MBBS in Romania

MBBS in Romania

As a student taking the decision of studying abroad, you would want to pursue it from a country that offers you high-quality education. Hence, knowing about the place and the advantages of studying from there is a necessary aspect of planning one’s future. In this blog, we will discuss the advantages of pursuing an MBBS in Romania. Romania has presented itself as a popular option among students who wish to pursue an MBBS. Situated in the southeast part of Europe, the country is a  perfect blend of modern technologies and historical influences of the European culture.

Why MBBS in Romania?

Romania presents itself as a good option for MBBS because of the high quality of education available in the country. Academic excellence aside, MBBS in Romania is also advantageous because of the low cost of education. In fact, the cost of pursuing an MBBS from Romania is considered cheaper than that of MBBS in India. Even though the cost of living is comparatively lower, the standard of living is high in Romania. You will have world-class amenities in hostels and have the ease of hassle-free paperwork during admissions. 

Institutes for MBBS in Romania

Romania has numerous institutes offering a premium level of education to students. The institutes boast of good infrastructure and research facilities. Students opting for MBBS in Romania are given various program choices to graduate with. Some of the colleges to pursue MBBS in Romania are: 

Carol Davila University: Founded in 1908, this university for MBBS in Romania, is located in Bucharest. The entire university is dedicated to medical and pharmaceutical studies. The cost of studying at this institute is around 6000 euros per year. Promising the best education and facilities, this university is worth considering. 

Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy: This university situated in Timisoara, was founded around 1944. Considered among one of the prestigious universities for MBBS in Romania, this university imparts quality education to the future doctors as well as provides the best medical services around the area. Having more than 25,000 students, including foreign students, this definitely is one of the universities to choose for MBBS in Romania. 

Cluj Napoca Medical University: The university offers four undergraduate and numerous postgraduate programs to students across the world.  This university on the list of colleges for MBBS in Romania was founded in 1919 and is home to 6000 students, including international students. The Cluj Napoca Medical University has advanced facilities for research and teaching purposes. Learning with high tech equipment, students are sure to learn in a good environment.

Oradea University of Medicine: This university promises a homely environment to students wanting to pursue MBBS in Romania, along with the promise of good quality education. The university provides both undergraduate and postgraduate programs to students across the world. Founded in 1991, this university promises that the students leaving the program are prepared and eager to try out the newly acquired skills and become the best in their field. 

Constanta Medical School: This university was founded in 1990. The students are allowed to work during their studying period. They are also given the opportunity to intern in the university’s own medical facility. The tuition fee for this university is around 3600 euros a year. With low-cost studying and living, this university definitely one worth considering.

Eligibility for MBBS in Romania

Students wishing to pursue MBBS in Romania should keep in mind a few eligibility criteria such as:

  • You should not be more than the age of 25 or less than the age of 17 while applying. 
  • You must have passed your secondary and senior secondary education in English with at least a minimum aggregate of 55%. 
  • The subjects physics, chemistry, and biology are compulsory in the senior secondary coursework. 
  • Apart from these criteria, you should have a minimum of 130-150 on your NEET examination. 

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Though an amazing choice MBBS in Romania might not be the right fit for you. There are various options to pursue MBBS from abroad. Such options include:

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