Courses after MBA

Course after MBA

While many people pursue an MBA with the assumption that it will guarantee them good jobs that reap huge financial benefits, not all who pursue an MBA are able to create a mark. With the number of people enrolling for General MBA exponentially increasing every year, many students are looking for alternative courses after MBA that will help them stand apart from the crowd. If you are one of those people who wish to explore and dive into better opportunities and are looking for what course to pursue after MBA, you don’t need to look any further. Here is all the information you will need for what course after MBA will be best suited for you.


There are numerous courses after MBA that can help you have an edge and make you stand out in your career trajectory. An added specialization always adds to your profile and helps the employer know that you have more than the required skill sets to add to the organization. These courses also have a lot of scope in the job sector and will help you grow both professionally and personally. Some of the options you can consider for a course after MBA are-

Course after MBA- Financial Risk Management 

A financial risk management degree is a globally recognized degree awarded by the GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals) that is intended to equip individuals with skills pertaining to financial risk management and risk management skills. The core emphasis of the course is acquainting you with principles of managing credit risk, liquidity risk and market risk as well as non-market financial risks. It is an exclusive community; only 30,000 professionals with these specific specialized skills are currently present in the industry. This means that there is immense scope for you if you choose to pursue this course after MBA. 

Top Colleges for Financial Risk Management 

  • University of Sydney 
  • University of Glasgow 
  • Trinity College 
  • Durham University 

Course after MBA- Doctor of Business Administration 

The focus of a Doctor in Business Administration is in providing you with the skills that will help you in converting theory to practice so that you can pursue opportunities beyond that of research and higher education. The degree will equip you with the skills to hold top executive positions in either university-level teaching (if you wish to pursue academia) or in a business. Many of the DBA courses are designed specifically in a way that allows networking opportunities to their students that can be pursued along with work.

Top Colleges for a Doctor of Business Administration 

  • Washington University in St. Louis
  • University of Florida
  • Drexel University
  • University of Dallas
  • St. Ambrose University

Course after MBA- Ph.D. in Management

A Ph.D. in Management is a degree that emphasizes research and focuses on providing and honing the fundamentals of business management and leadership skills that are critical to this industry. You will be involved in areas relating to monitoring, controlling, leading, planning and organizing of business activities. The core of this course is understanding the business challenges in an ever-changing climate. The course is ideally for a duration of 4-5 years, where you will be expected to dedicate yourself solely to research from the third year.

 Top Colleges for a Ph.D. in Management 

Course after MBA- Data science

With the growth of social media and the number of people that interact and utilize the platform, there is a large quantity of data that is being used to extract information and is assimilated. In such a society there is a growing need for professionals who know how to comprehend this data in a meaningful manner. As a data scientist, your core job revolves around understanding this data and its various technicalities as well as crack the complex problems from unstructured and structured data. The demand and career prospects that open up after this course make it a good choice as a course after MBA. 

Top Colleges for a Data Science course

  • Columbia University 
  • New York University 
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Northwestern University 

Choosing to pursue a course after MBA involves clarity about where you see yourself in your career trajectory. You must be certain about what course to pursue and which is best suited for you. The gravity of this decision gives rise to many doubts but you don’t need to give into these apprehensions, because the experts at Leverage Edu, with their experience as well as psychometric and AI technology, can help you choose the best course and college for you.

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