Ireland provides you with a degree recognized by the European Union which can help in finding job opportunities in both public and private sectors across the globe
  • Experience Diversity– One of the biggest advantages of pursuing an MBA in Ireland is that international students get a chance to indulge in the rich culture and tradition of Ireland
  • Work while studying -Many colleges provide students with internship programs to help them gain practical knowledge as well as learning experiences

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Why study MBA in Ireland?

  • The cost of an MBA in Ireland is cheaper than in the United Kingdom or the United States.
  • According to recent European research, students with an MBA in Ireland see a 50-60% increase in their yearly earnings.
  • Ireland is home to the European headquarters of many global companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Linked In, and others, making it Europe’s most desirable business destination. This provides career prospects for MBA graduates.
  • According to current statistics, the majority of students at leading Irish colleges are placed within six months following graduation. For example, UCD’s Michael Smurfit Business School has an 88 percent placement rate within three months of graduation.
  • MBA programs in Ireland are taught in English and are internationally recognized.
  • International students can stay in Ireland for up to two years after completing their degree. This makes it easier for students to find work in Ireland while still having a valid visa.

Top 10 MBA Colleges in Ireland

Ireland is well-known for its top-tier universities, its capital Dublin is famed as an international business hub. Studying an MBA program in Ireland gives students global exposure and comprehensive learning opportunities. Here is a list of some of the best colleges in Ireland for pursuing an MBA:

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Admission Process to Study MBA in Ireland

In Ireland, the application procedure for universities may be conducted entirely online. International students should keep track of the application deadlines and apply as soon as feasible.

MBA in Ireland Admission Deadlines

MBA applications are accepted on a rolling basis in Ireland. Students must maintain track of admission dates in order to secure their places at their preferred B-school on time. The following table lists some of the top institutions and their admissions deadlines.

Trinity College DublinSeptember 1, 2021,
National University of Ireland GalwayMay 31, 2022,
University College CorkNovember 1, 2021,
University of LimerickAugust 25, 2022,
Technological University of Dublin September 1, 2021,
Griffith CollegeJanuary 31June – September 30
Dublin Business School September 1, 2021

MBA in Ireland: Language Proficiency Requirements

Non-native English speakers seeking MBA admission in Ireland must demonstrate a high degree of proficiency in the English language. They can provide standardized English exam scores such as IELTS, TOEFL, or equivalent.

ExamMinimum Scores
Minimum TOEFL (iBT) 88-100
Minimum IELTS 6.5-7

MBA in Ireland: Work Experience Requirements

The following is a list of the minimal work experience requirements for applicants interested in applying for MBA programs at major Irish universities:

UniversitiesWork Experience (in years)
Trinity College Dublin3-5
University College Dublin3
National University of Ireland Galway3
University College Cork3
University of Limerick4
Technological University of Dublin5
Griffith College3
Dublin Business School3

MBA in Ireland without GMAT

Although the GMAT or GRE is considered a crucial element of the MBA admissions process in Ireland, certain colleges may accept an MBA application without it. There are, however, several requirements that must be met. Students can seek a GMAT (or GRE) waiver for university admissions in Ireland if they meet the following criteria:

  • They have a master’s or doctoral degree from a renowned university in a quantitative area.
  • has a long professional career history (8-10 years or higher).
  • additional professional accomplishments and credentials judged deserving of a waiver

Ireland Student Visa

International MBA applicants in Ireland must get a visa in order to study and stay in the country. Students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) must get a D-type student visa in order to study in Ireland. The following are the prerequisites for obtaining a student visa in Ireland:

  • Any private medical insurance company’s medical insurance document.
  • Passport-size photographs taken recently.
  • Bank documents demonstrate that the student has sufficient funds to support themselves in Ireland.

Among the requirements are:

  • Evidence of the sponsors’ ability to invest a modest amount of 5-6 lakhs INR every year on the student’s education.
  • An excellent IELTS or TOEFL score.
  • Acceptance from an Irish university, as well as evidence of payment of the tuition cost.

All Subjects of a MBA Course in Ireland

The ‘MBA (Master of Business Administration) disciplines are listed below:

Managerial economicsMarketing management
Operations managementOrganizational behavior
Quantitative techniques in managementManagerial accounting
Human research managementManagement Information systems
Financial ManagementMacro Economics
Business EthicsBusiness Laws
Strategic Management etc.

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Top MBA in Ireland Courses

Ireland is known for its excellent education system worldwide. Especially for MBA students from different countries apply to irish universities. Irish universities offer foundation, 1-year, executive to full time MBA courses. Here are some of the top MBA in Ireland courses:

University College DublinExecutive MBA
University of DublinMBA in International Business
Dublin City University Business SchoolMBA in Project Management
Griffith College DublinMBA in International Business
Dublin Institute of TechnologyMBA in Data Science
University College CorkMBA in Business Analytics

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MBA in Ireland Cost

Wondering about the cost of MBA in Ireland? Here is the good news for you. As compared to other european countries, cost of MBA in Ireland is comparatively low. This means you get to study in top-ranked irish universities without the fear of emptying your bank account. Every university has different tuition fees. It ranges between Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.30 lakhs depending upon the university and course. Other cost includes accommodation, food, transport. Now you can calculate the cost of living from our Leverage Edu Cost of Living Calculator. Try it out for an estimation idea of cost in Ireland. 

Pre-arrival Cost to Ireland

Expenses(Fees)Cost (INR)
Ireland Student Visa Single Entry- 4,999
Multiple Entry- 8,298
TOEFL 17,714
IELTS 12,688
GMAT 15,489
Application Varies

MBA in Ireland Fees 

For the complete programme term, tuition fees at Irish universities providing MBA (full-time) range from 10,29,875 INR at Dublin Business School to 28,58,933 INR at Trinity College Dublin. In Ireland, there are more EMBA programmes than full-time MBA programmes.

Program Total Program Fee (in INR)*
MBA10,29,875 – 28,58,933
EMBA20,59,750 – 28,58,933

Cost of Living in Ireland

ExpenseCost per month (in INR)
Food expenditure17,000
Transport cost1,200

Scholarships for MBA in Ireland

International MBA students in Ireland can apply for a number of scholarships. Some of the most well-known foreign student scholarships include:

  • The TU Dublin Centenary Scholarship Program pays about half of your tuition expenses and is only available once.
  • The UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School offers the Achiever MBA Scholarship or UCD MBA Scholarship to both Irish and international students, which covers the tuition expenses for the academic year.
  • MBA Entrepreneurial Scholarship: Awarded to Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School students, this scholarship covers half of the MBA tuition costs.
  • India PG Scholarships at the University of Limerick: A merit-based scholarship offered to Indian students at the University of Limerick. The scholarship sum varies between 1 and 3.5 lakhs Indian rupees.
  • Awarded to both national and foreign students participating in a postgraduate degree at University College Cork. The scholarship pays the same amount as the EU fees. Non-EU students are responsible for the remaining balance.

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Business Schools in Dublin

Dublin has a vibrant city atmosphere coupled with warm and welcoming locals, scenic landscapes and world-renowned institutions. There are few popular business schools in dublin you can consider for admission in the coming intakes in Ireland. Here is the list of popular business schools in Dublin with MBA course specialization:

Course SpecializationUniversities
General ManagementUniversity College Dublin
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin Business School
National College of Ireland
FinanceDublin Business School
Human ResourceDublin Business School
MarketingDublin Business School
International BusinessGriffith College

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MBA Intakes in Ireland

Once you have made your mind to study in MBA Ireland, the next thing is to explore the admissions intake for which you can apply. Generally, students opt for the September intake but the January admission intake is also suitable for select programs. It is advised to choose the intake keeping in mind that you fulfill all the eligibility criteria including language proficiency and other exam scores. In Irish universities, there are two major intakes which are elaborated in the following table:

SessionIntakeApplication Deadline
Autumn (Semester 1)Early September – DecemberFebruary to July
Spring (Semester 2)Late January to MaySeptember to October

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MBA in Ireland Requirements

Aspirants eager to become a part of the Irish universities for MBA can start by applying online. Before that it is important to know about the entry requirements. Every university has different eligibility criteria standard. Here are some of the common eligibility to be fulfilled by every applicant for MBA in Ireland:

  • Students should have 3 – 4 year degree in the related field
  • Most of the universities require GMAT/GRE for admission
  • For MBA in Ireland, students have to appear for English proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOFEL, PTE
  • Some universities also conduct a round of personal interview
  • Work experience of 2 -3 years is mandatory in few Irish universities

Documents Required for MBA in Ireland

At the time of filling the application form for MBA in Irish universities you will have to upload mandatory documents. We have created a checklist for you, here are all the documents required in the application process:

Scope of MBA in Ireland – Post – Covid 19

The scope of MBA in Ireland looks to be enough for the foreseeable future, and MBA courses in Ireland are in great demand. MBA programmes in Ireland cover a wide range of topics and can lead to careers in management, information technology, human resources, analysis, and personal finance. Once hired, an MBA combined with previous job experience may help you advance to a managerial position within a company. One of the reasons for this is that the MBA programme in Ireland has a broader reach, and graduates earn more money than graduates of other degrees. Another reason is the curriculum, which balances theoretical and practical experience.

Jobs & Salary after MBA in Ireland

The most important thing to know before applying for any course is to know the job opportunities after graduation. After graduating students land decent jobs in top companies. Most of the students get placed in Job fairs or recruitment drives held in the universities. The average salary ranges between Rs. 23,83,725 – 51,19,182. Here are some of the popular job profiles and salary structure:

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Accommodation & Hostel Facilities in Ireland (For MBA Students)

  • Self-catering or rented lodging and on-campus or university-managed accommodation are the two types of accommodations offered in Ireland.
  • Students can rent residences in self-catering or rental apartments for nine or twelve months. Rent can be paid on a monthly basis. Only a one-rent month’s deposit should be made to the landlord, who will refund it after the students have moved out.
  • Many students choose on-campus or university-managed housing, which is offered at many universities; nevertheless, on-campus housing can be costly.
  • For the students, there is also the option of living with a host family. This option will give students with familiar surroundings as well as a family that can assist them in settling into a new nation.
  • Students have two alternatives for on-campus housing: catered or self-catered. Students in catered housing can purchase meals from the mess at a set price. Charges for such lodgings must be paid in two payments by students. Students in self-catered housing have the option of cooking their own meals.

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Is it possible to pursue MBA in Ireland without work experience?

Yes, it is possible. Some of the business schools are Griffith College and Dublin Business School that offer MBA in Ireland without work experience

Is GMAT mandatory for pursuing MBA in Ireland?

Yes, you can pursue MBA in Ireland without GMAT. There are few colleges that admit students based on previous academic records and IELTS band score.

Is IELTS required for MBA in Ireland?

Students are required to submit English proficiency score at the time of application submission. Students can pursue MBA in Ireland without IELTS but have to appear for other exams such as TOFEL, PTE.

What is the fees of MBA in Ireland for Indian Students?

The fees of MBA depends on universities and MBA specialization. It ranges between Rs. 20,00,000 – 30,00,000

Which is the best MBA in Ireland?

Some of the best MBA in Ireland colleges are University college Dublin, Smurfit Business School.

What the better option when it comes to MBA in Ireland vs Canada?

Every country has its pros and cons. There are various factors to consider before comparing two countries for a course like MBA. Cost of living and study is comparatively affordable as compared to Canada. European education system is also considered one of the best globally.

Hence, with its affordable education rates and prominent EU recognized degree courses, MBA in Ireland is the right decision to sail further in the diverse stream of Management. If you are confused about how to apply, let the Leverage Edu experts guide you through the process of choosing an ideal MBA program, beginning the application, getting shortlisted and kick-starting your Management career in Ireland.

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