MBBS in Netherlands

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MBBS in Netherlands

An MBBS degree from top medical colleges around the world sets you up for attractive career options after graduation. From professional doctors and surgeons to research assistants at research organizations to consultants, the scope is immense. Further, emerging fields of Nuclear Medicine and stem cell therapy have helped open up innumerable opportunities across sectors. The Netherlands has become a popular destination in Europe for medical education and research owing to the presence of both recognized universities as well as flourishing pharmaceutical industries. Read on to know what an MBBS in Netherlands entails along with all the relevant details!

As Medical Science courses are technical in nature, each country implements its own specific standards pertaining to the programs and practice. As a result, there may be regulations dictating one to undertake courses, certifications or exams, only after which one may be allowed to begin a career as a doctor/surgeon. In the case of India, for instance, the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) is mandatory for foreign-education graduates to begin medical practice in India. Similarly, the Dutch government practices a 7-year route that must be followed in order to qualify as a doctor. When we talk about MBBS in Netherlands, this is what you need to have:

  • Bachelor’s in Medicine, for e.g, BSc Medicine [3 years]
  • Master’s in Medicine, for e.g, MSc Medicine [3 years]
  • Training Period of 1 year

Further, getting proficient in the Dutch language is also immensely important during the training period and you may be required to pass language exams in order to graduate.

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Universities: MBBS in Netherlands

As you may already be aware, you have plenty of top options to study in Netherlands for medical degrees. Recognized by both Times Higher Education and QS Rankings, it offers not only core medicinal degree programs but also new age courses that combine traditional studies with current research into a variety of topics. Furthermore, the course curriculum is also designed keeping in mind the needs of the industry. Here are some of the top universities that you can consider to pursue MBBS in Netherlands:

Name of University Location THE World University Rankings 2021 Courses
University of Amsterdam Amsterdam 66th MSc Biomedical Sciences-Medical Biology
Leiden University Leiden 70th BSc Medicine [Dutch]

MSc Medicine [Dutch]

Erasmus University Rotterdam Leiden 72nd MSc Clinical Research

MSc in Health Sciences

MSc in Infection and Immunity

Research Master [MSc] in Health Sciences

University of Groningen Enschede 80th BSc in Medicine 

MSc in Clinical & Psychosocial Epidemiology

MSc in Molecular Medicine & Innovative Treatment 

Utrecht University Utrecht  75th MSc in Biology of Disease
Maastricht University Maastricht 121 Bachelor’s in Medicine-International Track

Master’s in Medicine

MSc in Health Sciences [Research]

Radboud University Enschede 136th MSc in Medical Biology-Spec in Human Biology

MSc in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease [Research]

University of Twente Twente 201 MSc in Health Sciences

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University of Groningen

The Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of Groningen [Estb. 1614] is a historic testimony to the emphasis on medicinal development not only in the Netherlands but all across Europe. Being the second oldest division in the country, it has since its establishment gone on to become a household name. Its BSc Medicine course is offered in two specialization tracks namely, Molecular Medicine and Global Health. Furthermore, it provides an easy pathway for students who are interested in practice through a Master’s degree subsequently training. So if you want to study MBBS in the Netherlands, this can be an ideal university!

Leiden University

Centered around modern medical treatment facilities, best-in-class research and patient priority, Leiden University Medical Center currently offers an intensive Bachelor of Science and MSc Medicine [both Dutch taught] degree programs that prepares an individual for the demanding experience as a doctor. The university also offers several other courses in Clinical Technology, Vitality, and Ageing, etc. Graduates can also choose to go for a PhD degree in the diverse themes of research at the faculty. This includes LUMC Fellowship and LUMC Gisela Thier Fellowship along with a host of other options. Encouraging student mobility across borders, opportunities of one-semester study abroad through associations and partnerships such as the ERASMUS programme are also open for international students thus making an ideal choice for those who want to study MBBS in Netherlands.

University of Amsterdam

If you are interested in learning from a blend of biochemical and molecular biology fields, the MSc Biomedical Sciences-Medical Biology of University of Amsterdam is one to certainly look for. The programme offers six specialization tracks that aim to provide you with in-depth knowledge on topics like Medical Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Cell Biology and Advanced Microscopy, Infection and Immunity, Developmental and Therapeutic Biology, Oncology and Experimental Internal Medicine. The course, in addition to being affiliated with University of Amsterdam’s Medical Center, also boasts of affiliations with the Netherlands Cancer Institute, the Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences and Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation. There are various scholarship options as well which offer anywhere between tuition fee reductions and stipends to research assistance.

Erasmus University Rotterdam

While Erasmus University Rotterdam does not offer an MBBS in the Netherlands, it offers several courses that pertain to various medically-oriented disciplines. The programs are offered specifically through the Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences [NIHES] which is known for its multidimensional approach. This includes a Master of Science degree in Clinical Research, Health Sciences and Infection and Immunity, among others. It is one of the highly renowned institutions in the Netherlands as well as worldwide which is also visible in the fact that the university is placed in the top 100 ranks in THE World Rankings 2021 and top 5 rank within Dutch institutes. Unique points of offered courses include emphasis over both professional and research aspects, flexible and customizable tracks, encouragement towards own research. As general entry requirements, it requires one to possess a Bachelor’s degree from a school of medicine or biomedical sciences as well as working proficiency over the English language.

Maastricht University

The Bachelor’s of Medicine offered at Maastricht University is oriented towards providing a practical outlook to students starting right from physical exams and activities such as interactive seminars and workshops and much more. Divided into three separate years, it addresses ‘The human body in health and sickness’ in the first year, ‘Integration of knowledge and skills: on your way to practice in the second year and ‘From paper to patient’ in the third year. Furthermore, it also offers a specialized Masters in medicine which delves deeper into such topics.

MBBS in Netherlands: Eligibility

Although the eligibility conditions differ from one university to another, to pursue MBBS in Netherlands, one needs to have studied BiPC subjects [Biology, Physics, and Chemistry] along with Maths in senior secondary school or equivalent and must have obtained A-level score in all. Higher qualifications may require a bachelor’s degree in medical or at least science-related fields. Moreover, many institutes may also require you to submit proof of Dutch language proficiency.

Application & Admission

In order to apply for medical programs in the Netherlands, one is required to submit academic credentials, a letter of motivation or statement of purpose[SOP], CV, marksheet, degree certificates, and other documents, as applicable.

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If you too wish to study MBBS in Netherlands, choosing the right combination of course and the university is the most important component. Get in touch with the experts at Leverage Edu for a free 30 minutes career counselling session so that you can make an informed decision towards a rewarding career! 

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