MBBS in Australia for Indian Students [2020 Reliable Guide]


When we say Australia, what comes to your mind? The beautiful natural scenery, the lavish cities and obviously the kangaroos. What if we say you can enjoy all of this while pursuing MBBS in Australia from the best universities in the world? Because you can!

Australia has emerged as the destination to be for international students due to the dynamic environment it provides to its students along with a value for money lifestyle. It is the place to be if you’re looking for the best!

Let’s see how studying MBBS in Australia can drift your life towards the point called “Success”.

MBBS in Australia

Why Study MBBS in Australia? 

The thought of Australia comes with images of open spaces, bushes, kangaroos, mesmerizing architecture. Apart from these wonderings, Australia also has a lot to offer in terms of higher studies. Being one of the most popular destinations for studying abroad, pursuing an MBBS in Australia will provide you with world-class infrastructure, versatile teaching methods, futuristic technologies, and internationally recognized degrees. The fact that students prefer Australia as a dream destination to pursue an MBBS is not a surprise.  

Australia hosts more than 5 lakh international students every year and this number is increasing every year. The medical schools of Australia enjoy a great reputation because of the increased resources that they provide to their students in the parameters of adaptive learning, practical training, and relevant research. MBBS in Australia is considered among the very best around the globe. The quality of education and the standard of living offered in Australia is one of the best and is a great value of money.

Entry Level Requirements To Study MBBS in Australia 

Earlier, the country followed the traditional system of medical degree akin to European countries. The Australian medical universities offered an MBBS as a bachelor’s degree and MD as a master’s degree. Then, in 2004, the Australian Qualifications Framework was modified and new changes were brought. Consequently, for those wanting to pursue MBBS in Australia, the medical institutions offer two types of medical programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level:

  1. Undergraduate Medical Degrees: Those who have successfully completed high school can apply for a bachelor’s medical degree program which is a 5 or 6 years program and will give you an MBBS degree upon completion.
  2. Graduate Program: This is a 4 years program including two years for clinical training after which one can receive the degree MD. A student eligible to apply for this course after the completion of a bachelor’s degree.
MBBS in Australia

MBBS in Australia  (Undergraduate Medical Programme)

The average length of this program is 5 to 6 years and it provides the student with a plethora of theoretical classes, which are complemented with dynamic practical sessions implemented by the Australian Quality Frameworks which work towards better education.

The degree is offered by a few select universities and medical school in Australia and a fraction of them extend these to international students. The two most popular schools to pursue an MBBS in Australia are the University of Adelaide and the University of New South Wales. The eligibility parameters for international students to pursue MBBS in Australia are:

  • Higher Secondary completion certificate from any recognized board or institution.
  • An English language proficiency certificate, with a minimum score of 7 in IELTS
  • The candidate should be 17 years old or more
  • The candidate should have qualified in the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) which is a special test conducted in place of an entrance exam for international students.

One can pursue an MBBS in Australia after graduation also. Doctor of Medicine degree in Australia is a four-year program and is provided by most of the medical colleges in Australia. The degree may be known by different names in different universities. It is mandatory to have a bachelor’s degree to apply for this degree and the candidate also have to appear for a Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admission Test (GAMSAT).

Admission Process for Pursuing an MBBS in Australia

All medical universities of Australia have a common application process for studying MBBS in Australia. The undergraduate program commences in the month of January in all universities for international students. So if you are planning to study MBBS in Australia then you must apply at least 3 months in advance. 

The following documents are required for a complete application:

  •         Higher Secondary School certificate with qualifying marks
  •         UMAT Score
  •         English Proficiency Certificate such as IELTS
  •         Personal Interview
Study in Australia

Visa Process for Pursuing MBBS in Australia

Opportunities are provided by the Australian government to all the Indian students to study in their country, the only prerequisite is that you have to obtain a student visa. The visa you require depends upon your age, the field of study and the duration of your stay in Australia. A candidate has to apply for a Student Visa (Subclass 500) to pursue an MBBS in Australia. A Student Visa (Subclass 500) permits you to stay in Australia for any study program for up to 5 years. The important part to keep in mind is that you must keep your visa valid and also abide by the condition mentioned in it.

Here is the list of documents required for an Australian student visa:

  1.      Proof of enrolment (electronic confirmation of enrolment to the university)
  2.      A Valid passport
  3.      Visa application fee
  4.      Genuine temporary entrant (GTE) statement
  5.      Academic experience documents
  6.      Evidence of English proficiency skills (like IELTS)
  7.      Evidence of financial ability (for tuition fees, living expenses, expenses for dependents)
  8.      Details of your health insurance policy (Overseas Students Health Cover)
  9.      Statement of purpose
  10.  Passport size photographs
  11.  Applicants below 18 require parent consent documents

The fee for a Student Visa (Subclass 500) is around AU$575. As mentioned above, a mandatory requirement for obtaining the visa for MBBS in Australia is to procure an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for yourself which should be valid for the duration of your course. One can use the provider that is recommended by your university or any other provider who is government-approved.

Accreditation to Medical Council in India 

One of the major advantages of pursuing MBBS in Australia is the fact that it is an internationally recognized degree. Usually, the Indian Medical Council conducts an exam for students that have procured their MBBS degree from outside the country if one wants to practice in India but this is not the case for Australian MBBS degree. For the practice of medicine in India after completing an MBBS in Australia, one does not need to go through a screening process by the MCI. However, you must have a valid medical license to be able to practice medicine in Australia.

Scholarships for MBBS In Australia

There are many scholarships and fellowships available in Australia to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in various fields. The Australian Awards Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships offer four different kinds of funds that are available for international students relating to different areas. A scholarship can range from AU$15,000 to AU$25,000 which helps cover a part of the tuition fees for an MBBS in Australia.

It is recommended to apply early for all the available Australian scholarships and fellowships. The application for admission in the next immediate admission cycle demands a scholarship application that is submitted in April of the preceding year.

MBBS in Australia

Top Universities for MBBS in Australia 

UniversityLocationDegreeDurationFeeAdditional Requirements
The University of MelbourneParkville, MelbourneBachelors and Doctor of Medicine7 YearsAU$ 364,671Should have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Maths in class 12
The Australian National University Medical SchoolGarranBachelor of Health Science and Master of Public Health6 YearsAU$ 28,476Weighted grade point average is calculated.
Monash UniversityClaytonBachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Direct Entry5 YearsAU$


English proficiency of 6.0 sub-band
The University of SydneyCamperdown, SydneyBachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine7 YearsAU$ 39,805English proficiency of 6.0 sub-band
Deakin UniversityVictoriaBachelor of Science/Biomedical Science and Master of Medicine5 YearsAU$ 24,690It requires an additional aptitude test and an English proficiency sub-band of 7.0
University of TasmaniaNew South WalesBachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery5 YearsAU$


TER of 95 Percent Selection Test and Physics, Chemistry and Maths are a must in 12.
University of New South WalesSydney, New South WalesBachelor of Medical Studies / Doctor of Medicine6 YearsAU$


2As and 1B in A-Levels
The University of AdelaideAdelaide, South AustraliaBachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery6 YearsAU$


A-Levels with 80 percent Marks and a Personal Qualities Assessment Test
James Cook University Medical SchoolTownsvilleBachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery6 YearsAU$


Bond UniversityQueenslandBachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine5 YearsAU$ 47,756UMAT & OP 1-2 and ATAR  97 + 1B

After completing an MBBS in Australia, it is compulsory to do an internship for a year. To practice a medical degree in Australia, one also has to do a clinical residency for 1-2 years.

Australian National University

Cost of Living in Australia

The Department of Home Affairs of the Australian Government has a mandatory requirement that you must provide proof of sound financials. You have to show proof of AU$20,290 for living cost as well. Along with proof of these funds, you also need to show that you have a return air ticket for yourself and anyone else that accompanied you.

The above guidelines are just recommended because of the Australian immigration standards but you are not required to spend that much when you arrive to do MBBS in Australia. The per week budget that is recommended by the official Study in Australia guidelines is between AU$85 and AU$440 per week for accommodation and that depends on whether you are staying in shared accommodation located on campus, or in a private rented apartment. Additional expenses relating to food, gas and electricity, transportation and other things will roughly amount to AU$311 per week.

Some Australian universities also provide you with a detailed breakdown of the living cost in their part of Australia which includes accommodation and other expenses. The cost of living by the university is for the academic year with is about 40 weeks rather than the whole calendar year and adjustments have to be made if you plan to stay longer.

MBBS in Australia

Working after MBBS in Australia

A perk of pursuing an MBBS in Australia is the fact that the Australian government regularly publishes a list which features jobs in high demand. This list is known as the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and it features the jobs that are in medium to high demand in the country. These are the most valuable and high paying jobs in the Australian Economy, and if you are skilled in the mentioned industries and jobs, you are more likely to be granted permission to work in the country. The list can be found on the official website of the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship website, and medicine and related subjects are normally in high demand.


Q1. What is the cost of studying MBBS in Australia?
There are almost 5 lakh international students every year enrolling in Australian universities to study MBBS in Australia. However, Australia is a rich country, its little expensive for International students. The tuition fees for undergraduate medical courses start from Rs 400,000 per year. The total amount of the whole program reaches to 20,00,000 INR. But there some training programs of the Australian government which provides scholarships to International students.

Q2. How many years does it take to complete MBBS in Australia?
The two types of courses which are available to pursue MBBS in Australia. Students getting out of high school can apply for the undergraduate medical course which goes from 5-6 years including the internship. Candidates who are graduate can apply for a Masters degree of 4 years. 

Q3. What is the eligibility for studying MBBS in Australia?
For Undergraduate medical courses such as MBBS in Australia require basic qualification from any recognized high school and IELTS score. For candidates appearing for Masters program needs to clear UMAT.

Q4. Is MBBS in Australia worth it?
Australia is undoubtedly the best place in the world to be a physician. Various universities from Australia ranks in the top 10 universities in the world. A balance of good work and a good life is what the country is known for. Also in terms of money, Australian graduates carry the potential of earning a high salary. Thus, MBBS in Australia is indeed a good choice for Indian medical students. 

Q5. Is MBBS in Australia safe for Indian students?
Every university in Australia has its own safety services which keep the atmosphere peaceful and safe for students coming from different countries. There are all services available for students in case of any emergency.

Q6. What are the other options to pursue MBBS apart from MBBS in Australia?
Though an amazing choice MBBS in Australia might not be the right fit for you. There are various options to pursue MBBS from abroad. Such options include:

MBBS in Canada
MBBS in Russia
MBBS in Ukraine
MBBS in the Caribbean
MBBS in Germany
MBBS in Nepal
MBBS in Bangladesh
MBBS in New Zealand
MBBS in Belarus
MBBS in China
MBBS in Georgia
MBBS in Kyrgyzstan
MBBS in the Philippines
MBBS in Mauritius

MBBS in Australia

[Bonus] Sample SOP for Australian Student Visa

One thing is for sure, if you opt for an MBBS in Australia you will definitely gain knowledge in an innovative way. With a high standard of living and the brand of ‘the’ place to be for international students, you can’t go wrong with Australia but you can go wrong with your application process. We at Leverage Edu can help you with your application, interview, adjusting to a new environment (and a lot more) for successfully doing an MBBS in Australia so that you can become a qualified well-reputed doctor.

  1. This was very informative. But I guess 20L for the entire course is too less for getting a degree in medicine in Australia (tuition fee).
    Also, can I apply right after passing high school (12th grade PCB, India)
    I am actually doing Premed in the Caribbean right now, which lasts for a year.
    Also, when can I apply, since I’m an international student?
    Which college has the lowest fee that I can apply and get into?
    Please answer me.

    1. Yes, Shan, you can definitely pursue MBBS after completing your class 12th, however, the eligiblity criteria to do the same may vary as per the university you choose. To know the exact details, call us at 088262 0029.

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