Career Scope of Digital Marketing Program At Medill

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Career Scope of Digital Marketing Program At Medill- Leverage Edu
Career Scope of Digital Marketing Program At Medill- Leverage Edu

“The future belongs to those who understand the art and science of marketing communications”

Social media platforms and users are growing rapidly. Therefore, having an understanding of social media will be very helpful in its next stage of evolution.

As and when you log in to Facebook, you have an ad within the top 10 posts on your newsfeed. Ever wondered how customized advertisements infiltrate our newsfeed and constantly pop-up and adapt to our search and buying patterns? Moreover, the course gives you a deeper understanding of how and why this happens on our social channels. Also, it prepares you for practical skills within social media that are extremely useful within the industry.

Medill, a leader in education since 1921, offers programs in journalism and integrated marketing communications that combine enduring skills and values with new techniques and knowledge that are essential to thrive in today’s digital world.

Thus, to understand the scope of career in digital marketing at Medill, we need to talk about IMC. Integrated Marketing Communications program is customized to launch your career in the marketing communications field with an intense five-quarter program, that prepares you to understand and engage consumers, solve marketing challenges and build strong brands in the digital age. Also, IMC is a strategic approach to marketing communications that focusses on the customer and driven by quantitative and qualitative data. The IMC Full-Time degree combines classroom learning with real-world marketing communication experiences. Furthermore, the program is designed to help launch your career in marketing communications by laying a solid foundation for you in the principles of IMC, applied training and connecting you with industry professionals.

Learn the IMC way of thinking:
  • Consumer Insight
  • Marketing Management
  • Statistics and Marketing Research
  • Financial Accounting
  • IMC Strategic Process
Career Paths:

Below are sample job titles that recent IMC Full-Time graduates have landed within one year of graduating. Thus, the scope of digital marketing at IMC covers:-

  • Agency
  • Corporations
  • Nonprofits/Higher Education/Government
  • Research Companies
  • Consulting

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