The Elite M7 Business Schools

m7 business schools
m7 business schools

M7 Business Schools, also known as Magnificent 7 or Magic 7 is a set of seven elite groups of business schools to study in USA. It’s an informal super-elite group of top business schools in the USA generally known for their MBA program and their influential alumni forming the M7 Business Schools.

M7 Schools List

Here is the list of the top Schools in the world. 

  • Stanford School of Business
  • Wharton School of Business
  • Harvard Business School
  • Columbia University of Business
  • Booth School of Business
  • MIT Sloan School of Business
  • Northwestern Kellogg School of Business

M7 Business Schools

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Credits: Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • In the heart of Silicon Valley lies one of the top M7 Business Schools which gave the world organizations such as Nike, Netflix, Paypal, YouTube, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Cisco, Sun Pharma, the list is really long.
  • In fact, one in every 20 Google employees is a graduate of this school.

Booth School of Business

Credits: The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
  • One of the oldest b-schools in the world, Booth School of Business was the first American school to offer Executive MBAs and PhD after MBA options in business and management.
  • Founded in 1898, Booth School of Business was amongst the first major business schools to start with an experiential leadership development program and one of the most influential M7 Business Schools.

Harvard Business School

Source: Harvard Business School
  • Since 1908, as one of the top M7 Business Schools, Harvard Business School (HBS), has led to the transformation of thousands of common men. Also, Harvard is responsible for transforming them into the world’s most promising influencers and leaders.
  • As per a study by US News, about 20% of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are Harvard alumni. P. Chidambaram, George W. Bush, Rahul Bajaj, Naina Lal Kidwai are some other well-known Harvard alumni.

Columbia Business School

Source: Columbia Business School
  • Columbia Business School celebrated its centennial in 2015 and is considered as one of the biggest b-schools in the world.
  • About one-third of the students are women and more than a fifth are members of minority groups, as a result of making the School one of the most diverse of the nation’s top business schools. 

Wharton School of Business

Credits: Wharton School
  • Wharton is one of the oldest M7 Business Schools and with Harvard, it is the first American b-school, a smithy of powerful men of the whole planet and the alma mater of billionaires.
  • With just a 12% acceptance rate and students across the globe applying for it, only the best of the best can make their way to Wharton.

MIT Sloan of Management

Credits: MIT Sloan School of Management Admissions
  • MIT Sloan’, the B-School of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Cambridge, USA is a name that resonates Grandeur and Excellence.
  • With over 100 years of existence, MIT Sloan has been a dream for students from all over the globe. If you are a graduate of MIT Sloan School of Management, you will be climbing a ladder of transformation. Each step on the ladder will consequently make a better leader of you.

Kellogg School of Management

Credits: Kellogg School of Management
  • Recognized as one of the most prominent business schools, Kellogg is also ranked number 1 by The Economist & 3rd by Forbes in the Top US Business Schools List.
  • Kellogg is also known for bringing forth business leaders like Charlie Baker (Governor of Massachusetts), Roshni Nadar (Executive Director and CEO, HCL Corporation), Joseph E. Hasten (President & CEO, ShoreBank), etc.

M7 Schools Rankings

M7 Schools usually rank among the top 15 schools in the world. But let’s see which School has ranked above the other in these individual rankings:

UniversitiesQS Ranking 2021US News Ranking 2021Bloomberg MBA Ranking 2020Forbes MBA Ranking 
Stanford#1#1 (Tie)#1#2
Wharton#2#1 (Tie)#6#5
Columbia#8#8#9#7 (Tie)
MIT Sloan#3#5#7#7 (Tie)
Chicago Booth#15#4#4#1

What is the value of M7 Schools?

M7 stands for ‘Magnificent Seven’ or ‘Magic Seven’ Schools in the world. While you may be wondering by the looks of ranking that many universities rank better than the other in some or the other way. There are, indeed, many universities in the world that are currently performing as greatly as these M7 schools, some even better. Then, why such an exclusive list of schools?

M7 schools, unlike rankings, do not change every year. They have stayed constant for decades and will be for many to come. M7 Schools are an informal group of top business schools which was brought together by the deans of these schools several years ago.

These 7 schools are the confirmation of success and a good life. The fact that these schools support each other to grow makes them an even better choice.

M7 Schools Class Profile

Here are the Class Profiles of all the M7 Schools.

UniversitiesClass Size(Batch of 20-22)Acceptance RateApplications
Harvard732 12%9,304
MIT Sloan48411.5%5,560
Chicago Booth62125%4,909
UniversitiesInternational Students WomenMinority
MIT Sloan33%38%39%
Chicago Booth30%38%42%

M7 School Student Qualifications

Here are the average qualification of students from different M7 Schools:

UniversitiesAverage GMATAverage GPAAverage Work Experience (in years)
MIT Sloan7203.545
Chicago Booth7243.65

M7 Schools Ranking in Different Disciplines

Here are the Rankings of all M7 Schools in different disciplines of MBA:

UniversitiesBusiness and Management StudiesFinanceInformation SystemsMarketingEntrepreneurship
MIT Sloan#4#2#1#2
Chicago Booth#22#9#47#6#21

Cost of Education in M7 Schools

The cost of attending the top MBA schools in the world varies according to your living standards and requirements. Every school has an average cost of living. Here are the costs of education in these M7 schools in the first year.

UniversitiesTuition FeesLiving AllowancesHealth InsuranceSuppliesRoom and Utilities
Stanford$74,706 (INR 54,07,750)$16,430 ( INR 11,90,000)$5,928 (INR 4,29,110)$1,671 (INR 1,20,960)$13,360 (INR 9,67,090)
Harvard$73,440 (INR 5316100)$16,570(INR 1199450)$3,922(INR 283900)$2,550(INR 184590)$14,130(INR 1022830)
Wharton$80,432(INR 5822200)$10,213(INR 739290)$3,733(INR 270220)$6,480(INR 469070)$21,050(INR 1523750)
Columbia$77,376(INR 5601000)$6,246(INR 452130)$4,896(INR 354400)$320
(INR 23170)
$24,822(INR 1796790)
MIT Sloan$77,168(INR 5585960)$9,547( INR 691080)$3,950(INR 285930)$2,550(INR 184590)$20,700(INR1498410)
Kellogg$74,871(INR 5419690)$4,150 (INR 300400)$4,170(INR 301860)$1,647(INR 119220)$17,100(INR 1237820)
Chicago Booth$73,440 (INR 5316100)$2,286 (INR 165480)$4,566(INR 330520)$684 (INR 49520)$22,185(INR 1605900)

Job Prospects after M7 Schools

Choosing schools as per their possible job prospects is important. You should know what future you entail with the school you are applying in. But with M7 Schools, success is a guarantee. Now, let’s see which one is better:

UniversitiesEmployability RankingsMedian Salary 
MIT Sloan#1$150,000
Chicago Booth#14$150,000

Industry Destinations for Graduate Students of M7 Schools

Here are the top industries that students select after choosing to study M7 schools. 

SchoolConsultingConsumer ProductsMediaFinanceHealth
MIT Sloan31.2%3.1%1%18.5%5.6%
Chicago Booth33.7%4.3%1%31.3%1%
MIT Sloan1.7%1%2.4%1.5%24.5%
Chicago Booth0.6%1%1.4%20.7%

Alumni Network in M7 Schools

MIT Sloan24,00095149
Chicago Booth51,00090108

Leverage Edu experts have an extremely successful track record of placing students in the M7 business schools that regularly attract the best faculty, students, and recruiters. So, its time for you to take the major leap in your career and reach one of your dream M7 business schools.


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