Industrial Design Course

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Industrial Design Course

Those headphones, watches, muscular cars, that beautiful and sleek design on your favourite pen, the spectacles of the latest mobile phone, or a sofa that you love sinking in, whatever products that you see around, are all designed and created by an industrial designer. From big industries like automobile industries to small industries like kitchenware, the process of designing, manufacturing and packaging all come under the umbrella of industrial designing. Therefore, we can say that an Industrial Designer works on manufacturing products by combining art, engineering and business. If you are someone who has a knack for designing and have an artistic mind to create useful and charming products, then pursuing an Industrial Design course is the way to go.

What is Industrial Design?

Industrial design refers to creatively designing objects, devices or products that people can use in their daily lives. Be it high-end automobiles that one aspires to ride on all basic stuff like a pen or a poly bag in which you carry items, all design by industrial designers. Industrial designers make sure that the product functions efficiently as well as has a charming physical appearance.  The field of industrial designing is overall focused towards delivering consumers with the higher and experience that they may get while using a particular product. When it comes to pursuing industrial design course, you can find ample options at UG as well as PG level.

Core Subjects

Students pursuing an Industrial Design Course are rigorously trained at classrooms, design studios and computer labs. The combination of theoretical and practical training enables students with endless opportunities. Following core subjects that are majorly taught in all Industrial Design Courses:

Subjects in UG Courses-

Product Packaging Design Product Rendering and Illustration Computer-Aided Industrial Design
Visualization Techniques Design Fundamentals Product Ergonomics
Design Process and Thinking Product Design Engineering Drawing
Product Detailing Material and Processes for Industrial Design Information Collection and Analysis

Subjects in PG Courses-

Design and Innovation Methods Design for Usability Media Studies
Design for User Experience Special Topics/Modules inDesign AppliedErgonomics
Vehicle Design Framework of Design Communication and presentation skills
Adv Mat Processes & Die Design Design and Innovation Methods Form and Aesthetics

Industrial Design Programmes

Just like art, Industrial Design is also an amalgamation of different domains coming together as one. The course for Industrial Design is available in different forms and specialisations. Candidates can pick the course which suits them the most. Here is a list of different graduate and undergraduate programs and majors under industrial designing course that you can choose from:

Undergraduate Industrial Design Courses

  • Bachelors of Fine arts in Transportation Design
  • Industrial Design for Architecture
  • Bachelors of Sciences in Environmental and industrial design
  • Bachelor and Masters in Product Designing
  • Interior and Furniture Design
  • Bachelors degree in Product Designing

Postgraduate Industrial Design Courses

  • Masters and Bachelors of Design in Industrial Design
  • Masters of Sciences in Digital Innovation Design

Eligibility Criteria for Industrial Design Course

Check out the eligibility criteria to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate course in  Industrial Design :

Bachelors in Industrial Design

Students applying for a Bachelors degree in Industrial Design should meet the following requirements:

  • The merit of Higher Secondary Level Education (12th grade)
  • A good score in a language proficiency test like IELTS, TOEFL, etc along with LOR and SOP
  • University entrance exams (if applicable).

Master in Industrial Design

Candidates wanting to pursue a masters degree in Industrial Design must meet the following prerequisites:

  • A bachelors degree in a product, industrial designing, architecture or engineering with a meritorious score.
  • A good score in a language proficiency test like IELTS, TOEFL, etc along with LOR and SOP

Individuals can even pursue an MBA after the completion of the industrial designing course to have a career boost and directly land in the corporate sector.

Top Universities for Industrial Design Course

For you to pursue an Industrial Design course, it is important to look for the best options. If you want to make it big in this industry and boost your career like never before, pursue the course of Industrial Designing from a reputed university. Here is a list of top 10 universities in the world offering this course:

1 Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2 California College of Arts San Francisco, United States
3 Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona
4 The University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio
5 ETH Zurich Zurich
6 Rhode Island School of Design Providence, Rhode Island
7 Florence Design Academy Italy
8 Pratt Institute New York, United States
9 School of Art Institute of Chicago Chicago
10 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Massachusets, United States

Career Prospects

After the successful completion of the bachelors or masters degree in Industrial Design, a candidate automatically gets innumerable opportunities. With a skill of combining science with fine arts, a candidate can work with gigantic manufacturing houses and enterprises.

Here are some of the popular fields were fresh Industrial Design Course graduates can make a career:

We hope that this blog explained everything about Industrial Design Courses. As the course is mostly provided by universities abroad, candidates must consider the option of studying abroad. We at Leverage Edu help students to get admission into the best universities across the world. You may contact us at  088262 00293 for further guidance.

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