Popular Destinations to Study MBBS from Abroad


Pursuing any degree including an MBBS from abroad makes sense because of so many reasons. But if we talk specifically about an MBBS, the major advantage of studying from abroad is the fact that most of the international MBBS degrees are recognized by the Medical Council of India and you will have the option of practicing medicine not only in the country that you study in but also India. Here are some of the many perks of pursuing an MBBS from abroad.

Why Pursue MBBS from Abroad?

  • Low Cost

A normal MBBS degree from a not-so-renowned college in India costs anywhere from five lakhs to fifty lakhs while for most of the universities abroad the total cost of studying and living equals to a fraction of this amount. Not only is there a huge gap in the tuition fee but there also exists a huge gap in the internship stipend. On average a student abroad is able to make a serious dent in the tuition fee through the internship stipend that one earns but in India, the stipend ranges in the low ten to twenty thousand for most.

  • Dynamic Culture

Studying MBBS from abroad creates a plethora of opportunities in not only your work life but also your personal life. Living and studying in any foreign country introduces one to many people, varied cultures, and different practices. This enriching experience is one of a kind and it helps a person to integrate and grow his creativity and imagination.

  • Internationally Recognised

With the medical industry being global and well connected, an MBBS from abroad is not restricted in the native country only. Due to the efforts of the Medical Council of India and the World health organization, the MBBS degrees from top medical colleges of most countries are now recognized by the MCI and WHO and hence any qualified professional with an affiliated degree can practice medicine in almost any country in the world.

  • Global Network

Completing an MBBS from abroad opens a lot of doors for networking and professional growth. You’ll have an opportunity to work and network with experienced working professionals from all around the globe and learn from the best in the world.

  • Increased Demand and High Salary

Medical professionals are among the most respected and highly paid professional in the world and the demand for such professionals is increasing on a global level. The fact that an international medical degree is recognized all around the globe, you will be able to tap the most exciting opportunities in any continent once you pursue MBBS from abroad.

St. George's University

With an increasing demand for medical professionals and increasing awareness of the facilities available around the globe for medical education, more and more students are opting for MBBS from abroad. These are some of the most popular destinations that students opt for and also some of the most famous school in each destination.

  • United Kingdom

The UK is home to some of the most recognized and respected universities to pursue MBBS from abroad and doing an MBBS in the UK is all about taking advantage of this tremendous reputation. Studying in the UK provides you access to a platform that has trained the best in almost every industry. Home to the culture of research, knowledge and technology innovation, pursuing an MBBS from the UK gives you the very best medical education. The University of Oxford is considered the best for pursuing a medical degree followed by the University of Cambridge. The culture of the country and its citizens are welcoming and accommodating.

  • China

China is a preferred choice for Indian medical students pursuing an MBBS from abroad not only because of the limited distance between India and China but also because of many other advantages. China has an easy admission process with easy criteria and an affordable medical education that makes China a flag-bearer of high-quality medical education. The world-recognized Chinese medical institutions provide education in English and hence a knowledge of the native language is not necessary. It provides a student with creative teaching methodology and practical learning. Popular colleges to pursue MBBS in China include Nanjing Medical University, or more commonly known as NMU. This university includes 23 schools, 23 affiliated medical facilities and over 50 hospitals for teaching and practice in various cities of China.

  • Canada

Famed for being the favorite destination for Indians to pursue MBBS from abroad, doing an MBBS in Canada feels close to home. MBBS in Canada provides you with increased quality of education and standard of living. Canada provides you the opportunity to pursue medical education at well-reputed colleges with highly qualified faculty and modern equipment. There exist ease of living in Canada due to a dynamic multicultural diversity and no language constraint. With a pro-immigration stand taken by the country, you will not face any problem in getting a work visa after completing an MBBS degree in Canada. The most popular and highly ranked university for pursuing the medical dream in Canada is the University of Toronto situated in Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1827 as King’s College, it is the birthplace of insulin and stems research that has revolutionalized the medical industry.

  • West Indies

West Indies is an up and coming choice for pursuing MBBS from abroad and comes with many perks. A low-cost destination with modern infrastructure, dynamic and welcoming community and a practical program are winning due to its merits. Being in a close distance to the United States of America is an added bonus that is well exploited by international students. One of the most popular choice for pursuing an MBBS in the West Indies is the St. George’s University situated on the beautiful island of Grenada. The students attending this university enjoy the vibrant multicultural environment on the True Blue Campus. The University has over 12,000 graduates which include different professionals like veterinarians, physicians, public health professionals, and researchers. This University provides advanced and premedical degrees in its School of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. Established as an independent school of Medicine in the year 1976, St. George’s has evolved as one of the top destinations for international education with students from across 140 countries. St. George’s University has become the third largest source of doctors for the whole US medical workforce and has over 140 St George’s University doctors that are registered in the United Kingdom.

St. George's University

  • Russia

Russia is an affordable place for higher education with modern infrastructure and experienced faculty and that is why it is a preferred location for Indian students to pursue MBBS from abroad. Medical Universities in Russia do not have any entrance test and hence getting into these universities is a comparatively a hassle-free process. The universities in Russia have a popular culture of dual diplomas which provides you with an added option of exploring different areas of medicine. One of the most popular universities to study MBBS in Russia is the Kazan State Medical University. Kazan State Medical University was established in 1814 is the number one choice of international students as it provides flexibility in its course curriculum, conferences, and fee structure. The student batch size of the university is of 10-18, ensuring a focused and personalized experience for all students.

  • Philippines

Being a US colony for 50 years, the education system of the Philippines is very similar to that of the states. The colleges situated in the Philippines poses magnificent infrastructure, world-class teaching techniques, experienced faculty, and affordable fees. The Philippines being the third largest English-speaking country in the world, pursuing an MBBS in the Philippines comes with no language barrier. It is also one of the largest contributors of doctors and nurses in the USA. There exist a high demand for medical professionals that have graduated from the medical colleges in the Philippines in countries like USA, UK, etc. It also has one of the highest passing rates in MCI Screening tests. The University of the Philippines is a go-to choice for Indians to pursue MBBS from abroad.

  • Ukraine

This European country provides opportunities in a bundle. Being one of the cheaper destinations for pursuing MBBS from abroad, Ukraine provides one with many benefits. There exist no entrance test for admission to MBBS in Ukraine and one does not need to provide an English proficiency certificate. The most exciting avenue of studying in Ukraine is the “European Credit Transfer” that allows you to transfer to any medical college in any EU member country later on. The Bologna Agreement equips you with a choice of continuing you post-graduation in any EU country. Dnepropetrovsk State Academy of Medicine is one of the highest accredited institution in Ukraine which provides a number of courses in the medical industry.  

  • The United States of America

The United State offers a well-suited for pursuing MBBS from abroad keeping in mind the latest development in technology and medicine. The degree that is offered in the United States is known as the Doctor of Medicine/ Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. An applicant wishing to pursue a medical degree in the states have to appear for the MCAT test. One should also have a four-year bachelor degree in Science. Despite that, the destination is one of the most preferred destinations due to the ever idolized American dream. The most reputed university for medical studies includes Ivy League colleges such as Harvard, Stanford, and more.

  • Australia

Australia is regarded as one of the best countries to live when compared by the standard of living. Apart from that, Australia is also home to world-class universities and diverse medical industry, making it a preffered destination to pursue MBBS from abroad. MBBS in Australia is a very popular choice among Indian medical students. Australia hosts more than 5 lakh international students every year and this number is only increasing. A student can pursue a medical degree in Australia at both the undergraduate and the graduate level and there exist many options for courses and universities to build a career in medical science. It is a cheaper option compared to India when you factor in the quality of life provided. The University of Melbourne is the most popular medical school in Australia among Indian candidates.

  • Germany

Being one of the most popular destinations for foreign studies due to zero tuition fee and low cost of living, MBBS in Germany a preffered choice of international students due to the world-class medical industry in Germany. Germany is renowned for its interactive teaching techniques, futuristic courses, and a dynamic and practical learning environment. There are 36 medical colleges in Australia with each owning and operating a medical center of its own thus providing a very practical approach to learning. This makes Germany a must-consider choice for Indian medical students to pursue MBBS from abroad. The most popular university in Germany is Heidelberg University situated in Southwest Germany. Founded in 1386, it is one of the oldest university in the world. As of today, the student body consists of more than 20 percent of international students.

  • Bangladesh

Pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh is considered a prudent choice for offering the ultimate combination of the high-quality MBBS from abroad and the affordable fee structure. Ranked second after India, Bangladesh provides a student with the added advantage of cultural similarity. With a depreciated currency, the cost of pursuing an MBBS in Bangladesh is reduced significantly with is a bonus. Being so close to home, a student is adjusted in the welcoming culture of Bangladesh very easily. The top university for MBBS in Bangladesh is the University of Dhaka which is the oldest in the country. This university is amongst the top 100 universities of Asia.

  • Georgia

An up and coming destination for medical students, MBBS in Georgia provides a whole package for pursuing MBBS from abroad. Being one of the favorite tourist places, the facilities provided in Georgia help for an easy transition. Being one of the safest countries with a very low crime rate, Georgia provides a welcoming, safe and value-for-money alternative to Indian students. Another perk of going to Georgia is the fact that a student does not require an English proficiency certificate to apply. Also, there exists no bar to the age of a prospective candidate. A student also has the option of shifting to Germany in their post-graduation course. No tuition fee is charged in the final year for an MBBS. The most popular choice is the University of Georgia as it is the most established, biggest, and the most complete organization in Georgia.

Other Study Abroad Destinations for Pursuing MBBS 

FAQs About MBBS from Abroad

Is NEET required to study MBBS from abroad?

According to the Gazette notification of Medical Council of India, National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) has been made mandatory for pursuing medical courses abroad. Thus, students who wish to study MBBS from abroad are required to qualify NEET entrance exam.

What is the duration an MBBS from abroad?

Usually the duration MBBS from abroad is 6 years (5 years + 1 Internship). The final year of internship is provided for practical training.

What is the eligibility criteria for pursuing MBBS from abroad?

Candidates are required to pass senior secondary education from a recognized board. The minimum age of applying is 17 years. Candidates are required to study Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in class 12 to pursue MBBS from abroad. The minimum marks of 50% are required to get admission in medical colleges abroad.

Can one practice medicine in India after pursuing MBBS from abroad?

Many medical universities abroad are globally recognized by the Medical Council of India and the World Health Organisation. Students who complete their MBBS from such universities are free to practice medicine in India.

What is the medium of language for pursuing MBBS from Abroad?

Most of the globally-recognised medical universities abroad instruct in the English language. However, there are few colleges which offer bilingual programs to indulge students in improving their cultural knowledge when they pursue MBBS from abroad.

MBBS from abroad is still a lesser explored career choice among Indian students and with limited information given about this golden opportunity, it’s important to get the right guidance backed by hands-on experience. Visit Leverage Edu today and get guidance at every step of your MBBS from abroad journey.

  1. Uzbekistan is also a good destination for mbbs study Bukhara state medical institute Uzbekistan opens the door for Indian students now recently this institute approved by Medical Council of India so please include this country also in your list

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