Dr. Maina Chawla Singh

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A scholar, internationally published author and Higher-education consultant, Maina Chawla Singh (PhD) has over 25 years of teaching experience at universities in India, United States and Israel. She has authored two academic books and several peer-reviewed journal articles. Her research spans multiple disciplines across Liberal Arts : Gender Studies, Colonialism, History of Medicine, Migration, Identity Studies, Indian Diaspora, Jewish Anthropology and Israel Studies. Dr Singh has been an invited speaker at prestigious institutions including at Yale, Cornell, Oxford, Georgetown, University of Penn, Emory University, Ann Arbor, Michigan, NYU, Tel Aviv University (Israel) and Sciences Po (France). Having taught online university courses at American University since 2013, Dr Singh is highly skilled in Digital Pedagogies, Syllabus Design and Online teaching. She has been a peer-reviewer for several international journals and is certified in academic manuscript editing (New York university, USA). Dr Singh has lived in Russia, Israel, Japan, Ethiopia, France and the USA and has a deep comparative understanding of International Education. She is passionate about supporting student aspirations for Study Abroad. Dr Singh is an Academic Content Creator. As a freelance mentor Dr Singh offers customized career-advice to students, early- career professionals and researchers for Personal Brand-building ; Persuasive Communication, Academic Profile-building and Research Publication. Dr Singh speaks Hindi, English, Punjabi and Russian. She loves reading about Tech, Digital Marketing and Design-Thinking.