How to Score Good Marks in Exam

How to Score Good Marks in Exam

While preparing for exams, every student hopes of scoring good marks. During this crucial time, students often look for ways to effectively spend their time studying and learning. But, it’s not always easy to find the correct answer to “how to score good marks in exam”. There are some tips and tricks that can help students in studying effectively and in scoring good marks in the exam, here is an article which will provide you with those tips and tricks.

8 Effective Ways on How to Score Good Marks in Exam

Students do not have to go beyond their scope of hard work. Following a routine and adding habits like planning, organizing, timing, etc. can help them achieve their goals. Here are 8 effective ways on how to score good marks in exam that every student must follow:

  • Time Management

You have probably heard this “ if you don’t value time, time won’t value you”. This is one of the most important things that you should take care of, start by maintaining a time-table for a steady and healthy study pattern. Make a chart of your daily routine, adjust your study timings accordingly. Try and put little breaks in between that give your mind rest so that you can start fresh. Schedule your daily routine incorporating studies in an interval of 3-4 hours. 

  • Take Good Care of Your Diet

Having healthy food, water and juices can help provide high energy and protein which allows the brain to work fast and also helps in memorizing what you studied. The body constitutes 70% water, you must know the importance of water and keep yourself hydrated by regularly drinking water. Take good amount of protein in your diet which will help you focus on your studies and will make you physically strong. Staying physically fit during exams is very important. 

  • Challenge Yourself

One of the most important aspects of scoring good marks in exams is to track yourself and keep growing. Set targets for yourself. Start by setting daily targets of completing tasks including revision and preparation, then move onto increasing a little by adding more study time and more syllabus. This exercise will help you cover a lot of your syllabus along with improvement in your study pattern.

  • Meditation 

Meditation can help you focus on your studies. Doing meditation for 30 minutes a day can help you increase your memory by 20%. For students who have a serious problem of concentration and sitting for long hours, meditation can help you focus your mind.

  • Maintain Your Body Clock

While preparing for the exams, students tend to go through a lot of stress and anxiety. Constant study pressure is not good for students. It is important to give rest to your body. Students should take a nap or break between long study time. If you’re studying for 2-3 hours, try and take a break of 15 minutes which will relax your mind and also help you store what you learnt. Maintaining a good sleep cycle can help you focus more on studies. 

  • Judge Your Weak Points

This is one of the most important aspects while preparing for exams. You should make a note of your weaknesses and work on them along with the rest of the subjects. For example, if you’re weak in Maths, it might scare you and you will try to avoid it as much as you can, but make a habit of including the tough subjects in your study plan so that you don’t feel the burden towards the end.

  • Don’t Mug up

There are lots of students who use tricks to memorize, don’t ever rote memorize especially for subjects like Maths and Physics. Having clear concepts helps you memorize better. Always get your doubts cleared so that your core concepts and fundamentals of the subject are clear.

  • Stay Away From Social Media

Students spend a lot of time over social media that it becomes difficult to focus on studies. Try and stay away from your mobile as much as you can. Try and avoid mobile phones weeks before exams.

Students need not strain themselves to study hard for scoring good marks in exams but adding a few good habits and adjustments can help in studying better.

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We hope that this article on How to score good marks in exam provided you with some interesting things to keep in mind while preparing for the exams. We understand that the process of preparing for the exams can be so stressful that and can give way to doubts. With the help of the experts at Leverage Edu, you can map out a career path that will take into account your strengths so that nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams.

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