MBBS in USA: Everything You Need To Know!


Among the noblest professions, a career in Medicine is revered more than any other line of work. Almost everyone harbors a dream of becoming a doctor at some point in their time until they realize their true ambition. MBBS is one of the most sought after Medical Science courses in the world and certainly the one demanding intensive learning and rigorous training. A large number of students aim for cracking an entrance exam for the degree but comparatively only a handful of them are selected. When it comes to studying abroad, the USA is perhaps the first name that comes to mind. Listed on the top among the countries with best education system, the USA has a great potential for research and development in almost every field. In this blog, we will cover the essential information related to pursuing an MBBS in USA.

Why Pursue MBBS in USA?

The USA has etched its name in conducting research in technology and medicine. It is also visible in the fact that some of the worlds leading institutions for research are housed in the country. One of the biggest benefits of pursuing MBBS in USA is that the degrees are globally recognized and are given preference. To augment research and learning, the country has an abundance of facilities and resources. Since the MBBS degree requires a high level of dedication and hard work, the USA fulfills the requirements needed for the professional degree program like MBBS. Hosting more international students than any other country in the world, the USA boasts a multicultural study environment, healthy exchange of discourse, and debates among the students. 

MBBS in USA: Best Institutions

Imparting quality education has been the core principle of educational institutions in the USA and the medical schools in the country hold an indisputable position among the prestigious universities in the world. Running for a period of 4 years with 3-4 years of a residency program, the medical schools provide students with world-class teaching infrastructure, comprehensive MBBS Syllabus, and hi-tech technologies. Some of the top medical schools for studying MBBS in USA are listed below: 

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MBBS Admission Process

Getting into the medical schools for MBBS in USA can be a challenging task as it requires a great level of hard work and a range of formalities to complete. Unlike other countries, the basic requirement to meet the eligibility criteria for the US medical schools needs you to have a 4-year bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with Physics, Biology, and Chemistry as majors. Other requirements for the admissions in the medical schools in the USA include:

  • Language Test: To Study in USA, you need to qualify a proficiency test for the English language. Depending on the institution, you may require any of the three language tests which include IELTS, TOEFL or PTE. All three tests have different scoring schemes and patterns. Before applying, you should go through the website of the medical school for the accepted language test and their minimum percentile. 
  • MCAT: Medical College Admission Test or MCAT aims at testing the aptitude of the candidate on various parameters. It is the mandatory eligibility criteria to pursue MBBS in USA. The computer-based test consists of multiple-choice questions to examine the reasoning, aptitude and comprehension skills of the prospective medical candidates. The exhaustive test is 7.5 hours long and is conducted 15 times a year. The maximum score for the total of six sections is 528 with 500 being the median score. 
  • NEET: Clearing the National Eligibility exam with qualifying marks is mandatory for Indian students to pursue MBBS abroad. 

Note: Even though the primary prerequisites of medical schools in USA remain the same but the MBBS Admission Process may vary from one medical institution to another in terms of qualifying marks and documents. It is advised to go through the eligibility criteria and other requirements before proceeding with the application

A career in medicine is highly demanding and equally rewarding. After putting the years of hard work into it, the fame and satisfaction that comes with it are unmatched. If you have set your mind to pursuing an MBBS in USA, Leverage Edu can help you turn it into reality. Our professional career experts will guide you in cracking the MCAT exam and write engaging SOPs for you to help you land in one of the top medical schools in the USA.

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