Study in Singapore Without IELTS

Study in Singapore without IELTS

When you plan your future, everything comes down to how you run on the racetrack of your career, overcoming every obstacle and beating all the odds to fulfill your dreams. The initial stage of deciding your lane is a challenging start. Once you are clear about your field of interest, the next thing is how you tackle every obstacle that you come across. For example, choosing a course and a country to begin your education in your chosen field. While your decision to study in Singapore is certainly a good one, how you manage to get there is important. You might have to take different exams as per your chosen course but an English proficiency test is often regarded as essential for studying in a foreign country. This is not entirely true because it is possible for you to study in Singapore without IELTS. In this blog, we will discuss all the possibilities of how you can pursue your dream education in Singapore without giving IELTS.

Why Study in Singapore?

Singapore offers diverse educational and career prospects for foreign students. With well-maintained roads and beautiful facades, this country welcomes international students from all around the world. Singapore has a diverse population and exhibits a combination of western as well as eastern culture. Studying in Singapore is an experience of a lifetime. It is a rushing metropolis with the best living conditions and affable population. Even today, the country is continuously striving to achieve better standards of living. Singapore is known to invest heavily in the establishment of advanced research centers that are setting the benchmarks for other countries. It is persistently working to provide high-quality education at affordable prices. With an advanced infrastructure and affordable education costs, Singapore is rapidly becoming a preferred choice for students aspiring to study abroad

Study in Singapore Without IELTS: Programs Offered

Singapore does not have strict regulations regarding the compulsion of IELTS exam scores for foreign students seeking admission in their universities. Many universities and colleges in Singapore offer preparatory courses and foundation programs for international students who don’t wish to give IELTS. These courses and programs are designed as foundation and certification courses for those who have completed their studies in Singapore for a longer duration. Also, there are other preparatory courses available for international studies whose native language isn’t English.

Foundation Programs

Students who have completed 13 years of education in Singapore are asked to complete an additional year of study before taking the higher education opportunity. This additional year of study is known as the Foundation Program. This program helps you to study in Singapore without IELTS and pursue a degree in your field of interest. 

Foundation Studies Certificates

This certificate is a 7-module program and is designed for those who have completed 10 years of education in Singapore and are planning to continue their education in the country. In this case, you can apply for a Foundation Studies Certificate to study in Singapore without IELTS. 

Preparatory Program for the English Language

A Preparatory Program that enrolls students in a six-month preparatory course and through this course, they are eligible to study in Singapore without IELTS. The course helps students prepare a good base for English Language and has two levels namely: 

  • Level 1: To learn the basics of the English Language.
  • Level 2: To learn the fundamentals of the English Language.

Thus, you can plan to study in Singapore without IELTS by choosing from one of the above-mentioned courses. However, it will also depend on the specific university you have selected for pursuing a course in Singapore. There are numerous universities in Singapore that conduct their own English examinations for students who don’t have English as their first language. 

We hope that this blog informed you about how to study in Singapore without IELTS. Leverage Edu experts can be your guide in selecting an ideal program that doesn’t require IELTS and offers you the opportunity to explore your field of interest at a leading university in Singapore.

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