Types of MBA Courses

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Types of MBA Courses

Aspiring to become an entrepreneur and feature amongst the corporate giants? Whenever you think of climbing the corporate ladder and ace every endeavour you go through, you always think of one thing, an MBA degree. Yes, there is no denying the fact that an MBA makes a wondrous entry-ticket for you to enter the corporate world and make a successful career therein. Now that you have finally thought of pursuing MBA, let us tell you that there are not just one or two but multiple types of MBA courses that suit the needs and specializations of different individuals. Confused? Well, through this article, let us take you through a tour of all the types of MBA courses available for you to choose from. 

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Different Types of MBA Courses

Being an internationally recognized degree in Business Administration, there is a wide range of specializations that have come up for MBA programs. In case, you have your own set of sights while going for this degree, take a look at the following types of MBA courses that you can choose from:

Full-Time MBA

Considered as a traditionally pursued degree, a two-year full-time MBA program is generally spread out in 4 semesters over the academic duration. Covering all the topics essential to business and administration according to the specializations chosen, the students pursuing a full-time MBA are required to attend all the classes and have full attendance and that’s why it is not suited for working individuals. 

(Fact: Every year around 60 per cent of aspirants all over the globe work for 2 years so to go for a full-time MBA program.

Eligibility Criteria: The most common parameters for eligibility for the students pursuing these types of MBA courses are as follows:

  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.
  • GMAT or GRE scores are usually required. There are some universities that accept CAT (Common Admission Test) score as well. To know more, read MBA Colleges through CAT Score.
  • IELTS/TOEFL/PTE or other language proficiency tests as required according to the university or country you choose.
  • Work experience of certain years is also required and specified by the business school or institution. However, some schools do not ask for work experience for pursuing a full-time MBA.


Best Universities:

Executive MBA Programs

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Specially designed for experienced professionals who have reached the mid to senior-level position and want to sharpen their managerial skills even more and broaden their horizons in their field of profession. An Executive MBA is one of the types of MBA courses that focus on major disciplines of business such as strategy, leadership, management skills, communication, etc. and have a flexible schedule of the course for the ones who have taken a break from their professional lives. 


  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognized university
  • GMAT, GRE or CAT scores.
  • IELTS/TOEFL/PTE scores.
  • Minimum 4 to 5 years of experience in handling managerial responsibilities.
  • Must have cleared the personal interview or group discussion with the university, if any
  • SOP and LOR

Best Universities:


Part-time MBA Programs

When you want to balance your career goals, a flexible MBA program comes to your rescue. These part-time programs are those types of MBA courses that provide you flexibility and that too without putting your career on hold. You can choose the number of classes you want to take every semester and eventually this MBA program generally lasts up to 4 or 5 years where you attend classes usually after the business hours. Where a full-time MBA is preferred by most of the students, a part-time MBA is mostly chosen by skilled professionals. 


  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.
  • A minimum of 2 to 3 years of work experience in the related field.
  • IELTS/TOEFL/PTE scores
  • GMAT, GRE or CAT scores

Best Universities

  • University of California– Haas School of Business
  • Carnegie University– Tepper School of Business
  • National University of Singapore- NUS Business School
  • ESSEC Business School
  • Rollins College- Crummer Graduate School of Business

Online MBA

Like part-time ones, online courses are those types of MBA courses that distribute all the program information, knowledge, study material through online mode, rather than attending face to face classroom lectures. The students can study through streaming online video lectures, participate in chat forums for discussions, uploading their assignments to the portals and so on. These types of MBA courses are best for the ones who want to study at their own discretion and work at the same time. 


  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.
  • GMAT, GRE or CAT scores

Best Universities

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We hope that we have provided you with the best of information about the various types of MBA courses. If you are an aspirant of MBA and want to know the best type of courses specially tailored according to your needs, Leverage Edu is here to connect you to the best mentors having similar career paths as yours and they will provide you with the best guidance and mentorship to you at every step towards your goal. Book your free 30 minutes career counselling session with our counsellors and get all your queries about your career answered within minutes. All the best!

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