Medical Colleges in UK

Medical Colleges in UK

Being a very diverse educational field that encompasses many domains, there are numerous emerging career opportunities in healthcare. And when you pursue Medical courses after 12th Science form countries which have etched their name in providing world-class healthcare, the career prospects further broaden. One such country is the United Kingdom. The UK has an extremely rich history in academics and advanced research, and it has given the world many of its wonders in the field of Medicine. From Surgeon and Pediatrician to a Nurse and Pharmacist, there are scores of opportunities that you can explore in the European country. In this blog, we” discover some of the leading medical colleges in UK and the courses that they have on offer.

Why Pursue Medical Studies in the UK?

Medical Colleges in UK are plenty and face an influx of thousands of foreign students every year. These colleges are equipped with modern amenities, provide well-built research labs, and offer medical courses that are taught by world-renowned academic staff. Here are some features of studying Medicine in the UK:

  • Successfully studying Medicine in the UK opens doorways of professional practice.
  • Not just professions like doctors and nurses, you can follow career lines like Pharmacy, Surgical equipment and many others.
  • If you want to pursue a career in Research, then studying courses from leading medical colleges in UK will be very fruitful.
  • The course curriculum of various medical colleges and universities are in line with General Medical Council.
  • Medical degrees in the UK are accredited by national and international bodies.
  • You can find copious Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship.

Top Medical Colleges in UK

When it comes to pursuing Medical Science courses in the UK, there are hundreds of pristine colleges, headed by some of the top universities in the world. These Colleges offer advanced equipment, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and student-support systems while ensuring detailed learning and overall growth. Here are some of the leading universities which have elite Medical Colleges in UK:

InstituteQS Rankings 2021THE Rankings 2020
University of Oxford22
University of Cambridge33
University College London89
Imperial College London1012
The University of Edinburgh1922
King’s College London2020
University of Bristol2587
The University of Manchester3435
Queen Mary University of London51-0051-100
Newcastle University51-10051-100

University of Oxford

Oxford is a name that requires no introduction. Whenever we talk about top medical colleges in UK or the world, Oxford has always been a permanent feature of the list. With departments/colleges ranging from Clinical Neurosciences and Primary Health care to Surgical Sciences and Paediatrics, the university has a wide range of Medical courses on offer. Here are some programs which you can explore at the University of Oxford:

  • MSc Sleep Medicine
  • DPhil Oncology
  • MSc – DPhil Neuroscience
  • DPhil Surgical Sciences
  • MSc Clinical Embryology 

University College London

Another addition to our list of Medical colleges in UK is the University College London. Established in London about two centuries ago, this University is specially known for its diversity tolerant and welcoming culture. It has a dedicated medical faculty, offering courses in Medicine like B.Sc, MBBS, and M.D. across its 9 campuses. Complementing Medicine, this University has a reputation for its research work on human well being, cultural studies, and global health. Interestingly, the Father of India, Mahatma Gandhi is an alumni of this University, when it was known as London University.

Imperial College London

Imperial College School of Medicine, which was established in 1997,  is one of the most popular Medical colleges in UK. It offers a six-year MBBS as a traditional Medical course, with a host of graduate and postgraduate courses available under the same. Furthermore, its intercalated BSc programs with 17 different pathways are revered worldwide. Enlisted are some other courses which you can consider:

  • BSc Medical Biosciences
  • BSc in Medical Sciences with Haematology
  • PG Cert Reproductive and Developmental Biology
  • MRes Cancer Informatics
  • MSc Cardiovascular and Respiratory Healthcare

The University of Edinburgh

Established in 1582, the University of Edinburgh has one of the oldest dedicated medical schools. Apart from the 6 years long Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBChB) degree program, the university is also renowned for its BSc (Hons) Medical Sciences, BSc (Hons) Oral Health Sciences, MSc Reproductive Sciences, MSc Clinical Anatomy, etc. With degrees accredited by UK General Medical Council and other leading international organsiations, Edinburgh’s Medical School makes a notable mention in our list of top medical colleges in UK. 

King’s College London

Without mentioning the King’s College London, our list of some of the popular Medical colleges in UK stands incomplete. Not only does it offer the traditional MBBS course, but also offers degree course like BSc Medical Physiology/Neuroscience, MSc Clinical Dermatology, PG Diploma Vascular Ultrasound, MRes Tissue Engineering, etc. During the course journey, you will gain theoretical knowledge coupled with practical experience which you’ll gain through clinical exchanges.

University of Bristol

This University was established in 1876. There were only two professors and five lecturers working at this University who taught 15 subjects in the initial years. This University is popularly known as the first University in the UK that offered courses to female students.

This prestigious University offers both undergraduate as well as a postgraduate degree program. It comprises several subjects categorized into six faculties: the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Life Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Science, and the Faculty of Law. 

University of Manchester

Manchester Medical School offers a 5- year program which is made up of 3 phases:

  • Phase 1- This phase lasts for two years and is designed to provide knowledge and concepts from the biomedical, clinical, and social sciences underlying medicine.
  • Phase 2- It lasts for two years and teaches hospitals with a linked health education zone.
  • Phase 3- Phase 3 lasts for one year in which students prepare themselves to be foundation doctors. In this phase, they take up the responsibility of patient care and treatment.

New Castle University

Newcastle University Medical School was established in 1834 and is situated in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne. 

This University consistently ranks as one of the top medical schools in the UK. The main reason behind it’s top ranking is it’s high levels of teaching and research; it is ranked in the top 10 UK medical schools by the Complete University Guide (8th), the Guardian (6th), and the Sunday Times (7th). It is the first institution in the UK to be permitted to pursue stem-cell research.

University of Cambridge

This University offers two medical courses, namely the standard course and the graduate course.

At this University, the students study medical Science at first. The teaching faculty at Cambridge medical school is very high. The courses offered by this Univesity focuses on the academic rigor of the Science. Students on this course will have a relatively high proportion of physical learning,group-based research, discussions with mentors, and lectures by professionals.


How many years does it take to study MBBS in the UK?

MBBS in the UK can be completed in 5-6 years. MBBS in the UK is divided into two categories. The initial two years are called the ‘foundation program.’ The following two years are termed undergraduate programs.’ After completion of the four-year program, the students can choose medicine with specialization.

After completing the four-year course, students can opt to continue medicine with specialization for two years. Once you have completed the specialty training, you can choose further specialty education, which can last up to 7 years. Upon the completion of the specialty training, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion Training.

Which University is best for medicine in the UK?

UK universities are famous for studying medicines. Enlisted are some of the best universities for studying medicine in the UK:

University of Oxford – This University is ranked no. 1 throughout the world for its beautifully structured medicine course. It has numerous departments that offer both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

University of Cambridge – It is very tough to get admitted to this University as the admission criteria are way more challenging than that of Oxford University. According to University’s policies, international students are charged with higher fees than that residents.
Its Department of Medicine is one of the popular departments in the School of Clinical Medicine.

University College London – This college is listed among the top-ranked medical schools in the UK. This college offers eight years of Medical degree and Ph.D. and MB Ph.D. In addition to this, you can also get UK permanent residency if you can extend your stay at this place by just two more years.

Imperial College London – The faculty of medicines is famous for providing their students with the best education and research and experiment facilities, making them quick learners.
This college has also started 8-9 years of combined medical degree and Ph.D.

How many medical colleges are there in the UK?

There are 33 medical schools in the UK. The General Medical Council recognizes these schools.
Twenty-five of these schools are located in England, 5 in Scotland, followed by 2 in Wales and 1 in Northern Ireland.

The Bute Medical School offers only pre-clinical courses. So, the students need to change their medical school for further clinical studies.

Oxford University and Cambridge University offer pre-clinical as well as clinical courses in medicine. They allow students to choose if to study in the same school or change it in due period.

So, this is all about Medical Colleges in UK. If you are looking for a way to study MBBS abroad in your desired Medical school, you have arrived at the correct destination. At Leverage Edu, we serve you with the best career guidance and help you go through the process of enrollment and admission with ease. Connect with our experts through a free E-meeting today.

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