Cost of Living in Singapore

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Cost of Living in Singapore

Shifting abroad can be a great experience- new life and surroundings. It can be expensive to move to another country and start a life there. Singapore is considered to be a destination that offers a mixture of cultures and traditions, world-class amenities and many new opportunities. In this blog, we will be discussing the cost of living in Singapore!

Currency of Singapore 

1 Singapore dollar (SDG) = INR 56

If you’re going to singapore as a student or because of a job with a fixed income, some simple lifestyle changes can help to reduce the cost significantly and make the most of your money. By shopping and eating like a local person from singapore, it can help you to cut costs and have a more authentic experience.

Living Expenses in Singapore

It is important to manage the funds in such a way that it does not put a lot of load on you monthly and all your needs are met. Here are the approximate costs of living, excluding rent, that are needed to sustain: 

Living expenses in Singapore (excluding rent) Cost
Single person, per month 1,100 – 1,400 SGD
(60,000 – 78,000 INR)
University student, per month 700- 730 SGD
(38,000- 41,000 INR)

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Housing and Accommodation

Another factor contributing to the cost of living in Singapore is accomodation. It is important to determine where you choose to live. The prices for housing and accommodation are fairly high. But it can be solved. If you choose to move a bit to the outskirts of the city, it can help you to rent a flat for a lesser amount. You can always visit the city with the help of public transport. Singapore has a very well-developed rental sector, though it can be a little steep in your pocket. 

Rent in Singapore Average Monthly Cost
One bedroom apartment (city) 2,700- 3,000 SGD1,50,000- 1,65,000 INR
One bedroom apartment (outside of city) 1,900- 2,200 SGD1,04,000- 1,21,000 INR

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Healthcare in Singapore – Cost of Living in Singapore

Healthcare in Singapore is very strong. People who have permanent residency in Singapore may be eligible for state-backed health insurance, which helps with some of the costs of medical care. It is advisable that the person living in Singapore takes private health insurance to make sure that they are covered for all eventualities. A checkup can cost around 50 SGD. 

Travel and Transport

Public transport is great in singapore. There are parts where the city is congested, so using public transportation is great for a daily commute. 

Transportation in Singapore Average Cost
Monthly bus/transport pass 100- 120 SGD5,500- 6,600 INR
Taxi tariff, 8km/5mile journey 12-15 SGD650- 850 INR

This was all about the cost of living in Singapore. Want to know more about higher education in Singapore? Reach out to Leverage Edu experts today!

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