BSc Fashion Designing

BSc Fashion Designing

Are you mesmerized by the world of fashion? Are you one of those people who like to stay up to date when it comes to the latest styles and trends? Does your creative bug result in illustrations drawn within the margins of a notebook? Then a career in fashion designing might be tailor-made for you. Creative designing, art detailing, sketching and drawing, visual design, graphics all come together in the course. Here is all the information that you will need for pursuing a Bsc Fashion Designing course. 

Prerequisite Skills for BSc Fashion Designing

BSc Fashion Designing like any other arts course is dependent on how you make it. It is all dependent on how you work yourself up to the top. There are certain innate skills as well as developed skill sets that can help you in being better prepared for a course in these directions, some of those are-

Photography Skills

A good designer needs to have brilliant photography skills. In the social media world, what looks good is what sells well. So make sure you take the additional photography classes at the end of your semester or enroll for a short course at any good institute.

Learn Computer Designing and Editing 

A good BSc Fashion Designing graduate must be hands-on with softwares like AutoDesk, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. They help in the creation, the visualisation process, and the execution of designs which then go for prototype and subsequently for actual production.

Be a News Geek

The internet seems to have a solution for everything. Be it being well versed with the fads and trends of all types and looking for inspiration to cast them in accordance to your industry. 

Know the History 

Every BSc Fashion Designing graduate needs to know the field has evolved. Art history gives you perspective. It lets you assess where you stand and how things have evolved and where it is now. Many fashion designers are graduates of art history. 

BSc Fashion Designing: Top Schools

Some of the top schools around the world that offer a degree in BSc Fashion Designing as well as have a great environment for creativity are:

Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York

FIT is a premier study destination for fashion designing as well as communication, business. The school is a part of the State University of New York network, United States’ largest university system for universities. The Bachelor in Fashion Design is a long-admired flagship program of FIT which focuses on a mix of creativity as well as training. It has included an internship and an option to study abroad. It intends at not only teaching techniques of designing but to also make students successful in reaching out to their customers, to build their network and much more. 

University of Edinburgh

If you like Ireland, you will love to pursue a Bachelor’s in Fashion at the University of Edinburgh, Ireland’s topmost university. The course’s backbone is individual creativity and innovation which is accentuated by the university’s atmosphere. During the four year course, students learn in actual designing environments and work on creating products that have a long footprint. It fosters research and nurtures various concepts. Moreover, the University of Edinburgh has a rich history of more than four hundred years and is home to several Nobel Laureates and scholars.

London College of Fashion, United Kingdom

The course catalog at London College of Fashion is so vast and comprehensive that it encompasses almost all niches in the fashion and design industry. It offers bachelor’s degrees in Fashion Management, Psychology of Fashion, Fashion Visual Merchandising and Branding, Fashion Photography, Fashion Journalism, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Design and Development and that is not even half of the list. 

University of Technology, Sydney

Situated in Sydney, UTS is ranked as Australia’s number one in young universities. You can assess the promising and vibrant environment it offers from that rank. Couple that with a world-class degree in  Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles, it makes for a first-class experience. Under the Faculty of Design, Architecture, and Building, the course aims to strike a fine balance between theoretical knowledge and individual expression. That is what makes UTS Sydney, a fine place to study, live and work.

Other Noteworthy Institutions:

  • Istituto Marangoni, Milan
  • University of Manchester
  • ESMOD, France
  • Queensland University of Technology, Australia

While you might be passionate about a course in Fashion Designing, the process of shortlisting universities can be taxing especially since it depends on a number of factors. The counsellors at Leverage Edu can help you assess what university will be the best choice for you based on ranking, course structure, the tuition fee, location and the opportunities it offers.

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