MBBS in the Caribbean

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You’ve only heard the name of the Caribbean when we talk about beautiful places for a vacation or as neighbours to the mighty US. But what you’ve not heard is that the Caribbean is home to many medical universities. MBBS in the Caribbean may not be that popular, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea. The best part about MBBS in the Caribbean is that you don’t have to appear for any additional entrance exams.

MBBS in Caribbean Islands

When it comes to pursuing medicine abroad, the Caribbean Islands offer some amazing opportunities for students across the globe. Every year thousands of students from around the globe apply to universities in the Caribbean. After completing MBBS in the Caribbean students are also eligible to practice medicine in the USA because the curriculum follows US standards of medicine as well. Education in the Caribbean doesn’t compromise the quality and offers courses at low cost.

Region Caribbean Islands
Also known asMD
Duration 4-7 years
Average Tuition feeINR 3.43 lakhs-16.65 lakhs per year
Scholarships Available 

Why should Indians pursue an MBBS in Caribbean?

Caribbean Islands is a top choice for becoming a doctor for Indian students due to various reasons. Some of them are:-

  • Easy Admission Procedure
  • No Proof of English Proficiency required
  • Three intakes- January, May and September
  • Medical Curriculum similar to the US Medical Curriculum
  • Good Student-Teacher Ratio
  • Affordable cost of living than US, UK, Canada, etc
  • Lower Tuition Fees
  • Experiencing island life

Disadvantages of MBBS in the Caribbean

There are many advantages to studying medicine in the Caribbean Islands, but let’s examine the drawbacks as well:

  • Tighter Competition: The student population tends to increase here due to the easier admissions requirements and lower tuition costs. Since these Caribbean medical schools are the only ones where they can receive such a generous offer for a top-notch education, thousands of students—both domestic and foreign—try to enrol there. This is a drawback of MBBS studying abroad in the Caribbean.
  • Limited Residency Options: Aspirants find it challenging to obtain admission into residency after receiving their degrees because of the massive influx of incoming residency students. Despite the fact that there are numerous medical schools in the Caribbean Islands, the specialisations available to each university are few and largely the same. Because of this, the vast majority of students who enrol here go on to complete their residency in the country.
  • New Ambiance: The surroundings and lifestyle are unusual for international students. The Caribbean is well-known to everyone as a region where the weather can be extremely hot or extremely humid due to its geographic location. Due to the Caribbean’s limited availability of entertainment facilities and venues, the majority of international students may also find their current way of life there challenging.

Curriculum for MBBS in Caribbean 

Year 1 Introduction to Medicine
Introduction to Basic Medical Science
Microbiology and Immunology
Respiratory and Cardiovascular
Endocrine and Reproductive Systems
Gastrointestinal and Renal Systems
Year 2Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems
Haematology, Muscle Disorders, Anatomy of the Extremities, Pathology, Dermatology, Behavioral Sciences and Febrile Exanthemas
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, Dermatology, Congenital Anomalies, Tropical Disease, Autoimmune Diseases, Legal Issues in Clinical Medicine and Introduction to Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Comprehensive Assessment Program, USMLE Step 1 Preparation
Part 2 of CAP and Clinical Preparation
Year 3Internal Medicine
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
General Family Practice
Year 4 (Electives)Specialising in your area of interest

The curriculum given above is for a standard 4-year MBBS in the Caribbean and is subject to change depending on the universities and duration.

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Eligibility for MBBS in Caribbean

Before selecting any Caribbean university to pursue your dream education, let’s explore the eligibility criteria to be fulfilled by every applicant:

  1. Students must have cleared class 12th with a 50%
  2. Students must be from the medical stream and Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects are mandatory
  3. An undergraduate degree in any science-related fields
  4. Students don’t have to undergo any other entrance exam and just for NEET
  5. NEET is mandatory for every student applying from India

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Application Process

Now that you have decided which university you want to pursue your MBBS from, the next step is applying for the desired course:

  1. Visit the official website of the university
  2. Click on the application form and start filling up your personal and academic details
  3. Upload all the mandatory documents and transcripts
  4. Pay the application fee and submit your application form
  5. Students that are selected by the university will receive the offer letter via mail

Caribbean MBBS Fees for Indian students

When it comes to studying abroad, students are often worried about the cost of studying.  The average MBBS in the Caribbean will cost around USD 8000- 12000 (INR 5,83,958- 8,75,935) per annum depending upon the university. For more detailed information about the tuition fees and cost of living, contact our experts at Leverage Edu.

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Top 10 Medical Universities for MBBS in Caribbean

Numerous universities are offering MBBS in the Caribbean to which thousands of students apply from all over the world. Here are the top 10 universities for MBBS in Caribbean:

  1. International University of Health Sciences, Saint Kitts
  2. American International Medical University, Saint Lucia
  3. International American University College of Medicine, St.Lucia
  4. Ross University School of Medicine, Dominica, West Indies
  5. Spartan Health Sciences University, St. Lucia, West Indies
  6. St. Georges University, Grenada
  7. St. James School of Medicine, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  8.  The University of West Indies
  9. Trinity School of Medicine of Saint Vincent and Grenadines
  10. Windsor University of Medical Sciences

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Saint James School of Medicine

This international medical school provides students with a well-versed education program that instils them with essential and enduring knowledge, skills and behaviour that helps them to prepare for the challenging medical world. Founded in 1999 by a group of experienced medical physicians and educators from the USA and the UK, this school has around 1000 enrolled students. This cost-effective program provides one with the opportunity to do an MBBS which is accredited to CAAM-HP, the Medical Council of Canada and the World Directory of Medical Schools for $6350 per semester. Clinical rotations are guaranteed at hospitals situated in the USA and Canada that are approved by ACGME.

American University of Antigua

AUA’s goal is to provide its students with a learner-centric education of the highest quality, a dynamic curriculum, and all the modern apparatus required to train as a physician. Even though it was founded in 2004, this school is accredited by the medical councils of the USA, Canada, and India. One can very easily practice medicine across these countries after procuring a degree from AUA. The MBBS degree provided at AUA consists of two disciplines: Basic Science and Clinical Science. These courses are taught with a practical approach at the most advanced hospitals in the Caribbean and through AUA-affiliated hospitals in the USA, Canada, and India.

St. George’s University

With over 20,000 graduates, St. George’s University is a leading international university that offers degrees in medicine, public health, nursing, veterinary medicine, and health sciences. With two campuses situated in Grenada and the UK, this university thrives by providing state-of-the-art technology, world-class education and relevant opportunities to its students. Founded in 1976, a degree from St. George’s University is recognized across 50 countries and is accredited by the World Health Organization, and CAAM-HP.  It is the third-largest source of doctors for the entire US workforce and has an active alumni network of more than 16,000 professionals practising around the globe.

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Xavier University School of Medicine

This not-for-profit University was founded in 2004 and is chartered by the Arubian Government. This modern-equipped campus sits on over 125,000 square feet and has facilities such as wireless technologies, advanced classrooms, and anatomy labs. It has a sister campus in India as well. It provides its students with a Pre-med and MD program which are recognized by CAAM-HP and Medical councils of Ireland, Canada, and India. Its mission is to provide clinical competence and lifelong learning to all its students.

Ross University School of Medicine

Founded in the year 1978, this university has been providing its students with the foundation that is required to excel in the medical world. Dedicated to the science of healing, Ross University school has trained over 14,000 physicians that are practising majorly in the US and Canada. An MBBS from Ross is accredited by CAAM-HP, US states like New York, California, and Florida and also Great Britain. It currently boasts 3500 students and 90 full-time faculty members.

Central America Health Sciences University Belize Medical College

Located on the east coast of Central America and in the heart of the Caribbean, this university was founded in 1996. CAHSU provides a medical program that is similar to a standard US medical program. With a mission to promote the health of its citizens through public service and education, this university trains its students through meticulous lectures, conferences and lab exercises. CAHSU also provides its student to apply their knowledge in a practical setting through various rotary hospitals situated in USA, UK, Mexico, and Belize. It is also recognized by the World Health Organisation.

St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine

St.Matthew’s is providing affordable and quality education to its students since 1997. The university provides focused and practical knowledge to more than two thousand students in the areas of patient care, scientific in-demand method, and professionalism. The university is situated in Grand Cayman which is a favourite tourist destination in the US. The student batch sizes are small for more personalized attention and most of the alumni are currently practising in the USA or Canada

Facultad de Ciencias Medicas Sancti Spiritus

Also known as Universidad de Ciencias Medics de Sancti Spiritus, it was established as a medical school in 1986 in the province of Cuba. The university currently has a student strength of more than 700 foreign students that hail from all around the world. They are also affiliated with ELAM which is the Latin American School of Medicine. The school has over 5000 students enrolled currently in its graduate and undergraduate programs.

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Avalon University School of Medicine

Avalon was founded in 2003 in the Caribbean Netherlands as the Xavier University School of Medicine. It was renamed Avalon in 2010 and was relocated to Curacao. The university provides an MD and a pre-med degree to its students which are based on the current trends in the medical industry. A student can opt for a clinical clerkship in the United States provided they have cleared ‘USMLE Step 1’. The University is accredited by CAAM-H and listed in IMED.

All Saints University School of Medicine

Established in 2006, ASUSM is a private medical school that is located on the Caribbean Island and has administrative bases in Illinois, Chicago, Ontario, and Toronto. It provides an option of either doing a 4-year MD or a 5-year MD program. Students can pursue their clinical clerkship in an affiliated hospital situated in Chicago and other parts of the US. The university is recognized by WHO, FAIMER, and IMED.

Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo

UASD is a public university situated in the Dominic Republic with a sister flagship campus based in Santo Domingo. Founded in 1866 as a professional institute, its mission is to train researchers, professionals, and technicians with a dynamic environment and relevant syllabus. The University tries to inculcate values such as truth, responsibility, and transparency. It is recognized by WDMS.

University of French West Indies

Situated in the French West Indies, the university has 3 campuses. Till 2005, it was part of a bigger university- the University of the French West Indies and Guiana. It believes in the fact that it is a university that is in charge of the public and its interest. Build on over a 90000-meter square area with 12 lecture halls and 7 libraries, it provides education through 480 plus teachers and staff.

University of Guyana

Being the sole national higher education institute in Guyana, UOG is situated in the beautiful city of Georgetown. It was established in 1963. The University offers more than 65 courses at both graduate and undergraduate levels in various fields such as medicine, petroleum, economics, business, education and more. It is accredited by CAAM-HP.

GreenHeart Medical University

GreenHeart provides rigorous and competitive training in medicine, pharmacology and nursing in the form of professional programs. The university brings together qualified and experienced professionals and educators from around the globe to provide the best education to its students. They aim to not only prepare their students academically but also to provide guidance and counselling in areas such as career advancement and help them to be ready for dynamic and demanding challenges that they may face in their professional careers. GMU started its operation in 2005 and is recognized by WHO and NAC Guyana.

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The University of West Indies, Faculty of Medicine

Being a public university, the University of West Indies was established in 17 countries of the Caribbean and each of these countries are either a part of the British Overseas Territory or the Commonwealth of Nations. To unlock the potential of cultural and economic growth, the university has Nobel Laureates, Rhode scholars, and Cambridge Scholars as notable alumni and faculty. The university was first established as an independent external college to the University of London. The Faculty of Medicine of the University of West Indies is situated in Jamaica and was the first faculty to be established as a part of the University. This university played a major role in the establishment of the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medical and other Health Professions, also known as CAAP-HP which plays a huge role in the symmetry of the medical course content across the Caribbeans.

Seoul Central College of Medicine

This university was established in 2003 with its headquarters situated in Atlanta, Georgia and the education campus in Montserrat. The classes are conducted in the Mongo Hill Campus. The university provides both graduate and undergraduate-level programs for medical courses. The pre-med program is a 16-month program that is required to be completed without any breaks. The graduate medical program is a 38-month continuous program which is followed by a clinical residency of 2-4 years.

Saba University School of Medicine

Saba University School of Medicine is a special municipality of the Netherlands that is situated in the Caribbean. A medical graduate from Saba University School is awarded an MD degree. Founded in 1992, its purpose of establishment was to provide an international alternative to the universities of the US and Canada. More than 2500 graduates have advanced in various fields of medical science by earning a degree from this institute. The course structure is such that a student first completes a 20-month education on campus and then leaves for affiliated hospitals in the US and Canada to complete their degree by doing a clinical rotation. It is accredited by the medical council of New York, California, and Kansas along with the NVAO in the Netherlands.

Medical University of the Americas

MUA is situated in Saint Kitts and Nevis and confers upon MD degree on its students. The student body of MUA is predominantly made of students from the US and Canada and they return to their respective countries to practise for clinical residency. Established in the year 1998, this university provides a graduate medical degree but also offers a pre-med program of one year for students that do not have the minimum required education years to be eligible. A typical fresh batch constitutes 80-90 students. The Medical Council of New York and ACCM accredited

Spartan Health Sciences University

Spartan is a private university that is located in the Caribbean and it provides an MD Degree to its graduates. The university was founded in 1980 at St. Lucia Health Science University with its first campus in Castries. It provides a ten-semester program to its student which is bifurcated into three semesters that are covered every year. Spartan University also provides a degree in Nursing which gives an added option to its student to pursue a degree in medicine. The local government license the degree in Nursing. Apart from these, a program in Veterinary medicine is also provided since January 2005.

Trinity School of Medicine

It is an offshore private medical school that was established in the year 2008. Its headquarter is situated in Roswell, Georgia and it has partnered with Milton Cato Memorial Hospital located in St. Vincent. This university offers a Doctor of Medicine degree to its student. It is based on the four-year study model that is followed in the US and it also provides a one-year pre-med course to students who do not have the minimum required years of education. It is recognized by IMED, WDMS, and CAAM-HP.

American University of Caribbean School of Medicine

AUC is an international university that has its education campus situated in Sint Maarten and its actual headquarters is based out of Florida. The Accreditation Commission of Colleges of Medicine which is the major body that accredits medical colleges has accredited AUC.

University of the West Indies Faculty of Medicine

It is one of the 17 locations where the University of West Indies is situated in. It is a public university that is governed by the government and is aimed at proving low-cost quality education to its students. It has many notable alumni and Nobel laureates as past graduates.

Cost of Studying MBBS in the Caribbean

The cost of studying MBBS in the Caribbean is cheaper than MBBS in Canada and UK. Let’s look at the cost of studying and living in Caribbean.

Type of Expense Average Cost (INR)
Tuition Fee3.43 lakhs-16.65 lakhs per year
Accommodation53,300 per month
Utilities15,250 per month
Food45,000 per month

Cost of Living Calculator

Scholarships for Indian Students

Medical universities in the Caribbean Islands offer merit-based scholarships to the students of MBBS. Other than that, these are a few other scholarships for International students in medicine:-

Career Opportunities after MBBS in Caribbean

After you complete your MBBS in Caribbean, you have loads of opportunities. 

  • You can either come back to India, appear for the MCI Screening test, qualify with 50% marks and start practice
  • Or start practice in the Caribbean or any other country
  • Or pursue your postgraduation from the medical universities in the Caribbean Islands.


Is the Caribbean good for MBBS?

The best place to start your medical career is with an MBBS in the Americas or the Caribbean Islands. After passing the USMLE exam, you have a greater chance of practising medicine in reputable American hospitals with a global reputation.

How much does it cost to study MBBS in the Caribbean?

In the Caribbean Islands, the cost of tuition for MBBS programmes ranges from 3.43 lakhs to 16.65 lakhs. However, you can learn about the annual tuition fees charged by the top universities in the Caribbean Islands in the table that is provided below.

Is MBBS from the Caribbean valid in India?

If you earn your MBBS in the Caribbean from a reputable medical school, your medical training and degree are recognised in India, the USA, Canada, and other nations. You can then begin practising medicine in the nation of your choice after meeting any necessary conditions.

Now, this was all that you need to know about the medical degree in the beautiful paradise known as the Caribbean. We know how a blog can’t cover your doubts and hesitations but a personalised session does. Call our Leverage Edu experts at 1800-572-000 for complete guidance on your medical dream.

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