Creative Writing Courses

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Creative Writing Courses

When we read a piece of writing or poetry book, we are intrigued by the artistic creativity of a writer. Whenever we feel engrossed in a book or we find that a writer is connecting to us through a set of words, it is their creative imagination and art of storytelling that keeps us hooked till the end. Creative Writing is one of the unique career choices pursued by highly enthusiastic aspirants with an artistic bent of mind. Creative Writing courses have seen many takers owing to their highly personalized coursework and diverse specializations. 

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Learn Creative Writing

We are familiar with various forms of writing but the most coveted of them all is Creative Writing. Encapsulating various forms of writing which include prose, essays, memoirs, journals, poetry, fiction, literary non-fiction, etc. Creative Writing is a form of writing that is not merely concerned about passing on the information but also the emotions and intricate details associated with it. The writing form involves using various literary tools like Allegory, Epigram, Metaphor, Simile, Alliteration, Allusion etc. Through Creative Writing, the writers or poets aim to paint a vivid picture of the events or of their imagination. The literature we read, that has shaped the world for centuries, is the byproduct of Creative Writing which covers various genre of writing. From legendary literary figures like Shakespeare and Tolstoy to the poets like Wordsworth and Rumi, their knack for Creative Writing has been central to them attaining the unmatched stature in the world of literature. In Creative Writing courses from the top universities, you can expect to learn about various writing styles, genres of writing, important literary figures besides interacting with the renowned writers. 

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Top Universities to Study Creative Writing

Creative Writing is a unique and practical oriented course that demands mentorship rather than monotonous lectures. The universities abroad are known for their exhaustive curriculum and mentorship programs which are vital to the course. Guest lectures by renowned writers and experts from the field is another characteristic of studying Creative Writing courses abroad. Here is the list of top universities that are renowned for offering the best courses in Creative writing: 

Depending on the level, a range of courses is offered in the field of Creative Writing. The courses whether pursued at the bachelors level or at master’s level are designed to equip students with the relevant skills in the specialization of their choice to prepare them for the ever-growing and highly demanding industry. Aspiring writers are taught the basics of the field while laying emphasis on a specific specialization like Poetry, Fiction, Literary Non-Fiction etc. Besides this, the coursework gives students knowledge on finding avenues to sell their work. Some of the popular Creative Writing courses that you can consider taking are given below:

University of Tampa USAMaster of Fine Arts in Creative Writing2 Years
Virginia Tech UniversityUSAMFA in Creative Writing3 Years
Edinburgh Napier UniversityUKMA Creative Writing 1 Year
Lancaster UniversityUKMA Creative Writing1 Year
University of Southampton UKMA Creative Writing1 Year
Auckland University of TechnologyNew ZealandMaster of Creative Writing1 Year
Macquarie UniversityAustraliaMaster of Creative Writing 1 Year
University of New South Wales AustraliaMaster of Arts in Creative Writing2 Years
Western Sydney University 
AustraliaMaster of Arts in Literature and Creative Writing1.5 Years
University College Dublin IrelandMA in Creative Writing1 Year

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Creative Writing Courses in India

  • Bangalore Writers Workshop
  • Certificate Course in Creative Writing by SACAC
  • Anita’s Attic Creative Writing Mentorship program
  • Xavier Institute of Communications
  • British Council of India
  • Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

Online Creative Writing Courses

  • Introduction to Creative Writing for Adults by British Council
  • Online Creative Writing Courses on Udemy
  • Best Creative Writing Course by Henry Harvin
  • Learn Creative Writing with Online Courses, Classes, & Lessons by EDX.org
  • The eligibility criteria for the courses depend on their level. The standard criteria to study master’s level courses in universities abroad require you to have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field.
  • Having a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts is set to give you an extra edge.
  • Besides this, a valid GRE score and English language proficiency test (IELTS, TOEFL or PTE) score is needed. But to get admission in Creative Writing courses at renowned universities
  • Prior experience in writing or a strong portfolio is needed. 

If you are seeking a place that will hone your writing skills to chisel you into a fine writer, then Creative Writing courses from universities abroad is all you should be looking for. To get enrolled in a top Creative Writing school, Leverage Edu can lend you a helping hand. Our experts will prepare an enthralling SOP and resume for you to help you boost up your application process.

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