Best Education System in the World: Top 5 Countries

Best Education System in the World

The quest for availing the best education has always been the concern of paramount importance for human society. Education is what sets us apart from each other, liberates us from the shambles and gives us the power to work for the upliftment of society. It is because of education that the development of masses and economies has taken place at such a grand scale. Even though a number of poets, writers and intellectuals have written at length praising the importance of education but with the progression in modern society, its need has become more imperative. The countries all over the world have started offering high-quality education across various disciplines to not only their own citizens but also to students from around the world. But have you ever thought about which countries provide an education system that can cater to your needs and helps you kickstart a career in your choice of field? In this blog, we will discuss the countries which have the best education system in the world.

Top 5 Countries With Best Education System in the World

When it comes to pursuing higher education from abroad, every country has its own set of pros and cons. While one country may score well on the infrastructure, the other may offer degree programs that are new and unique. For instance, If we take into consideration parameters like quality of living, teacher-student ratio, and availability of public resources for studies, the list would include the countries that have shaped modern education like Finland, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Russia, etc. Thus, it can be slightly difficult to decide which country offers high-quality education. Based on the parameters like the types of programs offered, interdisciplinarity in programs, placements, university rankings and the number of enrolled international students, we have curated a list of top 5 countries that are known for having the best education system. 

United States

A pioneer in modern education, the US is known for providing high-quality education delivered by world-renowned faculty. The country boasts of having more Nobel Laureates than any other country and hosting more than a million international students every year. Computer Science, Engineering, Business Management, Law and Arts are some of the most popular courses among international students in the US. Further, the emphasis placed on research and development by the USA government has led universities to offer an array of research-oriented degree programs at graduate, postgraduate, and doctorate levels thus making it the most preferred destination for education. Being the home for universities like Harvard, Oxford, Yale, and MIT, the US undoubtedly has the best education system in the world. 

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United Kingdom

With around half a million international students enrolled in various courses in the UK, the country is the second leading destination for education. The UK has been the center for learning for centuries. A unique blend of rich English culture and diverse learning experiences have attracted students from across the world. As per the QS rankings, 18 universities out of 100 are located in the UK. Renowned globally for its Arts, Literature and Design courses, UK is the second country with the best education system in the world. 

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Known for its diverse culture, low tuition fees, and living costs, Canada has emerged as a preferred study destination for a large number of students. The Canadian universities have been consistently ranked among the top educational institutions in the world by QS and Times for offering an array of degrees and short-term courses across various disciplines. With the University of Toronto and Queen’s University among the premier institutions of the country, the Candian education system has etched its name in some of the best in the world. It provides students a platform to specialize in courses in the fields of Engineering, Commerce, and the Arts.


For non-English speakers, Germany is the preferred destination for higher studies. Home to leading automobile brands like Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Germany has established its name in the automobile industry. Its institutions are renowned for offering intensive courses in Engineering, Design, MBBS, etc.  A large number of scholarships are also available for international students which attract students from worldwide, making Germany one of the countries with the best education system in the world. 

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The world’s 6 largest countries by area, Australia, is known for its high-quality education and excellent career opportunities. Offering diverse courses in fields like Engineering, Administration, Architecture, Media, Business, Communication and Art, Australia is a popular destination to study abroad. With 7 universities of Australia in the top 100 list of QS 2020 rankings, its education system can be counted amongst the best around the world. Australian universities also have research centers in a number of countries. 

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Hopefully, with this blog, you are now aware of the countries with the best education system. If you want to pursue higher studies in these countries but are not sure about how to get started with it then the experts at Leverage Edu will assist you in every stage of the admission process. 

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