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With the world growing and economies expanding at an unprecedented rate, a field that is becoming even more popular is business and management. An MBA course is a blend of all the essentials needed to run successful entrepreneurship and over time the demand for this course increasing substantially like never before. Although most of the universities in the world provide MBA degrees that last for 2-3years, with the advent of a fast-paced world, to adapt many universities are offering 1 Year MBA in the USA. These courses are gaining popularity because of their numerous benefits and being lucrative for the undertaker. This blog is your one-stop destination to gather all information related to the top 1 Year MBA in the USA. Read ahead to know everything about it. 

Why pursue 1 year MBA in USA?

The 1 Year MBA in the USA is an advanced program in which the undertakers learn the fundamental business skills and have an understanding of the skills needed for business management. An accelerated program, it provides in-depth knowledge about a variety of areas associated with the field of business. The advantages of studying a 1ear MBA in USA are listed below to dispel any doubts about the merit of the course.

  • It provides the same MBA credentials like any other MBA degree but at an accelerated rate
  • Due to less time involved, it is more affordable and is thereby cost-saving.
  • The opportunities to available to the graduates of the 1-year program are similar to those as two-year students and therefore there is no considerable difference professionally
  • The opportunity cost of a 1-year program is considerably less making it a viable option.

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Difference Between 1 year and 2 year MBA Programs

Between the 1 year MBA in USA and the conventional two-year programs, there are certain points of difference. For a prospective student, being aware of these differences make it easier to choose and make the right decision. The differences between the two programs are listed below for perusal.

  • For a student, the work experience required for the accelerated MBA program is generally more than the two-year program. For those with greater work experience, the one-year program is an ideal pick.
  • Accelerated MBA programs don’t offer the space or time to students to explore various fields and have a more rigid course without offering the scope to experiment with new fields.
  • It is the perfect choice for all those set in their aspirations while a 2-year MBA program is more flexible and can be used to hone multiple skills.
  • With an increase in popularity, students with the 1-year program can avail the benefits of it because of the greater employment opportunities in the USA for the course.

MBA Interview Questions and Common Mistakes

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Eligibility Criteria

For a future applicant, it is imperative to be aware of the prerequisites that have to be met to be offered a position in the top 1year MBA in USA. These criteria judge the pre-existing knowledge of the candidates, their ability to undergo a rigorous program to acquire skills and their acumen in the field they wish to specialize in. Listed below are the eligibility criteria one has to meet to study the 1 year MBA program in USA.

  • Students to have advanced knowledge about the world of business because of having undertaken an undergraduate program in the field of business or related area.
  • Students are required to undertake the standardized GMAT test and submit their score to be eligible for the program
  • For this program, it is of utmost importance to have a long work experience ranging from 4-10 years.
  • Additionally, the profile of the applicant is also evaluated which includes their practical experience, SOP, LOR and other achievements that can prove their caliber.
  • For international students aspiring to pursue this course, it is mandatory to appear for an English proficiency test like IELTS, TOEFL etc. to demonstrate their ability to communicate using the English language.

Top Universities Offering 1 year MBA in USA

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A large number of the esteemed universities offer the 1 year MBA in USA and making the right pick can be the first step towards establishing a successful career. Tabulated below are the major universities in USA and the programs they offer for 1 year MBA. 

University Course
Goizueta Business School, Atlanta One-Year MBA
Bryant University, Smithfield Master of Business Administration; One-Year Program
University of Vermont, Burlington Sustainable Innovation MBA
Babson College, Wellesley Babson Full-time MBA
University of Findlay, Findlay Master of Business Administration(MBA)
Trine University, Angola Master of Business Administration(MBA)
University of the People, Pasadena One Year MBA program in Management
Clarkson University Graduate School, Potsdam One -year(Residential) MBA

1 Year Executive MBA In USA

Here are the top universities that offer 1-year executive MBA courses in the USA: 

1 Year MBA Programs In USA without GMAT

Here are the top one year MBA programs in the USA that do not require GMAT scores:

  • Executive MBA at Sawyer Business School
  • One year MBA at Hult International Business School
  • MBA in Financial Management at Lubin School of Business at Pace University
  • MBA at Alfred Lerner College of Business 
  • Professional MBA at College of Business at Florida International University
  • Executive MBA at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University
  • Executive MBA at Marshall School of Business at University of Southern California

We hope this blog has painted a vivid picture of the top 1-year MBA in USA. Are you planning to pursue this degree at one of the top universities in the USA but are unsure about how to proceed? Experts at Leverage Edu will make your dream come true! They will review your applications and increase your probability of getting selected. Register today for your 30 mins session and get ready to transform your revolutionary ideas into a reality!

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