Study Computer Science at Harvard University

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Study Computer Science at Harvard University

Computer Science is a very lucrative field involving building algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Although India has some of the best emerging colleges for Computer Science courses, still, some of the Indian aspirants dream of pursuing Computer Science courses abroad from the top universities at the top study abroad destinations. Well, Harvard University needs no introduction as the university is known to drive dramatic pauses wherever the name travels. Let’s dive deep and know more about trending and popular Computer Science programs at Harvard University. 

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Computer Science at Harvard University

Computer Science at Harvard University is taught by the Harvard School of Engineering. The courses are popular for teaching both the fundamentals of computation and the global interaction with computation.

A Computer Science course at Harvard University helps in learning new programming languages, developing new algorithms and creating systems for all fields of profession- law, art, science or engineering.

Did you know: Out of 30 ‘Forbes 30 under 30’ 2021 awardees were an alumni of computer science at Harvard University.

Harvard University Computer Science Undergraduate Programs

Harvard University offers various undergraduate programs for Computer Science and the details on all of them are given below:

BA in Computer Science (Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science)

An undergraduate course, BA in Computer Science at Harvard University teaches you deeper mathematics, statistics, theoretical Computer Science and computer software. It is a 4-year bachelors program with fourteen 4-credit courses. Some of the concentrations you will learn within this course are Artificial Intelligence, Computer Systems and Networks, Database Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, etc.

BA-MS in Computer Science (Concurrent Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science)

If you have taken the AP tests (Advanced Placement) and have advanced standing in the same, you can opt for a concurrent Bachelors and Masters program in Computer Science. Each student has to take up 5 courses per semester to complete their minimum masters and bachelors requirements. A minimum GPA of 3.6 is expected for applying to this concurrent BA-MS 4-year Computer Science program. 

Harvard University Computer Science Graduate Programs

Harvard University offers various postgraduate Computer Science programs and here’s a list of choices for you:

MEng in Computational Science and Engineering

A 2-year Masters in Engineering at Harvard University for Computer Science, this degree provides you rigorous training in building the science that goes under making computers and components of computers. This course does have a co-op option to work in the relevant industry for alternate terms. 

MSc in Computational Science and Engineering 

If you want to do a Masters in Computer Science at Harvard University, you can either go for a Masters In Engineering (MEng) or a Master of Science (MSc). While MSc teaches you a balanced intense theory plus experimentation work, the MEng course is structured for students to go under technical training. 

MSc in Applied Computation

MSc in Applied Computation is a program that involves principles of both data science and computer science to solve IT-related problems. It is a 2 years masters course. 

PhD in Computer Science 

The Computer Science PhD program at Harvard University is a 3+ years long program. You have an option of either studying in the thesis mode or project mode. 

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Harvard University Computer Science Online Courses 

If you feel that you don’t have enough academics or monetary resources for an on-campus degree or diploma in Computer Science at Harvard University, you can pursue one of their free Computer Science online courses. Details about the various Harvard University Computer Science online courses are given in the table below:-

Name of the Course Duration 
CS50 for Lawyers 10 weeks
CS50’s Introduction to AI with Python7 weeks 
Fundamentals of TinyML5 weeks 
Applications of TinyML5 weeks 
Deploying TinyML5 weeks
CS50’s Understanding Technology 6 weeks
CS50’s Introduction to Programming with Scratch 3 weeks 
CS50’s Computer Science for Professionals 6 weeks 
Using Python For Research5 weeks

Note: All of these online courses for Computer Science programs are free of cost and taught on the EdX platform. These are self-paced courses which means you can choose to learn at whatever time is suitable for you. To earn a verified certificate in Computer Science, you have to pay $200 or Rs. 14,838. 

Harvard University Acceptance Rate 

Harvard University released its admission statistics which says that the most recent Harvard acceptance rate according to the applicants for the class of 2025 is 4.01% which is extremely competitive. 15.5% of the students at Harvard are international and 8.1% of the students choose Computer Science as their field of concentration. Since the interest in Computer Science courses is immense, the screening process is also very rigid. The Computer Science acceptance rate at Harvard University is approximately 7%

Harvard University Computer Science Entry Requirements

If you are an Indian student wanting to study Computer Science programs at Harvard University, you are required to fulfil the following requirements.

For the undergraduate Computer Science programs:

For the graduate Computer Science programs:

  • All academic transcripts in the English language
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent field with a minimum GPA of 3.0-4.0
  • Grade 11th and 12th subjects should have Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics
  • GRE minimum score of 292 
  • IELTS– 7 for proof of English proficiency
  • Statement of Purpose 
  • Minimum 3 letters of recommendation
  • Updated resume  

Here’s a List of Important Documents Required to Study Abroad

Note: Although these basic requirements are mandatory to fulfil, you cannot get into Harvard solely on academic requirements. Your individualism and potential in the Computer Science field is a major deciding factor.

How to Apply? 

We know how difficult it can be to get into Harvard, especially in a competitive field like Computer Science. To ease out your application stress, we’ve curated a step-by-step guide for you to follow to apply for Harvard University Computer Science programs: 

  • Go to the Common Application or Coalition Application and register your profile. 
  • Choose to apply to Computer Science courses at Harvard University.
  • You should take all your competitive and English tests before you complete your application. 
  • Make sure to add the details carefully to avoid any mistakes in the application. 
  • Attach all the important documents required for admission in the USA
  • Submit your application and wait to hear from the admission committee for 4 to 6 weeks. 
  • You may be asked for an interview if your application is incomplete. 
  • If accepted, you have to formally confirm your acceptance within a limited time. 
  • You can start looking for accommodations, scholarships and USA student visa applications

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Harvard University Computer Science Fees

The tuition fee for the Harvard University Computer Science courses are given below:

Course Name Cost of Studying in INR
BA in Computer Science (4 years)38.3 lakhs per year 
MSc in Computational Science and Engineering (2 years)41.1 lakhs per year 
MEng in Computational Science and Engineering (2 years)43.6 lakhs per year
PhD in Computer Science (3+ years)19.1 lakhs per year
MSc in Applied Computation (2 years)19.1 lakhs per year

Please note that these costs are just estimated on the popular choices of living while studying at Harvard University. If you want a more personalised cost, use the Cost of Living Calculator.

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Career Scope and Salary

A Computer Science degree can open up opportunities for you in the real world that you never knew existed. Gaming or defense, Computer Science is needed in every field of profession. You can venture into the following fields with a Harvard University Computer Science degree:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Architecture
  • Software Engineering 
  • Computer Design and Engineering
  • Theoretical Computer Science 
  • Information Technology 
  • Operation Systems and Network
  • Software Applications 

The Computer Science graduates from Harvard University either choose to work as programmers in the industry or further pursue doctoral programs. A Harvard graduate can earn up to INR 51.93 lakhs per year which is one of the highest starting salaries for graduates around the world. 


How long is a BA in Computer Science at Harvard?

A BA in Computer Science at Harvard is 4-year long undergraduate program.

What can I do after a computer science degree from Harvard?

With a computer science degree from Harvard, you can venture into the following fields:
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Architecture
Software Engineering
Computer Design and Engineering
Theoretical Computer Science

What is the cost of studying computer science at Harvard?

The average cost of studying computer science at Harvard is INR 19-40 Lakh per annum.

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