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architecture as career

If your dream is to be remembered forever, then architecture as a profession is the best option for you.  It is also known as the study of planning, designing and overseeing the construction of buildings. It is a field which helps you tackle the intellectual challenges of both art and science degrees. Architecture, as an area of specialization, can seem a bit difficult to conquer, but it has its rewards too. It is a really lucrative career option and the demand is only increasing with the rapid urbanization. If you have any doubts regarding architecture as a career option, then stick with this blog till the end as we explain everything in detail.

‘The art and science of designing physical structures is known as Architecture’.  

What Does an Architect Do?

Before moving forward, we need to understand what exactly is the job of an architect. Basically, architects plan and create designs for the construction, alteration and redevelopment of different kinds of physical structures. They design their projects in such a way, so as to meet the budget constraints and fulfill the clients needs at the same time. They create their designs using hand drawings as well as computer designing applications.

Skills Required – Architecture as Career

Architecture as career focuses highly on skill and requires expertise to be successful in this field. The most important skills a good architect needs to have are:

  • Designing skills
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Computer software knowledge
  • Verbal communication skills
  • Reasoning skills
  • Mathematical skills
  • Team player
  • Attention for detail
  • Creativity

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Top Courses for Architecture

Here is a list of some popular UG,PG and Certificate Architecture courses:

Undergraduate Courses Post graduate Courses Other Certificate Courses
Bachelors of Science in Architecture Masters in Architecture and urban design Graduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture
Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture and Design Masters in Interior Architecture Graduate Diploma in Architectural Sciences
Bachelors in Construction Management Masters in Civil and Architectural Engineering Master of Sciences in Bio digital Architecture
Bachelor of Engineering in Architectural Engineering Masters in Naval Architecture Masters in Interaction Design
Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Technology and Construction Management   Masters of Science in Superyacht design

Top Universities for Architecture 

Choosing the right university can bring in great opportunities in your life. Here is a list of best Architecture colleges in the world which can transform your life: 

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Career in Architecture

You can be qualified to be called an architect after completing your degree in the field. After that, you’ll be eligible to apply to architectural job positions or you may start your own practice, which is more popular in this field. Professional architects enjoy a pretty good salary too and as you start climbing up the professional ladder, there is no limit to what you can achieve and that is the beauty of this field. Many people tend to specialize in different fields such as sustainable development, heritage etc, after completing their degree in architecture. There is also an option of architectural planning i.e. you will be responsible for planning different cities and towns. Everyone knows about the mainstream options after completing an architecture degree but only a few know about other areas outside the mainstream.

Job Profile Job Description
Building Surveyor This is a problem-solving role and involves taking precautionary measures to keep buildings in good shape and also remodelling and renovation of old buildings in order to maintain them. 
Town Planner This is a role for a highly skilled professional as the architect will be involved in creation and planning of a whole city and requires interest in development, sustainability etc. You will have to balance the needs of different people at the same time. 
Interior Designer Interior designers use their creative skills to design and renovate the interiors of a building in an effective and an efficient way. 
Project Management Project management architects oversee all the aspects of designing and creation of a building. 
Architectural Engineer They are involved in planning the layout for building designs and applying knowledge of engineering principles, lightning, structures and building codes
Landscape Architects As the name suggests, they are involved in designing open space areas such as parks and outdoor spaces of businesses, recreational facilities, campuses etc.
Construction manager They plan the whole project, supervise it and coordinate construction projects from start to finish while strictly adhering to the budget
Industrial Designers They are basically designers who are specialized architects in developing concepts relating to industries. Their job involves the consideration of functions, aesthetics, production costs while developing a new product.
Drafters Drafter is basically a skilled job profile which involves the use of computer software to convert the designs into technical drawings.
Architectural Managers Architectural engineering is a role where an architect plans, directs and coordinates the activities in architectural and engineering companies.

Architecture as Career – Job Outlook

As stated above, there is a constant demand for architects in the market and this demand is expected to grow at a consistent rate over the next few years. Salary of an architect completely depends on the sector they are working in i.e. public or private or self employed. On an average a fresher can earn anywhere between INR 5 to 7 lakh P.A. depending upon their job profile. Of course, it’s just a starting number and experience plays a major role in this profession. With experience and practice,  the sky’s the limit!

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Top Recruiting Companies

Few of the leading architecture companies are as follows-

  • C.P Kukreja Associates
  • Oscar and Ponni Architects
  • Architect Hafeez Contractor
  • Talati and Panthaky Associated
  • Christopher Charles Beginner Architects
  • Shilpa Architects
  • Manchanda Associates
  • Kembhavi Architecture Foundation
  • Architecture Brio
  • DLF
  • Larsen and Toubro
  • Sahara Group 

We hope that this blog helped you clear all your doubts regarding architecture as a career option. If you are trying to get admission in one of the above-mentioned courses, then connect with our Leverage Edu experts to get assistance in getting admission in your dream university. Sign up for a free session with us now!

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  1. Great article! Thank you for sharing this informative post, and looking forward to the latest one.

  2. Very much helpful article! Thank you for sharing this informative post, and looking forward to the latest one.

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