PhD in Civil Engineering

PhD in Civil Engineering

Amongst the sought-after engineering branches, Civil engineering corresponds to the study of design, development as well as maintenance of physical and natural infrastructure. It encompasses everything from the development and construction of countrywide railway networks or dams for big power projects. It can also be a work to construct highways or projects of small scale. For those planning to pursue higher studies in this field and aim to explore a career in research, then a doctoral degree in civil engineering is the best one to opt for. Through this blog, we have collated a comprehensive guide on PhD in Civil Engineering, its course details, top universities, career scope and much more. 

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Full-Form Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering
Average Course Fee INR 19,000 to INR 73,000
Duration 4-5 years
Average Salary INR 2,00,000 to INR 9,00,000
Best Institute in India Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM)

Course Overview

Commonly offered as a three to five-year doctoral degree program, a PhD in Civil Engineering is a research-oriented course which explores the advanced level concepts of Civil Engineering and encourages scholars to actively take part in research projects. Further, students are needed to opt for a specialization in Civil Engineering which they will be exploring in detail through research projects. Some of the popular types of Civil Engineering specialisations offered under the doctorate course include Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Water Resource Engineering, Environmental Engineering, etc.

PhD Courses in Civil Engineering

There are numerous course variants available for PhD in Civil Engineering as there are several specialisations under this domain which you can choose from. Here are some of the major PhD programs in Civil Engineering offered around the world:

Doctor of Philosophy in Geotechnical Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy in Ground Engineering and Engineering Geosciences Doctor of Philosophy in Geotechnical and Engineering Geology
Doctor of Philosophy in Structural Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy in Geosensing Systems Engineering and Sciences Building Designs, Buildings and Constructions – the Theory of Buildings and Structures.
Doctor of Philosophy in Civil and Environmental Engineering Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering – Computing and Systems Doctor of Philosophy in Urban Planning
Doctor of Philosophy in Biomechanical Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy in Built Environment Doctor of Philosophy in City and Regional Planning
Doctor of Philosophy in Civil and Environmental Engineering – Construction Engineering and Management Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering and Surveying Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, PhD
Doctor of Philosophy in Intelligent Infrastructure

Doctor of Philosophy in Territorial Engineering Numerical study of complex fluid-structure interaction, PhD

Subjects Covered

While the actual course offerings might vary as per your chosen specialisation for a PhD in Civil Engineering, here are some of the commonly covered subjects you will come across while studying this course:

Mechanics Steel Structures Hydrology and Irrigation
Structural Analysis Concrete Structures Fundamentals of Ecology, Wastewater Techniques, Ecosystem and Environment
Soil Mechanics Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Presenting and Defending Research Thesis

PhD in Civil Engineering: Specilisations

Students to wish to pursue their PhD in civil engineering can choose from various specifications offered abroad and in India.

  • Construction Management
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Water Resources Engineering

Numerous universities across the globe offer PhD degrees in Civil Engineering with a host of specialisations on offer. Below we have enlisted the top universities providing sought-after doctorate degrees in Civil Engineering with best research opportunities on offer:

Colleges in India

There are many colleges in India that offer specializations for PhD in civil engineering. Here are a few of the top colleges in India.

  • Amity University, Lucknow
  • Chandigarh University (CU)
  • IIT Kanpur – Indian Institute of Technology
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad
  • National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal
  • LPU – Lovely Professional University

Eligibility Criteria for PhD in Civil Engineering

In order to apply for a PhD in Civil Engineering, there are certain prerequisites you need to keep in mind to be eligible for this course. The actual course requirements are bound to differ as per the program and university so below is a rundown of the common eligibility criteria you must know about:

  • While applying for a PhD degree in Civil Engineering at a particular university, the student needs to provide details pertaining to their research project as well as the professor or scholar you wish to work with.
  • The candidate must have completed a master’s degree in Civil Engineering or any of its specialisations with the minimum marks specified by their chosen university.
  • In India, many universities require students to appear for entrance exams like GATE, UGC NET, AISECT, UEE, etc. to apply for PhD courses in Engineering.
  • If you are planning to study this doctoral program, you need to provide GRE scores along with language proficiency scores of IELTS/TOEFL/PTE, etc.


Here are a few scholarships for students who wish to pursue their PhD in Civil Engineering.

  • NCERT Doctoral Fellowship
  • Prime Minister Fellowship for Doctoral Research
  • Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral Research Fellowships
  • PMRF- Prime Ministers Research Fellowship

Career Prospects

While many students aim to pursue research opportunities after completing their PhD, there are various other higher-level professional prospects you can explore. Here are some of the popular job opportunities you must consider after successful completion of your PhD in Civil Engineering:

  • Environmental Engineer
  • Civil Engineering
  • Architectural Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Waterworks Engineer
  • Transportation Engineer
  • Research Analyst in Construction Firms


PhD in civil engineering is a career-oriented course and opens many job opportunities for those who are inclined to research and related fields. The average salary of a civil engineer with a Ph.D. is INR 2 to 9 lakh and can increase if the person is more skilled and experienced than other prospective employees.

Thus, we hope that this blog helped you explore the key course details of a PhD in Civil Engineering. Are you aiming to pursue your PhD in Engineering abroad? Our Leverage Edu experts are here to assist you in selecting the best course and university as per your interests and aspirations! Sign up for a free career counselling session today!

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