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When it comes to achieving academic excellence at a reasonable cost, you must consider to study in Singapore. Singapore has become one of the superior countries in the world. Even though the country is small, the opportunities are huge. Moreover, Singapore’s ministry of education offers financial assistance to international students and it is recognized as “Global Schoolhouse.”

Why Study in Singapore?

Singapore gets a lot of international investment. Well, the credit for getting such investment goes to Singapore’s corruption-free society, low tax rates, well-developed infrastructure, and skilled workforce. Now let’s talk about the reasons that will make you study in Singapore:

A-Grade Education System

The education system of Singapore is influenced by the western system in order to offer a way of independent learning among its students.

If you want to pursue a degree in business, Singapore can be the best match for you because it has remarked its position as one of the business-friendly countries in the world.

You Just Need to Speak English

Now you may not believe this but Singapore has 4 national languages and English is also one of them. Hence, language won’t be an issue when you study in Singapore. You can easily be a part of the culture because almost 75 percent of people in Singapore tend to speak the English language. Moreover, Singapore’s education system is also in English.

Safe & Hygenic [Hygienic, check the spelling] Nation

Well, they say it as the Garden City because the streets are lined up with trees. You will notice so many green parks around Singapore. It’s just not only a vibrant and beautiful country that has all colors, but it is also has a nation has a very low crime rate due to extreme laws. Government of Singapore strongly prohibit activities like ragging, drug abuse, fighting, etc.


Go ahead and compare it with other top developed countries, you will find a satisfactory difference. Actually, the average cost of living in here is lower than the top study abroad destinations like Canada, United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Any international student can study here for 200K-400K Singapore Dollars. Additionally, you may also get scholarships that would definitely cut some of your academic expenses.

Experience International Aura

Blend into the eastern and western culture at the same time because so many international students come here from various parts of the world. Statistics show us that students from almost thirty nations come to study in Singapore.

Enjoy the Benefits of Tuition Grant Scheme

Singapore’s government has made this arrangement for all the international students in order to attract more students from outside. Once you take the decision to work in Singapore for 3 years after graduation, your cost of the fee will be reduced. So there will be a win-win situation between you and the nation.

Convenient Public Transporation

Public transportation is not that expensive and along with such inexpensiveness, it’s convenient because most of the signs are written in the English language. And most importantly, you will never feel lost while you study in Singapore because locals are so friendly and happy to help you.

Positive Intervention of Government

Government of Singapore invests a satisfactory amount of funding in the education sector. When you will study in Singapore, you will find all the essential requisites in class. And yes, the government pays for all the required items because schools generally get millions of funding every year on the basis of their requirements. The investment of government is just not limited to materialistic resources, they also invest in developing a better teaching utility for students. They focus on supplying teachers in institutions that are able to convey their knowledge in an interactive and creative way.

Reward System

This is the sweetest aspect of Singaporean Education system. You will be fairly rewarded for the work you put in something. Recently, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has also declared that people of Singapore is the only natural resources they have. So to attain better political leadership and economic performance, we must follow the meritocracy. Even though this system may inject elitism in the education system but it will also allow students to act pragmatically in various situations.

Study in Singapore – Life of A Student

What Do Students Study in Singapore?

Here is a quick overview of popular study areas in Singapore:


– Engineering

– Information Technology

–  Art & Designing

–  Tourism

Different type of polytechnic diplomas, postgraduate degrees, private degrees, and university degrees are usually selected by international students.

Have Fun With Adventurous Sports and Clubbing

There is not a single human being who doesn’t break from studies. Right? There are various sources for entertainment such as wakeboarding, windsurfing, and dragon board racing, etc. Moreover, various night clubs and bars are also available if you prefer parties.

Your Wallet Won’t Drip Fast

Here’s what you will need to spend when you study in Singapore:

Singaporean Dollar General Commodity
5 SD Eat Macaroni
8.9 SD Watch A Movie
1.8 SD A Litre of Water Bottle
1.2 SD Grab A Can of Coke
No Chewing Gum

Remember! Chewing gum is banned in Singapore and if they find out that you are carrying it, you will have to pay the penalty of around $1K.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking in public areas is considered as unacceptable behavior. And yes, if you do so, you will have to pay a fine of $152-$760.

Getting Admission in an University to Study in Singapore

The following are the prerequites needed to study in Singapore:

  1. You must complete Class 12 or any equivalent exam for the undergraduate program.
  1. Top universities in Singapore require high percentages. However, the requirement may vary from university to university. So we recommend you to check the eligibility criteria of the university in which you are going to study.
  1. For postgraduate courses, you will need a bachelor’s degree or something equivalent.
  1. Now before initiating the application process, you have to check whether entrance is required. If required, then prepare for the exam and score well to get admission.
  1. If you have completed your 12th from the CBSE board, then you won’t have to take care of the TOEFL, IELTS, SAT or any other English proficiency test.
  1. Get academic transcripts.
  1. Ensure that you have a valid passport that has at least 6 months of validity.
  1. Now reach out the admission office or university’s website to know about the eligibility criteria.
  1. Like other nations, it doesn’t have a centralized agency for admission. So you will need to apply directly to the respective institution.
  1. Submit your filled form, essays, letters of recommendation, and proof of funds to the desired university. And wait! Don’t forget to apply for the scholarships when you plan to study in Singapore. They may even ask you to submit an additional essay for a scholarship.
  1. That’s it. Now it’s your turn to wait for a while. They process applicants individually. Once you get approved, your next task is to apply for the visa.

How To Apply for a Singaporean Student Visa

In Singapore, they refer a student visa as the “PASS.” Yes, they call it a “student pass.” Here’s a step by step blueprint that will help you to get a student pass when you study in Singapore:

  1. Once you get approved from the desired institution, fill out the application form and submit it to the ICA online. Processing fee of around $30 is required by the ICA and issuance fee of $60 is charged when you get your pass.
  1. As per rules, you have to show that you are financially able to support yourself. The funds must date back to the one day before the submission of the application. 
  1. Now make a checklist and collect these things:
  • Passport
  • Bank Statements (last 28 days)
  • Visa Application Fee
  • One Passport Size Photograph
  • Work Experience Certificate
  • Affidavit of Support Given By Sponsor on Rs.20 Stamp Paper
  • Transcripts (Mark Sheets from 10th-12th)
  • Bank Loan Sanction Letter (if required)
  • Fixed Deposit Receipts (if required)

This is it. Now everything depends on the ICA. However, the rejection rate is low in Singapore and if your institution will submit an application on your behalf, your probability for getting a student pass will increase for sure. Keep in mind that you must submit your application before 2 months of the commencement of your course you have selected to study in Singapore. And if your documents are not in English then get them translated in English. It may take up to 4 to 5 weeks to get approved.

Top Universities Where You Can Apply in Singapore

Here are the most popular universities to consider when planning to study in Singapore.

  1. Study in Singapoare at National University of Singapore

The university was formed 114 years ago as the King Edward VII College of Medicine. In 1980, it ultimately came into existence as the National University of Singapore. This university is the oldest autonomous research university in the nation. It provides a variety of faculties like sciences, dentistry, design, environment law, arts, and medicine. Its main campus lies in the southwestern part of the country.

  1. Study in Singapoare at Nanyang Technological University

This 64 years old university is the second largest research university in the nation. It has been formed into 8 schools and colleges. In QS World University Rankings, NTU ranked at the twelfth in the world and third in Asia. Currently, it is in collaboration with the University of Singapore so that a national university can be formed. Almost 25 halls are available in the university for undergraduate students. The university offers two different kinds of courses:

  1. Coursework
  2. Research

Coursework offers you courses related to arts, humanities, social sciences, electronics, engineering, and design & media.

Research courses consist of chemical & biomedical engineering, humanities, physical science, and biological science.

  1. Study in Singapoare at Singapore Management University

SMU is situated in the downtown region of Singapore and has an experience of 19 years. SMU has around six schools that provide graduate, undergraduate and Ph.D. programs in subjects like social sciences, economics, information systems management, business administration, business analytics, economics, financial services, and accountancy. AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS have also recognized SMU worldwide and is considered as one of the top universities to study in Singapore.

  1. Study in Singapoare at SIM University

The university was formed and regulated by the Singapore Institue of Mangement group. SIM is the only private university in the country that offers an open door academic policy towards the adults who are working. Objectives of SIM university is to assist and orientate the attitude of students towards developing skills and acquiring knowledge.

  1. Study in Singapoare at Institute of Systems Science

The university has been excelling for over 38 years. It offers a wide range of consultancy, executive education, research services, and graduate education. Aim of the university is to build Infocomm leaders and progress organization and business innovation. Moreover, they also put emphasis on pragmatic studies. Faculty of Institute of System Science is well versed with the technological background.

Are You Ready to Study in Singapore?

In Singapore, you are not only going to learn about academics, but you will also learn how to be a better person. Well, we said so because laws of Singapore are constructed to make you that person who is not only suitable for himself but also for the environment and society around him.

Wait! If you still have any queries, you may contact Leverage Edu at +91-8826200293 and kickstart your amazing journey for studying in Singapore.

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