How to Choose the Best Coach for Your Study Abroad Applications?

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For all of you who are aspirants for Study Abroad, the top questions are: What to study? Where to Study? And, how to proceed with the application process? This last question is far more important than you might think. This is because if the counselling and coaching process is conducted rigorously, then it brings clarity which students did not previously have. In fact, through the process of counselling and coaching, many students rethink the program they want to pursue based on the counselling or the results of the psychometric tests. They may even change the destination they want to study in if the information they get through the counsellor or coach brings up options which are more suitable for their budget etc. 

Therefore, the process of preparing for Study Abroad applications needs serious attention. With this in mind, I wrote a blog recently on How to Pick the Right Study Abroad Consultant”.Today, in this blog, I am now focusing on a more specific question about the role of the coach and how to choose a Study Abroad coach.

What are the Qualities of a Good Coach for Study Abroad?  

Let me first emphasize that the role of the coach to study abroad is very important. Once you begin the Study Abroad application process, the coach assigned to you will be your ‘Go-To’ person for the next several weeks or months. They will help you to

  • Identify a wide range of potential colleges and discuss them with you.
  • Short-list and help you to make the final decision about the universities to apply to.
  • Choose the programs best suited for your eligibility.
  • Point out areas of strength and weak points in your Profile which need extra effort.
  • Set clear goals about the deadlines for each university application.
  • Outline the process so that you can schedule the writing of your essays and get your letters of Recommendation.
  • Encourage you when the process seems complicated.
  • Motivate you when you might face rejection from one of the schools you may have applied to.
  • Assist you to find resources for the visa process as well as education loans if required.
  • In short, the coach is to be your knowledge base as well as your support through the months of the application process, almost till you are ready to fly!

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 So, what are the qualities of a good coach? Ideally, a coach should be:

Knowledgeable They should know various destinations and study programs. If your subject area is unusual, they should be eager to research for you.
ExperiencedThey should have advised several Study Abroad students before you.
Enthusiastic They should be enthusiastic about your journey because you need them to support you through a process which can be tedious and challenging.
Patient and a good listenerThe coach should be a good listener even when you have lots of queries!

Expert tips for working with your coach

From my teaching and mentoring experience of several years in Indian and abroad, I have some special tips for Study Abroad aspirants as they work with their coaches.

  • Be open and frank with your coach about what you want to achieve and where you lack confidence.
  • Encourage your coach to give you honest feedback about which universities might be the best fit for you
  • Authentic feedback from your coach will help to set realistic targets and save you disappointment if you do not receive the admit to the university where you wish to go.

In short, the best coach is one who offers you strong support, honest feedback and guidance to find the best fit for your specific needs. 

Since the role of the coach is very important, it is best to choose an established well-organized study abroad consultant company because they have a plethora of resources. Their coaches and counsellors are carefully trained and allotted to individual students. If the fit is not right, you can even request a change of coach. This is not always possible in smaller freelance consultant companies.

So, in your Study Abroad journey when settling down with a coach remember that you are a client and a mentee of the coach. They need to mentor and support you so that your Study Abroad journey has a successful outcome!

We will be back next Friday with another amazing blog from Dr Maina Chawla Singh. Till then, if you have any questions or suggestions, just drop us a comment and we will get back to you. 

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