MBBS Abroad Consultants

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MBBS Abroad Consultants

An MBBS degree is a specialized, intensive and comprehensive medical degree programme that runs for anywhere between 5-6 years depending on the country and university regulations. As a result, choosing the right course and university is imperative to building a successful career in medicine, be it as a doctor, surgeon or as an academician. At this stage, getting in touch with the best MBBS Abroad Consultants might just make the difference for you but exploring why and how they help students get into their dream medical school is what we aim to bring you through this blog.

Why Consider MBBS Abroad Consultants?

Along with possibly, MBA and BTech, Medical Science courses can be said to attract some of the largest crowds across the globe. As a result, admissions witness breakneck competition of places and somewhere in this, many students, most importantly, are not able to pursue their favoured route. In addition to that, there are many other factors involved that must be taken care of before arriving at a decision to pursue an MBBS from abroad. This includes:

Right University for the Right Student

The most important decision of your educational journey is your choice of university. While at the outset, it may not seem a very influential choice to make, there are many factors at play. The classroom environment, professors, research facilities, elective choices, local culture, etc are some of the factors worth considering and doing so all alone may prove to be quite tricky and demanding. Herein, MBBS abroad consultants are better informed and experienced to help you in meticulously assessing your abilities and future goals and narrowing down the possible choices to one that holds the answer.

Career Opportunities

Your choice of destination plays a major role in the nature of career opportunities offered afterwords. While some institutions may have an explicit tint towards a particular career pathway, some others may be perfect for someone who is interested in working as a research assistant after completion and that’s where MBBS abroad consultants can help you explore the best options to pursue your program from.


Neurosurgery, orthopedics and psychiatry to cardiology, obstetrics and gynaecology, there are hundreds of specialisations offered during an MBBS degree that set you up for specific study routes. A helping hand by your side can assist you in researching and selecting the course based on a careful scrutiny of the offered options at medical colleges worldwide. 

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MBBS Abroad Consultants: Why Leverage Edu

With a repository of services on offer, Leverage Edu gives ample thought to each and every aspect of the candidate’s profile ranging from their interests and inclinations to extracurricular activities and volunteering experiences. Counted amongst the best overseas education consultants, here are some of the points that set us apart from conventional MBBS abroad consultants in India.

Unique AI Approach

First and foremost, Leverage Edu utilises a data-driven model through AI-based personalised evaluation of skills and abilities to identify the unique areas of interests which fit the candidates. In particular, it involves analysis and matching of your credentials to countless data points. This helps in better course/university selection leading up to positive career satisfaction. Moreover, it also aids students to introspect and better understand their capabilities, something the existing MBBS abroad consultants fail to offer. 

Beyond Exam Scores

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The undue stress over NEET exam scores that are crucial to admission into MBBS is also what we aim to address. While grades and scores are surely the markers of ability, it is not the be-all-and-end-all of education and does not reflect the true potential of candidates. Applying this outlook, we at Leverage Edu consider the overall candidature of the individual and suggest options based on this rather than restricting it to exam scores. 

Network of Successful Mentors

With over 1,600 mentors hailing from the top-rated institutions and organisations around the world, candidates find more than just a guide that understands minute details of the industry but a friend and mentor that is by your side during the entire MBBS admission process. This makes Leverage Edu stand miles apart from the prevalent options of MBBS abroad consultants.

Hence, Leverage Edu adopts a multidimensional approach towards student assistance which is unparalleled in the industry. From personalised support at every stage of your application to completion of numerous post-admission formalities like visa, forex and accommodation, it is a one-stop solution towards your dream university. Get in touch with us now by signing up a free 30 minutes career counselling session and let us guide you in making an informed decision towards a rewarding career. 

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