Bachelor of Music

Bachelor of Music

Considered a part of the domain of Performing Arts, a Bachelor of Music is an undergraduate degree which either focuses on instrument-based education, for instance, violin or on its essential aspects and applications such as music writing, musicology and composition amongst others. Moreover, music in the modern age is not just limited to instruments but transcends towards electronic music composition, visual art, music management etc. Add to that the different genres of Indian, classical, Western, Religious, Jazz etc, and it makes for a perfect blend for those looking to make a full-fledged career in the entertainment industry. This blog aims to explain the essential elements of a bachelor’s degree in Music as well as the top destinations where you can pursue it.

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Course Overview & Structure

The structure of the program is generally multidisciplinary and encourages diversity which affords the candidates the necessary opportunity to experiment as well as explore. Running for a duration of 3 to 4 years varying as per the place of study, a Bachelor of Music degree may involve the study of genre-based music, namely, country music, jazz, rock, contemporary, musical theatre, electronic music etc. Further, the course emphasizes on practical training and apprenticeships to equip students with the required industry exposure.

Bachelor of Music: Specialisations & Majors

During a Bachelor of Music program, students have the option to choose a specialisation or major like Musicology, Music Education etc or they can choose a particular instrument, namely guitar, violin, piano, percussion, flute, amongst others. Some of the prominent majors generally offered at universities are:

  • Ethnomusicology
  • Global Jazz Studies
  • Music Composition
  • Musicology
  • Music Engineering
  • Commercial Music
  • Composition
  • Film Scoring
  • Arts Administration
  • Applied Music (Performance)
  • Music Education
  • Music Writing

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Bachelor of Music: Top Universities

With a growing number of international students taking up performing arts, universities around the world are improvising with their course offerings. In particular, previously unheard courses combining mathematics and music are also frequently opted for. Here is a table that enlists top universities and their prospective bachelor’s degree courses in Music:

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Name of University Course
Yale University, USA Bachelor of Arts Music
The University of Melbourne,
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Music Theatre)
Bachelor of Music
Interactive Composition;
Jazz and Improvisation;
Musicology/ Ethnomusicology
University of Toronto, Canada Bachelor of Arts Honors- Music
University of California,
Los Angeles
Bachelor of Arts in Ethnomusicology
Bachelor of Arts in Global Jazz Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Music
Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition
Bachelor of Arts in Musicology
University of Edinburgh, UK Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Science Acoustics and Music
Bachelor of Science Mathematics and
Berklee College of Music,
Bachelor of Music 
(Majors: Composition,
Contemporary Writing and Production,
Electronic Production & Design,
Film Scoring,
Jazz Composition,
Music Business Management,
Music Education,
Music Production & Engineering,
Music Therapy,
Professional Writing, Songwriting)

In addition to the single major options mentioned above, you can also explore dual or double degree courses which combine both a bachelor in music with an arts or science degree. Typically these run for a duration of five to six years focusing on providing an all-round understanding of both the fields. A few of the prominent dual degree course offerings around the world have been mentioned below.

  • The University of Queensland, Australia: Bachelor of Music (honors)/Arts
  • The University of British Columbia, Canada: Dual Bachelor’s Degree in Music & Bachelor of Education (B.Ed); Dual Bachelor of Music & Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)
  • University of Rochester: Bachelor of Music & Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Science
  • Berklee College of Music: Any two of 12 majors mentioned in the above list.

Admission Process

The procedure of admission in Bachelor of Music courses at any of the above universities includes submission of several test scores, for instance, the SAT, and proving English language proficiency through IELTS/TOEFL. Further, students are also required to submit a statement of purpose, two or three letters of recommendation and a funding essay (optional). However, applicants must go through the official university website for more information.

Building a career in music is, in this day and age, offers rewarding opportunities in terms of jobs, growth as well as career fulfilment. Moreover, a Bachelor of Music degree can be the beginning step towards carving your path in this field. If you are an aspiring musician or desire to work in the entertainment industry, take assistance of our expert counsellors at Leverage Edu and we’ll help you in choosing the right course and university as per your interests and career aspirations thus to ensure that you take an informed step in the direction of your dream career.

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    1. Hi Gouranga!

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