Scholarships at The University of Queensland

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Scholarships at The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland is located in the charming city of Brisbane which is the third largest city of Australia. It is home to the great barrier reef and the world’s largest sand island. Brisbane offers a vivacious lifestyle and is a perfect blend of new age infrastructure, weather that sets the scene of around the year outdoor activities and is one of the fastest-growing regions in Australia. The University of Queensland is an ideal place for any international student to find their potential and enhance their learning experience by soaking in an environment of tradition, innovation and progressive facilities . Ranked in the top universities globally, the University of Queensland is a dream educational institution for people across the globe. Since its foundation in 1909, it has gone to take the world by a storm with its esteemed alumni which includes a Nobel Prize winner, an Academy winner actor and several leaders who have shaped the world for good. A top global and research-oriented university, it understands the importance of merit in the realm of education and believes in imparting knowledge leadership for a better world and continues to make life-changing advances. To help international students pursue courses in the specialization of their choice, the University of Queensland offers a number of scholarships.. This blog is a one-stop destination for all students wishing to learn about the scholarships offered by the University of Queensland.

Scholarships Consolidated- At a Glance

In this segment, all the scholarships available at the University of Queensland for Indian students have been tabulated. These scholarships are an initiative undertaken to ensure that the calibre of an individual is valued and given the space to flourish. Find the table below for perusal. Please check the UQ scholarships website, for latest info on how to apply, terms and conditions and availability of scholarships.

Sr. No. Name of the Scholarship  Level of Education
1 High Achievers Scholarship for International Students Undergraduate, Postgraduate
2 India Global Leaders Scholarship Undergraduate, Postgraduate
3 School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences Indian Scholarship Postgraduate
4 UQ Economics India Scholarship Undergraduate, Postgraduate
5 UQIDAR Joint PhD Program Research
6 Women in Science Scholarship for India Undergraduate, Postgraduate
7 HASS Scholarships for Excellence- India Postgraduate

Note: The scholarship offers change each year in terms of number of scholarships offered, value and eligibility criteria. Students must check the website for latest info and before applying.

High Achievers Scholarship for International Students

The High Achievers Scholarship for International Students encompasses every field of study at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level.  A 20% fee reduction is offered from the annual tuition fees every year for students awarded with this scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to international students undertaking a full-time course in a non-quota program who fulfill the academic and extra-curricular prerequisites of the scholarship. A competitive scholarship, it awards only students who meet the academic eligibility requirements. 

India Global Leaders Scholarship

An opportunity awaiting every student who wishes to bring about a radical change in the world with their revolutionary ideas in the field of business, economics and law, India Global Leaders Scholarship identifies individuals with immense potential and helps them pave a path for themselves. An award of a sum between A$5000- A$2000 is offered for one semester but the actual amount varies based on the decision of the committee. Granted to students pursuing degrees at undergraduate as well as postgraduate level, it is a way to enhance the skills of a scholar to allow them to thrive in the world of business and be forever ready to take all its challenges headlong.

School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences Indian Scholarship

Awarded to Indian students commencing a degree at the postgraduate level supervised by the School of Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience, it encourages students to make new discoveries in this area of study.  The scholarship covers 25% of the tuition fees and 100% of the Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF) for the duration of the entire program being undertaken. 

UQ Economics India Scholarship

Awarded for the areas of business and economics, this scholarship covers up to 50% of the tuition fees payable by a student undertaking a course in this field at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The scholarship is for students seeking entry into the Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics (Honours) and Bachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics (Honours) and at a Postgraduate level,  for students seeking entry into masters by coursework programs for economics.

UQIDAR Joint PhD Program 

A collaboration between two leading research institutes of the world, the University of Queensland and Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. This scholarship is awarded to students seeking entry into a research program in a variety of fields. At the end of the completion of the program, a PhD is offered jointly by both the pedagogical institutions. The scholarship covers the living stipend and is offered for the entire length of the study from commencement until the end. 

Women in Science Scholarship for India

Awarded specifically to women from India undertaking a course offered by the faculty of science, the scholarship has a valuation of A$10000. The world can truly progress with an equitable growth of all the genders and this is the spirit behind this scholarship. Awarded at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, it rewards women pursuing further educational qualifications in the study area of Agriculture and Environment, Architecture, Planning and Design, Science and Mathematics.

HASS Scholarships for Excellence- India

As the name suggests, these scholarships are awarded to students excelling in their field of specialization who wish to undertake further studies to challenge their academic potential and garner more knowledge to increase their potential. The scholarships are awarded at the postgraduate level for students studying in the fields of arts, humanities and social sciences. Up to A$10,000 per year is offered to help the student smoothly pursue their course without any financial constraint. It encourages the student to discover new facets of academia and move towards advanced knowledge in the field of their passion.

EAIT International Award – Year 12 

Awarded to international students at the undergraduate level, it encourages students to undertake programs offered by the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology. A$10000 is the reward sum offered to students under this scholarship scheme specifically to International students pursuing a full-time course.

Law Scholarships for International Students – Undergraduate 

This scholarship is awarded to ingenious students seeking admission for the Undergraduate Program in LLB or a dual program in law that necessarily includes LLB. The scholarship covers 25% or 50% of the various components of the program. This is an extremely competitive scholarship that judges the academic acumen of the candidate and their innate interest in the field before offering the scholarship to an individual.

Law Scholarships for International Students – Postgraduate

These scholarships are awarded to international students seeking admission to an advanced program in law at the postgraduate level.  Brilliant students with a dynamic approach and perspective of understanding the field are awarded this scholarship which covers 25% or 50% of the various components of the degree. Students are advised to keep track of their deadlines to increase their chances of being considered. 

MBA Student Scholarship – International

Offered by the prestigious Business School of the University, this scholarship waives off 25% of the tuition fees for excellent students with a business acuity commencing an MBA program in the institution. The maximum duration of 24 months is covered in this program following which the student becomes responsible for the tuition fees for the pending duration of the course. It is an excellent opportunity available to students wishing to work on enhancing their business and entrepreneurial skills.

UQ Vice-Chancellors Scholarships 

A scholarship that encompasses every field of study and is awarded to students stepping into the world of higher education, UQ Vice-Chancellors scholarship offers A$6000 per annum going up to a total of A$24000. A minimum ATAR of 99.90 needs to be achieved by the applicants as mandated by the university. 

UQ Excellence Scholarships(this is for both domestic and international students)

UQ Excellence Scholarships are awarded to students who have identifiable academic talent, have the potential to become world-changing leaders and have over the past years been involved in altruistic works for the betterment of the community. Awarded to students seeking entry to an undergraduate or esteemed postgraduate program, it offers a sum of A$6000 per annum going up to a maximum of A$24000 per annum distributed over a duration of 4years. The aim of the scholarship is to encourage excellence and strengthen it in individuals for a better world.

Master of Pharmaceutical Industry Practice International Student Scholarship

Scholars are rewarded with an amount of A$5000-10000 to cover their tuition fees to pursue an advanced course in the field of health and behavioural sciences. It is the ideal scholarship for meritorious and hardworking international students looking to pursue a degree in the field of pharmaceutical practices. 

Science International Scholarship (this scholarship is not currently open)

A major scholarship offered by the departments in the field of science, it is open to international students undertaking an undergraduate or postgraduate program at the university. The value of the scholarship is A$3000 and is offered for a duration of 1 year. Students demonstrating significant excellence in academia are eligible for this scholarship and are evaluated on various parameters before being offered the scholarship.

Destination Australia Scholarship (International Students) 

Awarded by the Australian Government Department of Education, the scholarship scheme encourages international students to undertake educational degrees in regional Australia. The scholarship is offered at all levels of study and is worth A$15000 per year. However, it is only open to students studying in the Gatton campus of the university and pursuing a degree in the areas of agriculture and environment. The scholarship encourages students to undertake sustainably beneficial educational programs. 

The University of Queensland offers a  number of scholarships to help students achieve their dream of studying in this prestigious institution. Are you thinking of applying to one of the scholarships at the University of Queensland but are sceptical about how to proceed? The experts at Leverage Edu will help you with choosing the scholarship that suits your need the best and in applying for it. Register today for your e-counselling session and get ready to be welcomed at one of the best learning communities in the world!

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