MBA Subjects

MBA Subjects

MBA is emerging as one of the most popular career options after graduation for students from almost every background. With a comprehensive curriculum and various specialisations to explore, MBA has a strong job outcome and one can find employment opportunities across sectors. Furthermore, there are several renowned MBA colleges in the world providing quality MBA programs ranging from full-time degrees to integrated MBA programs, part-time and executive MBA courses, and various online options. However, before you begin to study the course, it is important for you to know all the major MBA subjects which generally fall under the course curriculum. This blog aims to shed light on the same!

MBA Subjects: Semester 1

It is an introductory semester that provides you with a basic understanding of Business Administration and Management. The first semester includes the following MBA subjects:

  1. Organizational Behaviour
    It deals with the study of both individual and group performances and activities within an organisation. This area of study examines human behaviour in a work environment and determines its impact on performance, job structure, motivation, communication, leadership, etc.

  2. Quantitative Methods
    Quantitative methods lay emphasis on objective measurements and statistical and mathematical analyses of data collected through polls, surveys, or by manipulating pre-existing records and data using computational techniques.

  3. Managerial Economics
    It is a discipline that combines Economics with managerial practices. The main objective of one of the most popular MBA subjects is to fill the gap between the ‘problem of logic’ and the ‘problem of policy’ using powerful tools and techniques.

  4. Marketing Management
    It is an organisational management subject that focuses on the practical application of marketing orientation. Marketing Management coaches students with various methods and techniques to track an organization’s market resources and activities.

Semester 2 Syllabus

This semester usually focusses on the integration of resources and techniques at the management level. Moreover, along with the core MBA subjects, there are various practical teaching programs incorporated in this semester.

  1. Management Accounting
    The subject includes different methods and techniques for collecting, arranging, recording, and reporting financial data from several units of an organisation. The collected data is then observed and analysed for budget allocation and funding.

  2. Management Science
    The study of statistical methods such as linear programming and simulation in order to analyse and solve organisational problems falls under the category of Management Science. It is a broad interdisciplinary study comprising of problem-solving and decision making with strong links to Management, Economics, and Business.

  3. Financial Management
    Financial Management focuses on planning, organizing, directing, executing, and controlling financial activities such as procurement and utilization of funds. Topics included in one of the most important MBA subjects are Capital Budgeting, Capital Structure, and Working Capital Management. 

MBA Subjects: Semester 3

The subjects included in this semester are inclined towards the marketing and business side of your chosen field of specialisation. Furthermore, form this term onwards, you also get to choose some electives to broaden your knowledge. Below-mentioned are some of the major MBA subjects included in the third semester:

  1. Market Research
    Market Research is an organised effort to gather information about the target market and its audience. It is one of the most important components of business strategies. Topics included in this subject are Product Research, Advertising Testing, Satisfaction and Loyalty Analyses, Brand Awareness Research, Pricing Research, and many others.

  2. Strategic Analyses
    Strategic Analysis involves the study of researching an organization’s business environment within which it operates. It is essential to formulate strategic planning for decision making and the smooth working of an organisation.

  3. Legal Environment of Business
    This subject includes the attitude of the government towards business. While pursuing an MBA, students learn about the historical development of the field, current trends, policies, control in taxation, competition, freedom of the market, etc.

Semester 4 Curriculum

The 4 semester of different types of MBA focuses more on the electives and project study. While in the former, you can choose a bunch of MBA subjects as per your area of specialisation and inclination, in the project study or dissertation, you have to complete industrial training.

MBA Subjects: Field Wise

Until now, we understood the subjects that are common in almost all the MBA specialisations. Here is a table that elucidates upon the MBA subjects of different fields:

DomainMBA Subjects
MBA in FinanceBusiness Policy
Global Financial Markets
Banks & Financial Institutions
Financial Risk Management [FRM]
Mergers & Acquisitions 
MBA in HROperations Research & Management
Organisational Behaviour
Employee Welfare
Training & Development
Labour Law 
MBA in Information TechnologyInformation Security Management
Strategic Management
Big Data and Machine Learning
Visual Systems Development
Web-Based Systems Development
MBA in Event ManagementSafety Operations
Corporate Communication
Types of Events
Public Relations
Marketing Management
MBA in MarketingMarket Research & Data Analysis
Consumer Behaviour
eCommerce Marketing
Business Communication
Retail Management
MBA in Fashion DesigningLuxury Brand Management
International Fashion Management
Merchandise Marketing
Product Development
Supply Chain Management
MBA in Hotel ManagementCentral Reservation Systems
Cargo Management
Entrepreneurship Development
Accommodation Management
Nutrition & Dietetics

Note: This is not an exhaustive list. The number of core and elective MBA subjects can vary from one institute to another

Pursuing an MBA can help you explore the end number of career opportunities globally. We hope that this blog has helped you to know various MBA subjects included in the course curriculum. If you’re planning to pursue an MBA or any other professional course, you can reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu, who can help you in finding the course that is best suited for your abilities. 

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