Study in USA

Study in USA

The moment we hear the word “USA,” the first thing that comes to our mind is “power.” The way this nation has remarked its name in history is astounding because it has remained as the dominant nation in terms of hard, soft, and structural power. That means, it has the largest economy, best military, impeccable administration system, and dominant cultural influence in the world. Home to the highest number of outbound students across the globe, USA tops the list of every study abroad aspirant. Call it the excellent education system or the diverse ethnicities, it has to offer increases the number of candidates flying there for higher education. It also has the maximum number of top-ranked universities. Let us explore the opportunities study in USA has got for you! 


Why Study in USA?

Finding an answer to Why it’s a good idea to study in USA? Let us make it easier for you! Enlisted below are the benefits of choosing USA over other countries to study abroad:

1. USA Universities & Degrees Have Worldwide Recognition: Which nation has the most institutions for higher education in the world? Yes, that’s the USA. And apart from the domination in terms of more institutions, American universities also have excellent educational programs along with highly skilled and experienced teachers. All the governing bodies around the world don’t even think twice while giving accreditation to the courses taught in American universities. The reason behind such freeness is the quality of education in American institutions. If we make a list of all the most shining students who have studied in American universities, we will end up writing names of the most famous figures like Bill Gates, Jim Carrey, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. 

2. Jump Into An Excellent Academic System: American universities have programs related to almost every field. You can also opt for advanced level core subjects as well if you study in USA. At the undergraduate level, astonishing programs are available in conventional subjects as well as professional modern fields. And if you opt for Ph.D. level, then you may get an opportunity to work with one of the best researchers in the world. This strategy will help you gain an experience that you won’t get anywhere else. 

3. Internationally Focused Study: American academic institution’s courses are designed in such a way that enable students to have a worldwide view of their field. Such advancement has probably occurred due to the dynamic nature of the classes and teaching methods. 

4. Encouragement Towards Technology: Students have to use computers and other various types of technologies to achieve excellence when they study in USA. Many universities mix up modern technology into their curriculum so that students can do better in their workplace. Most of the programs in the USA are equally emphasized on pragmatic as well as a theoretical approach. Eventually, this practice ensures maximization of students’ potential.

5. Diversity: Students often clarify that most dormitories and classes consist of students that are distinctive in religion, ethnicity, and culture. This kind of diversity makes their experience of studying in USA more thrilling. There’s no doubt that universities have diverse nature but you will definitely find some students having similar interest.

6. Remarkable Support Facilities: To ensure that you are having a great experience, the Government tries to make your base clear by providing support in terms of English-language practice courses, training, orientations, and workshops. Moreover, students are allowed to stay in the U.S after the completion of graduation so that they can work at the world’s biggest companies. 

7. Other Fundamental Benefits 

  • The USA has ranked in the first place for education across the globe.
  • It’s already ahead as compared to other countries in the field of technology, education & research.
  • Get involved in advantageous internship programs.
  • You will get a chance to improve your English communication to a native level. 
  • You can also cut out your academic expenses with the help of scholarships provided by them. 

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Things To Know About USA

Keep A Check On Climate: The climate and geography of America both are varied broadly. The kind of clothes that are required is totally dependent on that location where you’re going to live. So we recommend you to take a look at the atmosphere of the region before buying any clothes.

Get Ready To Mix Up In New Traditions: Students feel more connected to American culture when they take part in holiday traditions. Some of the important days that they celebrate are Martin Luther King Jr. Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and New Year’s Day. 

Pay Attention to Your Communication: Most of the Indian students speak a different version of English than the Americans. So if you go there to study in USA, please pay attention to your speed of communication and stay direct in your conversations. Don’t try to talk indirectly, they might not like it. So try to answer in either “Yes” or “No.”

Network Building: It may be tough but that doesn’t mean it’s really tough to build one when you study in USA. As compared to India, it’s harder to make friends here because there is a sense of competency in everything you do. However, It doesn’t matter how many friends you have, what matters is… How good are your friends? Don’t worry about friends, you will automatically make friends once you start spending some time there. 

Cost of Studying in the USA

The cost of studying is an essential part of every student’s study abroad plan. Along with the tuition fee, a candidate also has to manage living expenses on their own. USA is an expensive study destination as the living expenses can be too high. Depending upon the location of university one picks, the overall expenditure varies. If your chosen study destination lies in the suburban or rural area the overall cost of living would automatically come down in comparison to urban campuses. Here is a table that shows the average cost of studying in the US: 

University Type/ Degree Type Private Government Community College
Undergraduate $32000 $24000 $200 Per Credit
Postgraduate $35000 $30000 $250 Per Credit
MBA $60000 $48000

Most of the leading universities are located in cities like Cambridge, New Haven, Boston, New York, New Haven, etc. Cost of pursuing an MBA can cost around 21Lakhs whereas a Master’s can cost around 16 Lakhs per year. However, for professional courses like BE students can expect the expense to be around 20 Lakhs per year. Given below is the approximate cost of studying in USA in INR: 

Average Cost of Living & Studying in the USA
Average Cost of Studying  18 Lakhs (Approx.)
Average Cost of Living 8 Lakhs (Approx.)

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates wanting to study in USA must ensure they are eligible to pursue a particular course before starting the application process. Specific requirements might vary as per the level of degree one signs up for and the university. Given below are the exams that are important to study in US universities: 

Undergraduate Postgraduate
English Proficiency Exam IELTS / TOEFL / PTE IELTS / TOEFL
Subject Proficiency Exam SAT / ACT GMAT / GRE

Admission Process to Study in USA

The process for applying to study in USA is a bit complex so we made the most sought-after chart for you so that you can apply easily:

STEP 1: Make a list of 8-10 colleges of your choice.

STEP 2: Fill Your Application Form

STEP 3: Collect supporting documents like academic transcripts, the result of the previous institution, English proficiency test result, CV, statement of purpose, letter of recommendation, and other things. We recommend you to check out the requirements section of your desired institutions.

STEP 4: Now start signing up accounts online on the website of universities to submit
your application.

STEP 5: Some universities might ask for WES evaluation (Just an evaluation which may cost $100-$160 to ensure that you’re capable enough to study in the US) of your mark sheet. It may take 2 months to get your mark sheet evaluated

STEP 6: Once you submit all the required documents, they will inform and instruct you to pay the academic fee.

STEP 7: Now you will get an I-20 form and acceptance which will help you get a
student visa.

How to Apply For Student Visa in America?

Here comes the most complicated part of studying in America. So pay attention if you want the dream to study in USA to be a reality. Otherwise, you will get lost in the process. Before starting the procedure, you must first understand that there are three types of visas for students:

F-1 Visa For those students who have been accepted into a full-time academic degree program at any recognized American university or college. Moreover, if any student’s study load is more than 18 hours a week, then he or she will also need this
M-1 Visa This is suitable for those students who are indulging in vocational or non-academic study programs.
J-1 Visa This visa is for such students who get enrolled in an educational exchange program. In such a program, students remain enrolled at their home college or university while studying in the US. After the end of a fixed exchange agreement, students return home to
get their qualification. However, if your programs are longer than 18 hours a week as an exchange student, then you have to apply for the F-1 visa. 

Application Process to Study in USA

  1. Collect all the essential documents like:
    • A valid passport
    • Your travel itinerary (if already purchased flights)
    • Your CV must be up to date.
    • Provide all the information about your previous education history.
    • Your SEVIS ID. SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) is a way of keeping data of all international students. Your SEVIS ID will be printed on your I-20 form. We recommend you to pay the SEVIS fee before initiating visa application. You can fill the form here: SEVIS I-901 Form
    • Letter of acceptance of the institution in which you’re going to study in USA
  2. Now after completing the above formalities, apply for the visa online here: DS-160 Visa Application Form
  3. After filling the form, print the confirmation page and bring that in interviews. You will be expected to visit in biometric and other types of interviews. 
  4. F-1 Student visas are only issued 120 days before the commencement of your course.

Note: The US Student VISA fee for Indian Students is $160.

F1 to H-1B VISA

After completing your course, you can stay up to 60 days in the country. Thus, it is mandatory to start planning your next step right when you enter the final semester. If you plan to stay longer in the country, then as a foreign student you can only think about getting your VISA converted to H-1B. TO do the same, you need to find an employer who is likely to file an employment-based permanent residency application to USCIS.

Another way to get the VISA expended is via the Optional Practical Traning after completing your undergraduate or postgraduate training course. OPT can provide you with an additional year in the country for normal courses and 2 additional years for STEm based courses. You can find additional information here – OPT for F1 Students.

US has the maximum number of renowned educational institutes of the world. Most of them are ranked in the top 100 universities by QS. Out of every 10 universities in the world, 6 are based in the USA. Given below are the best ones:

Cornell University

Cornell University

This is a statutory Ivy League and private research university which was established 154 years ago by Andrew Dickson White and Ezra Cornell. Cornell University aims to train students in almost every field of knowledge. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the classics or the modern sciences. Currently, the university is widely categorized into various undergraduate colleges. One thing that you will observe here the most is researches. Yes, there is a lot of discussions going on related to the distinctive deep problems. 

Princeton University

It’s one of the prestigious private Ivy League research institution which was formed in the period of Elizabeth as College of New Jersey. This 273 years old university is the fourth-oldest university of higher education in America. The tuition fee at Princeton University ranges approximately $44450 but the university also provides grants to those students who are facing difficulties in paying such a huge amount. When it comes to taking endowments, this university has the largest per-student endowment in the US.

Brown University 

This is a 255 years old university which is one of the nine colonial colleges formed before the American Revolution. They say that it’s the 7th oldest American university. When it comes to the social life of Brown University, students and teachers interact with each other in a careful manner. Students pay attention to their teachers and teachers do the same. Moreover, it also has some great names in its alumni that will drive some respect for you after graduation. Size of the classrooms is not big. So it will be easy for you to communicate and build understanding with teachers. 

Dartmouth University

The university took birth in the year 1769 due to Eleazar Wheelock. In Dartmouth, you are going to learn from tons of brilliant professors who are also passionate about teaching students with love. And such brilliance doesn’t end to professors, your mates will also be amazing. Moreover, the Ivy League prestige of the college will help you gain more credibility.  

Duke University

Duke is a private research institution in Durham which was established by Quakers and Methodists. But before applying to Duke University, we need to clarify something really important. If you are really passionate about your studies, then this university is for you because professors and students in this university tend to push their mind to understand what’s going on for real. There’s nothing like cramming. Students work extra hard to achieve excellence in their respective fields and yes, they turn out to be a master in their field in the near future. So if you’re someone who just wants to get settled with a degree and a job, it may not be a suitable option for you.

Other Top Universities

As per the USA Education System, international students can pursue Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral, Post Doctoral and Certitiface courses from universities of the county. Here is a list of some of the leading ones: 

Universities  Location
University Of Delaware Newark
Columbus State University Columbus
University Of Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Columbia University Columbia
Harrisburg University Harrisburg
University Of Georgia Athens
University Of Vermont Burlington
Kansas State University Manhattan
Harvard University Cambridge
Vanderbilt University Nashville
University Of Maryland Baltimore Baltimore
United States University San Diego
University Of Miami Coral Gables
Seton Hall University South Orange
University Of Southern Mississippi Hattiesburg

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