Boston University

Private University

Boston, United States

Established in 1871, Boston University is one of the most prestigious universities for Business, Law, Medicine, Dental, and Doctorates. The medical campus of this university is in the Southend area of Boston, Massachusetts. Boston University is the perfect combination of arts and academic training p Read more


Highlights of Boston University

  • It was at this university in 1876, where Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.
  • The Wall Street Journal and Time Higher Education U.S. colleges and universities ranking state that BU ranks 36th position.
  • The number of non-native students is 9,742 in all the 3 campuses included.
  • The total endowment value is 1 billion USD of this university.
  • The total expenses for food and hostel can amount up to INR 6.4 Lakhs annually.
  • The Daily Free Press and the New York Times were started and are run by the students of Boston University.
  • Famous Alumni
    J Allard

    Vice President

    David Edgerton


    Jason Alexander

    American Actor

    Martin Luther King Jr.

    American Minister

    Jhumpa Lahiri


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