Tver State Medical University

Tver State Medical University

Tver State Medical University is one of Russia’s oldest and most prestigious educational institutions. It is now a big research, scientific, and educational institution that has received the “Prestigious Nations Friendship National Award” for its excellent contribution to international education, collaboration, and development. The university has played a pivotal role in the advancement of medical science and the education of medical professionals. If you are planning to pursue MBBS in Russia, Tver State Medical University is an optimal option for you. We’ve covered everything there is to know about Tver state medical university in this blog.

About Tverstate Medical University

One of Russia’s greatest medical schools is Tver State Medical University. For more than 70 years, TverState Medical University has been a leader in medical research and the training of medical practitioners and scientists. It is now the world’s largest medical scientific, research, and educational centre, with a huge clinical and laboratory base and a highly qualified teaching staff. 

Among Russia’s Top Medical Universities, TSMU was the first to offer English-language courses.TverState Medical University is a World Health Organization-accredited medical institution. Many medical organizations in Russia and other countries with whom it has extensive contacts in the fields of basic medical education, postgraduate training, scientific research, diagnostics, treatment, and illness prevention. Tver State Medical University is one of Russia’s medical universities, with accreditation from MCI, WHO, the United Kingdom, the United States, and other significant nations.

Cardiology, genetics, paediatrics, gastrointestinal, ophthalmology, radiography, surgery, and public health are the key fields of international cooperation. Scientists and professors from Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Israel, India, and other countries are asked to read lectures and provide practical training to students at the university regularly.

Tver State Medical University Rankings

The university is a distinguished institution that has received recognition in the following areas:

Source  Ranks Year
UniRank (National) #349 2022
UniRank (International) #9297  2022
THE (World University Rankings) #801–1000 2022

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Tver State Medical Academy is one of Russia’s best medical schools in terms of quality education, practical knowledge, reasonable costs, and multi-diversity, and thus attracts international students from Nepal, the United Arab Emirates, Africa, and Pakistan. The university’s September intake has a limited number of seats available. Hence, students as soon as possible.

Courses Offered at Tver State Medical University

The following are some of the most popular courses and faculties at Tver state medical university:

Course  Duration 
Faculty of Postgraduate Studies 3 years
Faculty of Advanced Nursing Education 5 years
Pharmaceutical faculty 5 years
Faculty of Dental Medicine 5 years
Faculty of General Medicine 6 years.

Eligibility Criteria

Although the eligibility criteria to study at Tver state medical university will differ from course to course enlisted below is a general entrance requirement to study:

  • To be considered for admission to Tver State Medical University, candidates must be 17 years old on or before December 31st of the admission year.
  • Candidates who received more than 50% in the HSC exam or similar courses with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English as obligatory subjects are eligible to apply for MBBS admission at Tver State Medical University.
  • Students who have received a qualifying score on the NEET exam are eligible to apply to the Tver state medical university programs.

Documents Required

  • SSC mark sheet
  • HSC mark sheet
  • Birth certificate
  • NEET report card
  • Passport
  • Student Visa (after admission is confirmed)
  • Passport size photos
  • Tuition fee payment receipt
  • Medical test report

How to Apply? 

Students need to follow these steps to take admission to Tver state medical university:

  • Students must submit an application for admission using the university’s website.
  • All documentation must be submitted online or at the University’s office.
  • If they are chosen, students will get an invitation letter within two weeks.
  • Students must pay the University’s tuition cost after receiving an invitation letter.
  • With the original receipt of fee payment and the university’s invitation letter, students can apply for a student visa.

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Program Name  Fees (Per Annum) (Rubles) Fees (INR)
General Medicine 157.550 1,64,517
Paediatrics 157,550 1,64,517
Stomatology 188,690 1,97,034
Pharmacy 137,260 1,43,330
Hostel Fees 1,600 (Per Month) 1,670

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There are 1,544 seats in the university’s four hostels (dormitories). International students who arrive on the Russian Federation’s territory by invitation from countries with a visa regime are given priority in receiving residential housing in hostels.

  • When you settle in, you sign a contract to rent an apartment for the duration of your studies.
  • The university has two residential hostels. One-room apartments for three students and two-room apartments for five students are available.
  • A sanitary unit, a bathroom, and a kitchen are included in the units. The hostels provide elevators and wireless internet access. The entrance to the hostel is secured. There is a pass system in place. At the entryway and in the corridors, there are video cameras. Stores and public transit are both within walking distance of the hostels.

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