Cost of Living in Washington

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Find out the Cost of Studying and Living in Washington

An evergreen state who is the leading producer of apples and a state full of opportunities known as Washington is stunningly beautiful. It is the most beautiful location in the Northwest of the United States. Home to snow-capped mountains and even five active volcanoes, Washington is full of opportunities. If you are planning to pursue studies at this one of the most famous study destinations then this would be a great decision. There are many prominent institutions located in Washington. If you want to know more about the Cost of living in Washington, tuition fees, rent, conveyance, utilities and much more then Keep Reading!

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Average Cost Of Living For Students In Washington 

If you are a student in the state of Washington then one of the greatest factors you need to analyze is the average cost of living. The cost of living in Washington depends upon you and how much you spend daily. The average cost of living for students is $1,132 (INR 86,145) without rent, however, there are a plethora of various financial aids provided by the government of the United States and the universities in form of fellowships and scholarships.

Let’s Elaborate More About These Expenses Below

It is one of the most expensive destinations in the United States. Thus, before living in this state you require to encounter the major cost of ex-pats. There are expenses including the cost of food, health insurance, other utilities, rent, and much more to help you in analyzing these expenses in detail here is an overview.


According to the universities and prominent colleges in Washington, the average advised Local Tuition fees are $11,745 (INR 8,93,794) and Domestic Tuition fees are $39,114 (INR 29,76,575). While the city is home to prestigious institutions such as the University of Washington with higher tuition fees, these numbers reveal that tuition fees are quite affordable in some of the universities and colleges.


Being the second most expensive state in the United States, the accommodation in this state is eventually higher. According to the estimations, a two-room bedroom apartment costs $2,776 (INR 2,11,253) per month. However, if you are a student then on-campus and off-campus housing costs $7,150 (INR 5,44,115) for a public institution.


The cost of food in the state of Washington entirely depends upon the type of food you prefer as the meal prices in Washington may vary. However, the average cost of food in Washington is approximately $30 (INR 2,283) per day for a single person.  


Another greatest reason for the popularity of Washington is the availability of different modes of transport. You can pursue public and private transport for the purpose of travelling. The average cost of transportation for public transportation is $138 (INR 10,501).


If you are planning to buy an apartment then you are also required to consider electricity, heating, water, and garbage which would roughly cost you between $80-300 (INR 6,088 – 22,830). One of the most important and advisable is health insurance. Most universities and colleges provide health insurance. The average annual cost of health insurance for students is $2,286 (INR 1,73,964).

Student Visa And Application Cost

If you want to apply and pursue studies in Washington then this section is for you. After receiving your acceptance letters you are required to apply for a Student Visa. After completion of the above step then you have to get yourself registered with the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System and pay the cost which is approximately $400 (INR 30,440), once you are accepted by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program. After the completion of all the steps quoted so far then you are required to apply for the Student Visa and pay $160 (INR 12,176).

How To Make The Most Of Your Time In Washington!

There are many things you can do while pursuing studies at the universities in Washington. The state of Washington is a dream if you are a nature lover as the natural scenery in this state is some of the most breathtaking. Some of the main attractions are the Olympic National Park, Mountain Rainer National Park, the Space Needle, Seatle Center, Pike Place Market, and many more. If you want to explore more about Nature then Washington is the right choice you have made.

Calculate The Cost Of Living In Washington With Leverage Edu

While pursuing studies at the universities in Washington you must consider the cost of study as well as the living expenditures to follow your decision. You can readily verify the tuition fee for the program to enrol and manage your funds but determining the additional costs is quite difficult. As a solution to this problem, we have created a one-of-a-kind Cost of Living Calculator that will evaluate your cost of living in the state of Washington as well as in other Nations. There are some other important factors also that our calculator takes into account while calculating like living expenditures, transportation, lodging, and some other basic requirements. 

We hope that this blog helped you with all requisites regarding your study destination. If the cost of living in Washington still confuses you, feel free to call our Leverage Edu experts. We are here to help you select the best scholarship and funding options available to finance your dream of pursuing a master’s or PhD abroad! Call us at 1800 57 2000 to book your FREE 30-minutes counselling session today.

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