Study at University of Oxford

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Study at University of Oxford: Top University in the UK

Ever thought about how it feels like to study at the University of Oxford. The institution which is a brand in itself and needs no further description, the University of Oxford is a pioneer and renowned university of the UK. There is a saying in the UK which claims the existence of the University of Oxford since 1096, making it the oldest English speaking university of the UK. Home to famous notable alumni like Stephen Hawking, David Cameroon, J.R.R Tolkein, Boris Johnson, Adam Smith, Thomas More and the list just goes on and on. The study at the University of Oxford is recognized as a hallmark of academic excellence. It is worshipped as a remarkable university in the United Kingdom. From travel scholarships to an amazing array of extracurricular activities, Oxford offers the chance to develop your interests beyond your graduation. Whether you want to row for the University, write for a student newspaper, or play at college open mic nights, Oxford is a brilliant place not just to work, but also to live – and that extends to the beautiful city itself. Watch this video by Leverage Edu on the study at Oxford and find out some fascinating facts!

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