MBBS in Hungary

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MBBS in Hungary

As one of the oldest European countries, Hungary is admired for its various heritage sites and Lake Heviz, the second-largest thermal lake in the world. ‘Stipendium Hungaricum’ which sounds like a spell from ‘Harry Potter’ is actually the Hungarian Scholarship provided to international students looking at opportunities to study in Hungary. The Hungarian universities have made massive advancements in the field of medicine it is even the home country of the renowned Hungarian biochemist and the inventor of vitamin C, Albert Szent-Györgyi and various other notable Nobel laureates. With quality education standards, Hungary is known for its low cost of living and reasonable educational fees. If you are thinking about applying for MBBS in Hungary, look no further. Here are all the key details about what MBBS in Hungary will be like and why you should choose Hungary for studying medicine.

About MBBS in Hungary

In Hungary, an MBBS is a 6-year bachelor degree in medicine and is often referred as M.D. degree which is the undergraduate program in Medicine. Expanding over 12 semesters, this course focuses on laying the foundation for the fundamental knowledge of medical science, followed by theoretical study and training in the university’s clinical departments as well as teaching hospitals. Moreover, diverse research prospects that are accessible to students who can work in laboratories under the complete guidance of the university faculty.

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Why Pursue MBBS in Hungary?

Being a culturally diverse European country, Hungary is rapidly emerging as an educational hotspot for those striving for higher studies. Below are some pivotal reasons why pursuing MBBS in Hungary is a great idea: 

Economical Tuition Fee

Hungary is regarded among those European countries where tuition fees are low and affordable. Even with top Hungarian medical universities, the tuition fee ranges from 10,00,000 INR to 12,00,000 INR depending on the university.

Simple Admission Procedure and Education Visa Procurement 

While applying to medical universities to study MBBS in Hungary, there are certain basic requirements that need to be fulfilled:

  • An entrance exam which includes multiple-choice questions in a variety of subjects like Chemistry, English, Biology and Medical English.
  • An interview conducted by the university. 
  • When it comes to education visas, you will need a D-5 student visa that can be applied for at a Hungarian embassy taking around 60 days for the process.

Courses Are Taught in English

Another good reason for studying in Hungary is that you will be learning about general medicine in English.

Low Accommodation Costs

The accommodation costs are quite cheap in Hungary amounting to 40,000 – 50,000 INR for a month in a popular city like Budapest or even in smaller Hungarian cities. This low cost of living is an appealing feature for many.

Recognized Degree by European Union

Being a European country, the medical degrees of Hungarian Universities are affiliated by the  EU and are preferably regarded higher by WHO. Moreover, a recognized degree by the EU will help students to be placed anywhere in Europe for higher studies or to practice medicine.

Eligibility to Pursue MBBS in Hungary 

The essential eligibility criteria for applying for an undergraduate program in medicine is:

  • The applicant should be a minimum of 17 years of age and should have passed 10+2 with a minimum of 50% marks percentage.
  • Entrance exam constituting of multiple-choice questions from Chemistry, medical English, English, and Biology.
  • The universities in Hungary have their own entrance exams for medicine programs that the applicant needs to qualify for successful admission. This is a 2 and a half hour written exam which includes MCQs in Medical English, English, Chemistry and Biology. Then, for the oral aspect of this test, the university professor takes an interview of applicants based on medical topics.

Top Medical Universities for MBBS in Hungary

With their notable excellence in medical science, these universities are the leading medical universities in Hungary where you can get admission for an MBBS degree. Pecs University is a well-known university in Hungary offering graduate as well as master’s degree level courses in general medicine. Here are the top medical universities in Hungary:

Apart from offering undergraduate courses in Medicine, these medical institutions also provide programs in Dentistry and Pharmacology.

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How to Apply for MBBS in Hungary?

The application process for MBBS admissions in Hungary is completely online and students need to visit the official website to create their application. Here are the documents required for medicine courses in Hungary:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Recent passport size photographs
  • A medical health certificate to show that you are physically and mentally fit
  • Migration Certificate
  • Eligibility Certificate
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • Financial Statement
  • CV in English
  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate

The medicine program taught in English in Hungary begins in September every year so students must make sure to check the admission availability beforehand.

How Much Does it Cost to Study Medicine in Hungary?

The average tuition for an undergraduate-level medicine program, i.e. MD in Hungary can be somewhere around 14,000 USD to 17,500 USD [10,16,890 INR to 12,71,112 INR] and can vary as per the program and university. When it comes to living in Hungary as an international student, you must prepare a student budget of 750 EUR per month [6698 INR approx.] and keep some extra finances handy as the budget can also differ as per the city you are studying in,

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With world-class education standards and minimal living costs, the country is an ideal place to begin your career in medicine. If you still feel doubtful about pursuing MBBS in Hungary, the experts at Leverage Edu can help you in shortlisting a university that is best suited for your interests.

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