How to Get Direct Admission in MBBS

Direct Admission in MBBS

MBBS is among the most preferred choice of individuals aspiring to master the theoretical and practical skills of medicinal science. This has increased the level of competition among enthusiastic students competing for a seat in top medical universities and colleges. Students look for easy and quicker admission into universities instead of the traditionally long admission process. So, through this blog, we will explore how to get direct admission in MBBS and avoid the hassle of entrance exams or long admission procedures.

Top Countries Offering Direct Admission in MBBS

One of the best options for students who are looking for direct admission in MBBS is to study this course at a global medical university. There are a lot of international medical colleges that one can apply to, without appearing for NEET. These colleges are also approved by the Medical Council of India and hence those planning to return to India after completing the course can easily continue as a medical practitioner in India. Here are a few colleges that you can apply to in order to get direct admission in MBBS:


Nepal is one of the neighbouring countries of India and the admission process of the universities of Nepal is quite simple along with a comparatively less competitive environment. In order to apply for an MBBS in Nepal, you need to clear your higher education in Science with 60% and you should also qualify NEET. There is no separate proficiency test you are required to take in order to apply for MBBS in Nepal and the colleges are approved by MCI. 

Here is a list of colleges offering Direct Admission in MBBS in Nepal:

  • Army Medical College
  • Birat Medical College
  • Nobel Medical College
  • Nepal Medical College
  • Manipal Medical College


Bangladesh has been constantly improving its status as an education hub. There are a lot of advantages involved in studying in Bangladesh, including affordable living as well as a cost-effective fee structure. Bangladesh is also one of the few countries where you are not required to take an entrance exam in order to get direct admission in MBBS. The admission process is wholly based on merit and academic scores. There are a number of colleges that are approved by MCI and the medium of communication in these colleges is English. Here is a list of colleges offering MBBS in Bangladesh:


Russia is one of the most popular education destinations for Indian students planning to pursue their MBBS abroad. Being one of the well-reputed study destinations worldwide, Russia has advanced drastically in the field of science and medicine. You don’t need to go through a difficult process in order to get a visa. The country is student-friendly and welcoming to foreign students and has a diverse culture as well. There are numerous universities in Russia that offer direct admission in MBBS on the basis of merit. Hence, you don’t need to appear for NEET to apply to these Russian universities. Given below are the MCI approved colleges in Russia providing MBBS programs with English as the medium of education:

It is extremely important to select the right university for pursuing a program like MBBS. The process of making this decision can seem daunting, let the experts at Leverage Edu help you in selecting an ideal medical college that can actualize your dream of becoming a medical practitioner without the hassle of extensive documentation and entrance examinations.

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