Top MBA Colleges in USA

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MBA Colleges in USA

The first MBA program in the 20th century was started at the US’s oldest and best business school, Harvard Business School. Since then, the USA has remained the number one choice for pursuing MBA. It is also home to some of the best MBA colleges such as Stanford Business School, Wharton School, MIT Sloan and Columbia Business School. The acceptance rate for these business schools is extremely low with thousands of applicants applying every year. If you are planning to study in the land of opportunity and dreams then keep reading because we will cover all the top MBA colleges in the USA and how you can apply!

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Best Universities and QS Rankings for an MBA in the USA

Here is the QS ranking  2021 for MBA colleges in the USA:

Rank University Overall Score
1 Stanford Graduate school of Business 94.5
2 Wharton school 92.6
3 MIT Sloan 92.5
4 Harvard Business School 92.1
5 Columbia Business School 90.6
6 Haas Business School. UC Berkeley 89.5
7 Chicago Booth 89
8 Northwestern Kellogg 87.9
9 UCLA Anderson 87.8
10 Yale School of Management 86

Let us know about some of the best colleges for MBA in the US. 

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford Graduate School of Business is one of the most competitive MBA colleges in USA. The school accepts merely 6% applicants every year for its MBA programmes out of thousands of applicants. Known for producing leaders of tomorrow, the school sees top-tier students from around the world aspiring to make a difference. At Stanford GSB, the student culture will push you in ways you could never do on your own. Stanford’s culture of collaboration creates an environment unlike any other in which students learn, lead, and grow with each other. Some of the most successful personalities like Mukesh Ambani and John F. Kennedy are associated with this school.   

Average Class profile for this course
Work Experience 4.6 years
Bachelors GPA / Percentage 3.7
GMAT Score Average 734
Percentage of International Students 43%
IELTS  7.0

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Wharton Business School

Affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Business School is one of the toughest business schools in the world. Known throughout the world for their quality education and intensive MBA programmes. At Wharton Business School, students learn how to handle stressful situations, business and leadership skills that can enhance their careers. The business school has the largest alumni network with personalities like Elon Musk, Sundar Pichai and Warren Buffet! They consistently ranked as one of the top MBAs for Full Time Job Offers and 20-year earnings. As a Wharton MBA, you immediately add 100,000 Alumni to your personal network, a network that is constantly networking, mentoring, and learning.

Average Class profile for this course
Work Experience 5 years
Bachelors GPA / Percentage 3.6
GMAT Score Average 730
Percentage of International Students 33
IELTS  7.0

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MIT Sloan School of Management

MIT Sloan School of Management is another excellent MBA school in the world and ranked amongst the top MBA Colleges in USA. The school focuses on invention, business and technology. The MIT Sloan school offers regular MBA, executive MBA for leaders of tomorrow. It has courses like Master of Business Analytics and Finance to prepare candidates for the changing industries. At MIT Sloan. The students are committed to skills and qualities that can improve today and help in tomorrow’s advancement. The business school has produced excellent global leaders like Kofi Annan and Keiji Tachikawa.

Average Class profile for this course
Work Experience 5 years
Bachelors GPA / Percentage 3.6
GMAT Score Average 727
Percentage of International Students 41%
IELTS  7.0

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Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School is easily the most impressive and amongst the top MBA colleges in USA. With a vast alumni network, lowest acceptance rate and quality MBA programmes, executive programmes as well as doctoral degrees in management, studying at this business school is a feat in itself. The university provides its students with a global environment, incredible facilities and far-reaching networking opportunities in every field. Ratan Tata, Sheryl Sandberg and George W. Bush are a part of the alumni network of this school. 

Average Class profile for this course
Work Experience 55 Months
Bachelors GPA / Percentage 3.71
Student Age 27
Percentage of International Students 35
Average GMAT score 730
IELTS  7.0

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Columbia Business School

YouTube: Columbia Business School

Ranked amongst the top MBA colleges in USA, the Columbia Business School is another excellent management school located in the city of dreams, New York! The school attracts some of the brightest minds from across the globe and remains one of the hardest schools. Columbia Business School is a pioneer in education in the country and has a global community of diverse thinkers and leaders with innovative solutions. Its alumni members are Vikram Pandit, Henry Kravis and James P. Gorman.

Average Class profile for this course
Work Experience 5 years
Bachelors GPA / Percentage 3.6
GMAT Score Average 726
Student Age 28
Percentage of International Students 44%
IELTS  7.0

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Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

The Haas School of Business is amongst the top MBA colleges in USA. It is affiliated with the University of Berkeley in California. It is the second oldest business school with 24% of acceptance rate. It’s known for imparting quality education and helps in building business fundamentals that informs confident leadership decisions. The business school has full-time, executive and weekend MBAs to graduates and working professionals. 

Average Class profile for this course
Work Experience 5 years
Bachelors GPA / Percentage 3.64
GMAT Score Average 717
Student Age 28 years
Percentage of International Students 38%
IELTS  7.0

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The USA is home to some of the best MBA programmes and specializations. The top MBA colleges in USA are popular because of their high ROI, incredible placement opportunities and innovation centres that have supported some of the best start-ups in the world today. These colleges are also extremely hard to get through and require a stellar application form. Need help with your application to study MBA in the US? Feel free to contact our experts at Leverage Edu or drop a comment below if you have any queries or doubts. 

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